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  1. And to quote WacoRover on the Birmingham Match Thread “Frankly, with all the fan unrest, I’m surprised it has not already happened. even 100 fans, organized correctly, should send a message. 1,000 would be a real statement. There’s got to be 1,000 unhappy, rabid Rovers fans in Lancashire, & thereabout. “Mowbray told us to expect playoffs- can’t get there from 15th place”, etc. For fans to let mgmt/owners know their discontent, this is what needs to happen. Peaceful! No drunken mob storming Ewood.” Agree fully with the above, it doesn’t matter if there’s 10, 100 or 100
  2. As above - meet at corner of Jack Walker Stand & Darwen End at 10AM if you would like to join a protest against Mowbray, the Coventrio and the clear mis-management at our club this season 👍🏼
  3. Good argument well put across, however: It’s not 2011 now and in the current climate a protest will be well received. The aim is a protest against The Coventrio and Venkys for keeping them in position despite a horrendous run of form and an attempt to sell half the training ground off behind the fans back. It’s a protest against greedy, corrupt absentee owners in football as a whole and our owners taking us from a well run Premier League club to the lower half of the Championship via League One. What’s the alternative? Sit on our hands and hope it gets better? If there’s no pro
  4. 10AM meet? Location so I can update the Twitter Account? 🐔🥀
  5. The results of the poll are in, only 11/34 Twitter users are in favour of a protest 🪧 I’ve started a new poll asking if they’d be happy with the owners if Armstrong is sold and season ticket prices are raised. The thing that gets me is if there’s no protest at the weekend, Mowbray and the Coventrio have completely got away with an awful season with no accountability to the fans. They’ll be allowed another transfer window where we’ll likely lose our two best players (Armstrong & Elliott) and it’s impossible to replace this amount of goals and assists without spending cash we don’
  6. Where would be a better location? The protest would be against the Coventrio and for Venkys to put the club up for sale. I couldn’t care less if they are worth billions, they’ve ripped the heart and soul out of our club and need to go.
  7. I created the Twitter account...largely to gauge the level of support for a protest. It seems the level of interest on Twitter at least doesn’t match here. What is worrying is what appears the level of apathy towards our current situation vs where we were as a club in 2010. Venky’s have been a failure as owners on every level and the fact Mowbray is still in a job says it all after the terrible run of form we’ve been on. Yet there’s still a faction that believe the propaganda coming out of the club.
  8. Venkys Out, Mowbray Out, Greedy Absentee Rich Owners in football OUT There has never been a better time to jump on this bandwagon, this is now a wider football issue front and centre in the mainstream media after the #GlazersOut Protest in Manchester yesterday It’s now or never; I am sure enough support could be generated in 5 days to get 500+ fans protesting at Ewood on Saturday
  9. No! I do have a basic grasp of the English language but I don’t think writing letters to Venkys is enough 🤣
  10. This thread has been hijacked by the mediocrity of Mowbray chat! Is there going to be a protest Saturday or not? Ideal opportunity vs Birmingham and would likely get some media coverage in the current climate. I’m not envisaging any pitch storming going on but something is better than nothing and avoid a complete damp ending to the season. Meet at the Jack Walker memorial at 11am! Ideal opportunity to let the players, Mowbray and Venky’s feel the dissatisfaction after an abject season, they’re getting away with it otherwise.
  11. All fans across the country should be inspired by United fans today and protest at every game for the rest of the season. If Rovers v Birmingham (or any game) had to be postponed, the season can’t finish and an alternative means would have to be found; games played behind closed doors or declared null and void and a draw given as the result? Either way it would be a strong message sent. The sad fact is there are no longer enough Rovers fans passionate enough about the demise of our club to carry something out like today.
  12. Why are we putting up with this drivel...can someone organise a protest please? Chelsea fans protesting at the ground when they’re about to be given £300m for the Super League! Absolutely disgraceful TM is still in a job and the level of apathy this man and the owners have caused with this club is so sad, the worst thing is there doesn’t seem to be anything we can do about it
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