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  1. How on earth can anyone who has been living on planet earth for the past 12 months justify a 1% pay increase, how can that idiot Hancock try to defend it? I've sat around many a boardroom table having difficult conversations, people with politics driven agendas where nobody will speak out due to fear of losing the job, but this isn't even debatable, nobody can justify an offer of 1%, its a disgrace, how did they manage to come to this conclusion? Our nurses and care workers have spent the last 12 months caring for hundreds of thousands of people, many of whom have actually died in
  2. Gav

    Site adverts

    An example for anyone not seeing them. I’m not complaining, if this is the new normal that’s fine, anything to support the site is fine by me.
  3. I bet that sounded funny in your head.....Then you posted it.......👍 See you on the "what you listening to now thread" - Got a banger for you (Well not so much a banger, but great track)
  4. At least he had an argument, your arse is full of splinters from sitting on the fence 😃
  5. Saves £300+ a month on BIK against traditional company cars. Bit of advice, use the auto pilot wherever possible, takes a bit of getting used to, but saves the speeding tickets and points 🙄
  6. Gav

    Site adverts

    I'm not logging out, just using favs on PC - Chrome - more frequent ads that stop you moving forward until you click off. Apple phone - bookmarks - Getting them regular - selecting Forum - Again, ad stops you moving to forum until you click off.
  7. Billions and billions £££ wasted on test and trace whilst local authorities had systems that worked perfectly well, but the government wanted to line the pockets of private companies before conceding defeat and handing it to local government teams... Now we have them crying poverty and can only offer 1% pay increase to NHS staff. How do these ****s sleep at night? On the subject of NHS pay, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said that the government has “proposed what we think is affordable". On Thursday, the government recommended a 1% pay increase for NHS staff (exclud
  8. Got our fresh herbs last week Jim, coriander, dill, parsley, rosemary and thyme. Lovely.
  9. Gav

    Site adverts

    Afternoon Mods, The adverts on the site seem to have gone bonkers over the last 48hrs, click the forum link, immediate advert you need to read/click before access. I understand the need to support the site, but is this the new normal? Thanks
  10. Can you imagine a strike right now, with all the Covid patients in hospital? I'm not against them striking, its an insult to the entire public sector, but they need to be careful with timings and I guess the current rules won't allow an immediate strike anyway.
  11. Tesla aren't huge cars den. We have model 3's at work, small car really, blistering performance, 350 miles on a single charge, but not cheap.
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