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  1. Can’t argue with much of that. But I would contest the point that it costs more to trade outside this country, that’s not our experience so far and the paper work had certainly increased, but nothing like some are claiming, but if you’re a 1 man band, it’s going to be tough on the form filling front.
  2. Well its official, Mowbray is a better manager to Warnock 😃 Boro looked awful today, tactically inept, where did the defence go for our goal? Onwards and upwards.
  3. Queueing for tickets: Rovers v Arsenal Preston plumber Match day at Mill Hill station Vulcan Pub Match day parking, picture taken from the top window at The Albion Pub.
  4. Do you think Dennis Skinner thought that? Corbyn was a leaver also before he became leader? How about the wonderful Tony Benn, another firm leaver?
  5. I told the Mrs, in no uncertain terms, that we are not having that paper in this house, it’s a shadow of the paper it once was. Be in no doubt who wears the trousers in this house 👍
  6. I liken it to a change of government, it takes months, even years to get things running the way the party in charge wants it and often it never runs as expected (The debacle that is Universal credit being a prime example). The remain supporting papers are making hay while the sun shines, every issue polarized to to nth degree to suit the readership, but in reality, I know from personal experience, that things are not as bad as the papers portray, we are importing and exporting with no extra cost, but some extra paperwork, we had our ducks in a row, many didn't.
  7. I never voted Labour at the last election, I don’t vote for racism in any form, but I did vote for them in 2015 before I new better.... The problem with this site and with particular posters, is it’s either Labour or Tory, no middle ground, same with Brexit. I won’t be pigeon holed into that club. But we digress.
  8. No, never voted Tory in my life and never will. I did once consider it, to stop BNP getting in at local level, but couldn’t do it, BNP didn’t get in either.
  9. I'm not a brexiteer first and foremost. Just to put you in the picture, this can be improved upon and streamlined as I've said above. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-55723270 We had no problem importing from EU last week, we’ll be exporting to Israel next week, I’ll let you know how it goes.
  10. Its a good point, who knows. I don't see compulsory vaccine happening den, I believe it should be part of the job spec in certain circumstances.
  11. Making sure the paper work is correctly filled in before getting to the port. The road hauliers association also say that.
  12. Nobody would hear, they’re closed.
  13. The road hauliers association say around 10% of lorries are being turned back at the border for incorrect paperwork and Covid testing, Dover carries 6000 lorries a day. Airports are seeing increases in freight traffic, they’re taking some of the strain, could this be the new norm? These are teething problems and can be put right. We bought stock in Jan from South America, India and EU - No issues whatsoever, we’ll be sending some of this stick to Israel next week, I don’t expect any problems.
  14. You didn't believe them did you? That was silly Jimbo....
  15. Here we have examples of care home staff refusing to have the vaccine. https://news.sky.com/story/covid-19-concerns-grow-over-number-of-carers-turning-down-vaccine-12195852 I mentioned this a while back, you'd be surprised just how many frontline NHS staff in particular refuse to have a flu jab, yet flu can kill patients in hospital, its reckless. I believe in choice, nobody should be forced to have the vaccine, unless you're working in a sector where you could kill the very people we are trying to protect. It should be compulsory in these circumstances.
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