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  1. Just went down a blackhole with some clown on social media after posting that Mowbray and Waggott were stealing a living. He's genuinely said I'm stuck in the 1880's because I want us to get back to our glory days. Honestly where do you even start with these wands!?
  2. Can't wait to get back into the ground and give him both barrels
  3. You're never right though mate, about anything, ever. Give it a rest will you, him leaving isn't something to give people false hope about.
  4. I get your point but it is worse. Its five losses in a row. Its got to be the worst we've been at ths point in the season. And our upcoming fixtures, bar Coventry, are all against top of the table teams whom we haven't taken anything from this year, so it's going to get even worse. Yes Tony has been shit for some time, he's just been spectacularly shit this year.
  5. How many is it going to take? We're genuinely in a relegation battle with Mowbray as manager
  6. Bits of magic aren't going to get our utterly useless manager out of trouble this time.
  7. I've done the Mowbray dance, fingers crossed this'll be his last hurrah
  8. Genuinely think we'll continue to lose until he's gone. I know he has pulled out wins when he has needed to previously, but we're sub level shit at the moment, worse than it's even been under him.
  9. Perhaps Waggott was the source of the infamous 'Kent strain' of Covid..
  10. If only the clowns would listen to people who know what they're doing, not the vultures they have over the last decade, then they'd understand they would make more in one season in the Prem than selling off Brockhall and that Mowbray ain't going to get us there.
  11. Do we think 5 losses in a row will force Venkys hand? Or given the amount of attention they pay us will they look at the amount of injuries we have and conclude Mr Lemon Drizzle is doing the best he could in difficult circumstances? It boils my piss that were saddled with owners that are happy to plough in £200m but don't appear to give a fuck. Surely we're the only club in the country in this position?!
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