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  1. Don't ruin your summer by worrying about that old goat. Make the most of not having to read his arse covering waffle after every game. Enjoy not having to see the gurn. I'm positive the Indians aren't worrying about him, or Rovers in general, so forget about it for a few weeks and enjoy being able to go to the pub and hug your Granny.
  2. With you. This is assuming he's been told though. Or if he has been told, perhaps his pay off is contingent with a smooth transition? His stock is falling by the game, this could be a way to keep some dignity. I'm also not putting anything past Mowbray not fully understanding what he's been told either, frankly. He's not the sharpest. More than likely clutching at straws with this thought process I'm fully aware, but straws are all we fucking have these days
  3. This might make sense in Venky land though, right? When they eventually remember who Rovers and Mowbray are they'll remember that they like him and that'll be enough to trust him to guide them through his own removal. I totally buy in to this being possible with those utter clowns. Though I'm still fully expecting him to be gurning it up in our dugout when the new season kicks off
  4. I'm too exhausted with the worrying about the shit show we've become to start questioning you about your sources. I just hope and pray that you're right here. Mowbray going will only be a small victory as Venkys will always be diabolical, but whilst they remain small victories is all we can hope for.
  5. This. Has he got no self respect? Surely at some point reputation has got to outweigh money. Though for me it's far too late, his reputation should be in absolute tatters.
  6. Corry Evans personifies everything that is wrong with our club since Venkys took over. He's just shit
  7. Blows my mind. How can he get away with it? How is he not pushed more by the media on these utterly ridiculous statements he comes out with? I cannot wait to let him know my thoughts on his performance once we're back in the stadium, I'm a performance based fan.
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