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  1. Somehow we've got into a position where we'll be disappointed not to get 3 points. Mad
  2. I've always struggled to find a word to describe Mowbray's face and you've inspired me. Turgid
  3. Is intent required for a red card? If not we've absolutely got away with one there. I look forward to Mowbray balancing out the excuses post match
  4. Because we're bored of underachieving with a squad that could, or perhaps even should, get us promoted. The owners are wrong then, like they've been with almost all of their decisions for the last decade. Clearly you don't cope well with people having a different opinion to you, despite that being your excuse for not putting up a valid argument every time anyone disagrees with you. How predictable.
  5. Desperate times. Can't see Boro thrashing us tbh, a 1-0 loss would allow the inevitable excuses thta follow to not get too much scrutiny, a 3-0 or 4-0 perhaps not. But we never get thrashed, makes the whole thing more frustrating.
  6. Does anyone think a thrashing in front of the TV cameras would put Tony on notice?
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