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  1. Wow, what a post. Says exactly how I feel in ways I couldn't hope to
  2. I've considered the same but if we're still here after the decade of utter nonsense we've had to put up with, then I think we're here come what may.. lunatics!
  3. Spot on. It's absolute madness that any of us believed he was going to be sacked with the current structure at the club. If a Senior or Singh character was suddenly parachuted in from nowhere then I'd believe it could happen. Again (again again again) though; it'll be temporary relief until Tony f8cking Pulis turns up in his f8cking tracksuit. Nothing ever changes until Venkys decide they can't be arsed anymore - which I genuinely predict will be post 2030.
  4. I agree 2 home games is a bit ambitious, but make no mistake this is the ONLY way he is leaving; under his own steam because the nasty fans are being mean to him. So he's getting a gob full from me every game (I can stomach attending) until he f8cks off.
  5. Remember when a few 'ITKers' on here posted that Mowbray was about to be sacked LOL
  6. This'll be the only way he leaves. Venkys don't give a f8ck and so won't sack him. I'll be giving him both barrels from the off for his woeful under-performance and his pathetic self preservation sound bites in the press. It'll feel lovely but will only be short lived as in truth it'll mean the rats just go and employ another clown.
  7. Made up for the lad, honestly haven't been this happy or proud about something Rovers related for a very long time
  8. Surely no one genuinely still believes that anything is happening with regards to firing the old goat?
  9. Buying players this summer is akin to buying a new wheel nut for your car when the head gasket has blown.
  10. Grammatically you may have a point - but I think we all know he is staying. He's never been going anywhere. And I suspect it's not taken much brain power (handy when it comes to Mowbray) to convince Venkys to keep him and the team on this time as they'll have a lot more going on than usual with Covid etc and Rovers will have slipped even further down their priority list.
  11. Entirely predictable. We're infested with c%nts, from the owners to the fat mess of a CEO to the hook nosed gurning moron in the dugout. I hate them and all of the chancers that have made the most of the situation in the last decade. Fully expecting to get relegated next year with Johnson as manager after they pull the trigger on the hook nosed gurning moron too late. Shambles
  12. Don't fuel the fire, he's no more idea than anyone else.
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