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  1. Fair play to Anderson! Deserved it and glad he won it after letting himself down a bit in the World final. Lewis did what Anderson has been guilty of in the past and bottled it a little in the final. A good start from Anderson, and the relentless heavy scoring effectively put Lewis away early. At 6-1 you could clearly see Lewis had given up and just wanted to get off stage! Good final but a shame Lewis didn't dig in and put up a bit more of a fight.
  2. Yeah he would've been annihilated by anyone in half decent form. Terrible standard last night for those two. I woulda beaten Mawson last night!
  3. Whitlock was very good last night. Fair play to Osbourne, he showed a lot of grit just to win the set he did. Shame he couldn't force it to go all the way. Unfortunate to lose players as good as that in the 1st round.
  4. I used to stand just behind that goal a few years ago. I'll take me snorkel next time i'm watching the Tiger Army
  5. Noooo!! What are you saying. James Wade is a knob. A more ignorant and arrogant jumped up little sh1t you've never met. This was quite a few years ago now mind..... i imagine he's been brought down a peg or 7 now that he's there with the big boys. Terry Jenkins on the other hand, cracking bloke. Not a bad word to say about anyone and a top top player to boot! Sorry to hear about Priestly. Hadn't heard this news. Good luck Dennis
  6. happy birthday mate!!!!

  7. This is true. Official text just confirmed .......... blah blah blah, what they just said EDIT: Damn you fast typers!!
  8. Quote Revidge "I disagree with that as well. You only had to see the look on the face of that young 19 year old Edgar who sored the second for Newcastle against Man Ure to see that." Umm, Edgar certanly isn't a local lad!! Newcastle couldn't be further away from Canada...........
  9. According to the text i just got with the update for the Boro game, Brad is ok despite the dead leg, and "Jeffers remains on the sidelines with torn groin." So that clears that one up i suppose!
  10. I thought Ooijer did ok in the couple of games he had as skipper. Seemed to me that the added responsibility brought the best out of him.... like he felt he was obliged to lead by example........ which, of course, you should!! Anyone agree??
  11. LOL!! As if a true Rovers fan wouldn't know what it meant!! Ricky - I was thinking of the same thing but only on my upper arm, as i haven't got any other tats and don't know how much its going to hurt :ph34r:
  12. Well i'm coming up for the first time in ages. Arsenal last season was the last time i think I'm bringng 2 others up with me. Hopefully others are doing the same and dragging in some new recruits I reckon we'll have 16k on Ewood come Thursday night. Just cant argue with £15 tickets!! 4-1 Rovers. Not predicting any scorers but Benni will get at least one!!
  13. Yes there is Ricky. Jeffers red has been overturned, so he's available for selection v City
  14. Ozziejones is right - Pongolle went to Recreativo Huelva yesterday. I'd prefer Warnock as part of the deal anyway if the rumour turns out to be true!
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