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  1. My top 5 that I attended: 5/ Swansea 0-4 Rovers 2005 Friendly Pre season friendly at the new liberty stadium, me in with the Rovers fans on my own and about 20 mates in the Swansea stand giving them so much abuse and a football lesson. Was a great day and was the start of my holiday as we were off to Magaluf the next day. Mickey Gray scored a diving too. 4/ Villa 1-4 Rovers 2004 FA Cup 3rd round Jansen was back with a bang and netted twice along with Yorke. I think Angel scored for them. 3/ Charlton 0-2 Rovers PL 2006 Inflatable day at the Valley as it was the last away game of the season. Drinking in London all day and a 5:15 kick off. Just a small town in Europe and all that. Bellamy and Reid scored but it was an absolute masterclass by Tugay in midfield that day. I think Curbs resigned before the match too. 2/ Spurs 1-2 Rovers Carling Cup Final 2002 Jansen and Cole! Cardiff was bouncing and Friedel was outstanding. Amazing day! 1/ Man Utd 1-2 Rovers PL 24/09/2005 Pedersen with 2 goals. Game was on my birthday and was the best present ever. Also closest to my heart for personal reasons as my mate who was with me is no longer with us. Nothing could ever eclipse that game and day for me.
  2. Nicholson and Webster were good, I think they will go far. Phil was 1st round Phil as usual, not at his best to say the least. I really don't this Phil Taylor will win this world championship, so many good players on form are gunning for him.
  3. RIP to not only a great football but a genuine great bloke and Rovers legend.
  4. Lewis has finally defeated the master in another belter of a game. 4-2 down and he faught back to win 5-4 against the power and deserved it after reeling off 16 180's in the match and holding his nerve to get the job done. Should be a cracking final tomorrow against James Wade who put away Barney 5-1 in the other semi. I'm backing "The Machine" to lift the title.
  5. Cracking game of darts on the box right now! 3-2 to Gary Anderson, first to 4 sets. Taylor has missed a 9 darter on the 9th dart going for the bull too. Go on Garry!!!
  6. Got round to watching the A-Team movie and thought it was ok with some great stunts. Murdock played by Sharlto Copley was excellent imo .
  7. Watched Pirana 3D, not the best film but the world but seeing Kelly Brook and the other ladies in 3D was worth the watch! Also seen the Expendables, proper 80's throw back. Just a shame the villans were weak.
  8. I don't know what the big deal is with Inception, I thought it was poor.
  9. I to see Predators the other day too. With the original Predator 1987 movie being a personal favorite of mine, I though the new movie was awful. Arnie and the former cast will never be bettered imo.
  10. Sad about Cable RIP, the early Phonics stuff is their best.
  11. If Wade can somehow find his A-game then I think he will beat Taylor in the final. The fact he has been playing some terrible darts and still made the final night says something.
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