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  1. He was once asked how many slices he wanted his pizza cut into, 4 or 8, and he answered: "Cut it into 4, I don't think I'm hungry enough for 8".!!
  2. Is Christian Gross still at Basle? Feyenoord are alright, Nancy should be beatable. We have to get through from this.
  3. Can't see this anywhere else... we are set to sign Henchoz on a free for 1 year as cover, allowing Matteo to leave. He's experienced, good cover. Not a bad move IMO. Henchoz back according to Sky
  4. My day is already complete. Bentley, I thought this morning, well... he's good, but does he score? Does he ****!!!! GET IN!!! It's results like this that make my heart beat blue and white.
  5. I was just about to post that link... I'm so jealous of Sparky!
  6. They were bought and loaned straight back. And really, I don't think we can call those two the worst buys of the Kidd regime!! Interested to see Gallager on the left wing, how did he do? Is his loan season-long?
  7. The academy is a huge outlay I agree BUT it acheives to functions 1) potentially finds the next great. Whatever the success rate finding a Clayton or Duffer would be a huge shout 2) Fulfills a good social function 3) as Hughes showed with Wales, blending youth and experience can be a winner. He clearly has faith in our youngsters, he makes them train with the 1st team on a regular basis, and comes from a club famous for making the name of youngsters with loan deals (Beckham to the nobenders, anyone?) Harkins looks the sort who could be a great squad player, and with the departure of Flitty in midfield that is what we really need. Yes he isn't exactly Vieria BUT he is an option on low wages and we are woefully short of options.
  8. He even had a go at the previously "untouchable" Rio Ferdinand... He'll be popular in training! Roy Keane comes off my top 5 most hated in football...
  9. And the actual details and quotes from the rant To be fair, the man has a point
  10. Roy Keane is said to be on the verge of being forced out of United, after criticising Alan Smith, Kieran Richardson, Liam Miller, Duncan Fletcher and John O'Shea in a rant so acidic that MUTV had to pull the programme...
  11. Seen the back pages of "Das Bild"? There's always going to be national rivalry. If you're childish, subscribe to it. If not, get the hell along. That said I was watching England vs. Portugal last year in the village in India where the Dalai Lama lives, and the Tibetan monks were supporting Portugal... never have a group of people got so on my tits, I hate other nationalities celebrating the downfall of a country that isn't theirs
  12. The real question is whose foot are we going to break this season?! We'll grab a goal but I think Liverpool will rally round and put 2 past us.
  13. Brilliant! I wish I had seen the smug git!
  14. Basically what gets me is everything the FA stands for at the moment. (and I don't mean in the "sweet fa" sense). The fact that so few players are playing with pride, so many see cheating as an acceptable part of the game, and that so many can't take the physical side of the game (namely having Todd, Savage and the Axe kick you for 90 minutes). I'd love it if Rovers could restore a sense of pride and passion into the game: Hughes managed it at Wales, where the worst home nation squad managed to come within inches of world cup qualification. Arte et Labore.
  15. Click Here Nissa had a fine pair, look at the photo!
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