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  1. I went to The Three Fishes the other night, never been before and heard some decent reviews on the place. Wasn't that busy but wasn't too sure whether I'd go back. Felt the food was quite expensive for what it was, even though it was a nice meal I had the fish and home made chips which was very nice, not too much batter on the fish. Service was quite poor to be honest, staff seemed to be not that experienced. Brought the wrong food to our table, didn't know whether we ordered coffee/deserts. Nice but won't be in a rush to go back.
  2. We tried Piccolinos in Clitheroe the other week and not impressed. Had a drink at the bar first and felt we were getting rushed into ordering and shown to our table. Started was very nice however the service was pretty slow, we were waiting for over an hour in-between starter and main course, and ordering drinks at the table was slow. Main course finally came and wasn't exactly hot.
  3. Agreed. Benni's IMO been deadwood for some time. He's pulled his finger out recently to push for a place for the World Cup and wanting a move away.
  4. We tried the Chaophraya in Manchester not so long ago, Thai. Very good, not a massive fan of Thai but this has changed my mind. The quality of food and service was brilliant. The menu is very good, there's a normal menu and a set menu. I decided to go for the set menu, variety of starters and main courses. Service was good and definitely worth a try. Anyone watch Come Dine With Me? The narrator is funny.
  5. For the first one, how much am I looking to spend roughly per person?
  6. T4E - Any advice on restaurants in Swindon then?
  7. Italian I think is the best choice, has to be round the centre of the place if that's possible?
  8. Anyone know of any nice places to go out and eat in Swindon?
  9. Went to see Blood Diamond last night, which was pretty good and a Di Caprio was a lot better in it that I was expecting thought his African accent was quite good as well. Don't go to the cinema often but this film is well worth watching. Blood Diamond trailer
  10. I'm going Liverpool game, first game in a while and I'm looking forward to. I was offered a free ticket as a mate can't go so he gave me his season ticket. If I hadn't been offered the free ticket, I would have been 50/50 on going or not and watching it on Prem Plus. Just become p*ssed off with football in general, which most have I think. I'll still support Rovers and I'll pay £15 for the Boro game, I'd like to go to Wigan but I'm still in two minds whether to go or not, can't justify paying that amount for 90 minutes. Sad to say, but it's not worth it.
  11. Yeah I aw that as well. Good on you anyway Scott.
  12. Ask Lovejoy why he doesn't support Watford anymore.
  13. Or, Burnley fans s*** their sisters in the bath.
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