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  1. Jordan Rhodes as a player is like Norwich as a club - he can rip the Championship apart, but probably isn't cut out for the Premier League. I just hope he finds a club that appreciates him...unless it's Burnley.
  2. We have 2 full backs who are so far out of their depth it's not funny. Both soft as anything, rubbish on the ball and positionally inept.
  3. I don't sit there, but I love the Riverside! I have no problem with the cameras focusing there, and hate the idea of moving fans from there for the purpose of showing swathes of empty seats in the JW.
  4. They'll probably end up re-signing Carlton Cole again!
  5. That's one team I'll be betting on to get relegated! Thinking a Burnley/Hull/Bournemouth treble.
  6. Let's not be silly. We will be fine, today proved we are far too good to suggest we could go down. I look forward to next year when we are discussing the play offs. In Lambert we trust.
  7. Writing off new players as dross, based on very little. Watt was courted by other clubs and has ability - if we can ensure his attitude remains in check it sounds like we have a good one
  8. What a dreadful season this is. Bowyer was rightly panned for dragging us into this mess, but I really expected Lambert to have us looking upwards. The fact many would take 20th speaks volumes.
  9. Can someone tell little old me how caucuses work? Seen as Clinton edged Sanders, does she just 'win' Iowa and get X amount of delegates? Or is it allocated proportionally according to vote share? Same for Republicans. Sorry if this is a stupid question.
  10. How do you know this wasn't Lambert's decision? And it certainly SHOULD be up to him. They've knocked bids back before so doubt they suddenly don't care, maybe they're finally letting managers make the final call?
  11. As I posted in another thread, I am torn between wanting him to fail (as a big 'I told you so') to wanting him never again to earn the wage and attention that a job in England brings. The rewriting of history is just awful. I long for the day Rovers are back in the Premier League and we can finally consign the Kean era to the history books, albeit as a bitter, horrible chapter.
  12. Worst decision I've ever seen.
  13. I think so. Was only young but think I remember seeing it since. Pretty sure he got sent off for being hit; Flo then came on and the rest is history.
  14. I remember him getting a laughable red card v Chelsea in a 4-3 defeat.
  15. Make that a hat trick. Always had a soft spot for Niko.
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