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  1. You're right - the only thing keeping me away is the hot dogs ( well almost )
  2. A totally empty stadium would REALLY attract a wider audience and make much more impact
  3. That is very very true. Most match days I am tempted right up until the last minute. I even agree to go shopping with my wife to avoid a possible change of heart. So far I haven't weakened but with a few pints within walking distance of Ewood...? Thanks for the advice
  4. On principle I don't want to support the regime by putting money into their coffers. If I did attend a home match and shared my opinion by shouting 'Venky's out' throughout the game, I suspect it wouldn't go down too well. I don't want to spoil other people's enjoyment. I will just continue to encourage everybody to boycott, for the good of the club, and look forward to the day I can return to Ewood with a clear conscience.
  5. Not sure why its your duty as a Rovers supporter to buy a season ticket. I would say its our duty, as supporters, to do the best thing for the future of our club. In many people's opinion, the club would have a brighter future with different owners. As such, the best thing to do, as a supporter, is oppose the current regime. I believe it is my duty show my dissent by not buying a season ticket or any home match tickets. I am desperate to get back to Ewood to support the team on the pitch but I believe it is currently the wrong course of action for the future of the club. Carry on
  6. As a supporter I chose not to support the current regime at the club - in fact, I actively oppose it. I am a supporter and believe the best way to support the club is to try everything possible to persuade the current owners to leave. One of the few weapons I have is to not attend home matches. I wouldn't consider this bleating ( or bleeting! - this would get you zero points in scrabble )
  7. Imagine the disappointment of getting the Aynsley Pears card in a game of Top Trumps!
  8. We won't if we don't try! Even if it is small numbers involved to start with, momentum will build. What's the saying? - "Educate, Agitate and Organise"
  9. Totally agree that NAPM would not affect them financially in any significant way. However, a totally empty stadium with lots of media coverage ( and maybe protests outside the ground ) would be acutely embarrassing and would reflect badly on them. That is our only weapon.
  10. Lots of people coming to the same conclusion - We need to get rid of Venky's As others have said, Blackpool fans got it right - NAPM. They had very well organised fan groups who got good coverage in the media and released regular, well presented statements. They had a very well respected leader in Christine Seddon and everything they did seemed to be supported by 90% of the fanbase. The whole of Blackpool seemed to be involved - pubs had banners, taxi's had bumper stickers -'Oyston Out' painted on walls. They had some luck in the end with the court case going against Oyston but the f
  11. Hi O2G - I wasn't questioning your role at all. I appreciate it's voluntary and writing meeting minutes is tedious work - so thanks, keep it up. I was just wondering if Mr Waggott had a substantial input into the minutes after the initial draft. If not then that's my question answered. Cheers. It would be interesting to get a little more detail on the discussions though - who was involved, was serious consideration given to changing the manager ? What was the overriding factor in the final decision? Will he definitely be leaving at the end of his contract ?
  12. I agree about the style of play and it was a terrible game of football but Morecambe were organised from front to back and from start to finish. Totally solid in defence. Mowbray could learn a thing or two from Derek Adams about organising a defence and getting results due to good coaching. I believe he is off to Bradford next season.
  13. The question may have been asked but the meeting minutes are sent to Waggott for approval before being published. I suspect that any real details are redacted unless they fit the current narrative. Look at the actual wording: so he (SW) felt that they(the owners) deserved to make key decisions like the manager’s role. The position had been discussed and it had been decided that Tony Mowbray would be staying. He mentions the 'manager's role' as a decision for the owners ( ie the specifics of what a manager's job is at the club ) but he does not state that the discussions about '
  14. I wonder if they have decided to move in this direction to provide a superior quality product at great value for the long suffering fans who deserve a reward ? or are they hoping to make more money this way?
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