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  1. But will the new training facility be guaranteed Cat 1 Academy status ? Is any of this is worth the effort? We already have excellent facilities for both a Cat 1 Academy and the first team. Lots of grass pitches, floodlit pitches, indoor pitches, swimmimg pool, class rooms. Will a new training centre squeezed onto a smaller space really be of so much benefit to the club that it is worth all the disruption and effort. I can't see it.
  2. There was no urgency or passion. After Reading scored they were happy for us to have possession because we were never going to break them down - this may fool some people into thinking we played quite well. We were lethargic and toothless.
  3. And what about the appointment of Coyle? I don't remember anyone being happy with that - even the people you are describing in your post. The uptake of 1875 protest during the Wolves match had a good level of participation. Even Birdy was up for it. There are people who will blindly approve everything the club does but the more enlightened fans need to step up to the plate. It won't be long before we are all saying 'if only' - if only we had tried something when we had the chance!
  4. Who said anything about staying at home? Boycott / protest outside the stadium. We need virtually everybody to do it - that's true but isn't virtually everybody against the Brockhall plans? You asked the question "what are the fans going to do about it?" - Let's do something! Being defeatist by saying 'it won't work' will get us nowhere.
  5. Exactly. We can do things to make them feel uneasy at least. We need more people on board with these ideas. Is a river chicken a duck ?
  6. Organised boycott - a totally empty stadium. That's not 'doing nothing'!
  7. Boycott - when we get the opportunity to go to matches again we should show our displeasure by not going. If everybody does it then if could have an effect. If everybody had done it years ago then we may have encouraged Venky's to leave and we wouldn't be in a position where the club's assets are being sold off for a bunch of false promises.
  8. Probably the same ones they used for the attempted Coventry stitch up. Coventry's training ground is in Rugby - not far at all from Bedford
  9. That;s the way it came across to me too. He is trying to imply that the aim of the scheme is to create this fantastic new training centre for the benefit of the club but in order to do that we have to sell the land to raise money. So how come there are no detailed plans for the new training centre but obviously many weeks of work has been spent drawing up the plans for the housing development? Must think we are all mugs.
  10. I thought it may be bob-a-job week and we were giving them the chance to earn their cub football badge. Football in the community
  11. Sorry, crossed wires I think. I am talking about the regular fans forum, not the twice yearly consultation meeting open to a wider audience. I believe BRFCS has a rep on the fans forum.
  12. You may be right. On the other hand it could make Waggott admit that a Cat A Academy will not be possible at the new site and be open about it - thus exposing the real purpose of the proposals. Otherwise they can forge ahead with plans and then say at a later date "We can't maintain Cat A due to building restrictions we were unaware of previously" Fingers crossed none of this gets off the ground anyway.
  13. With all the shenanigans going on I forgot we had a match tonight. This will be a difficult game for the 2 young centre backs that we have got in for bob-a-job week. Who is going to be the strong leader type to encourage them and set an example during the game. Benno maybe ? Yes will be a difficult night.
  14. The fans forum is the bi-monthly meeting with the club. Each recognised fan group is represented ( Ewood Blues, Disabled supporters, Rovers Trust, Proud Rovers etc ) Reps can put questions forward from anyone in their group but it has to be added to the agenda in advance. BRFCS has a rep at each meeting I believe.
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