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  1. I was struggling to understand why Waggott would be so open about the contract situations. Other clubs and potential suitors probably know what's going on via the agents but to make it so public will surely alienate the players and reduce the chances of a successful conclusion from our point of view. But he can now say "I did warn you" if they are sold and "Look how great I am" if they end up re-signing. All about Waggott self preservation, not for the benefit of Blackburn Rovers. Venky's Out
  2. Makes you wonder what we agree to when we take on these young loanees. Have we agreed to play them for a guaranteed number of games? Seems pointless to me when we have our own youngsters who are equally as good if not better.
  3. Buckley is 22 next month - not particularly young to be breaking into the first team. Perhaps he won't develop physically beyond his current stature. Has he got the mental strength to impose himself ? There are a lot of aspects of an individual player that make it impossible to know how they will develop. Many players show potential but don't fulfil it for one reason or another. I hope your confidence is rewarded but predicting the future is probably harder than rocket science.
  4. Really happy ( and surprised ) with the points haul so far this season - despite not being particularly convincing in any match. I just hope Mowbray doesn't jump on a plane to Pune during the next international break - he'll probably bag himself a new 3 year deal on the strength of it.
  5. Be honest now, did anyone else nod off. I'm going to set an alarm half way through the second half in case I do it again.
  6. So, the obvious question - why did he sign him 3 times ?
  7. I agree. I've never seen anything in Travis other than endeavour. He doesn't create going forward and he can't defend. He does try hard and puts in the odd crunching tackle and I believe he cares more than a lot of players but he contributes little, sadly.
  8. Radio Lancs have had the benefit of seeing replays and said it was 100% red card. No doubt about it.
  9. Scottish football club names are great - St Johnstone, Queen of the South, Hearts, Raith Rovers etc. .Looking up some of the reasons for these names is very educational. I once met a bloke from Falkirk who supported East Sterling and it was years before I realised why ( google if you are interested ) I always thought FC United of Manchester missed a trick and could have come up with a much more interesting or cryptic name - Real Newton Heath or something. If Venky's do eventually lead us into bankruptcy then I'd hope we could come up with an interesting name for a phoenix club (sorry totally off topic )
  10. I agree - it's our only weapon really - if we aren't happy with the owners we should show it. A one off protest where nobody attends - it will have more affect than a few hundred extra attending a game
  11. And that is why we need to be free from Venky's Maybe pick a game as a one off & just see how many we could encourage NOT to go, Let the owners know we are not happy.
  12. I wonder who did the approaching ? Presumably not Waggott. Sad state of affairs if we can't tempt an out of work manager who lives down the road. Did we then just give up and say 'sod it - Mowbray will do for another season'!
  13. I hope Madam D watches it and gets a reminder of the legacy she has promised to respect.
  14. If the plan is to keep Mowbray until the end of the season then all the out of contract players will be going at the same time - why would they re-sign not knowing who the manger will be next season and why would Mowbray bother trying to persuade them? Maybe it is Waggott's job to get players under new contracts. Does Waggott have a fixed term contract? will he still be here even if Mowbray leaves? As for there being a plan to sack Mowbray last season but it 'fell through'! If that is true doesn't it just sum up our owners? Surely even they can't be that incompetent . Nothing makes sense becaue Venky's have no interest and no plans. Rovers are just an afterthought.
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