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  1. Probably the same ones they used for the attempted Coventry stitch up. Coventry's training ground is in Rugby - not far at all from Bedford
  2. That;s the way it came across to me too. He is trying to imply that the aim of the scheme is to create this fantastic new training centre for the benefit of the club but in order to do that we have to sell the land to raise money. So how come there are no detailed plans for the new training centre but obviously many weeks of work has been spent drawing up the plans for the housing development? Must think we are all mugs.
  3. I thought it may be bob-a-job week and we were giving them the chance to earn their cub football badge. Football in the community
  4. Sorry, crossed wires I think. I am talking about the regular fans forum, not the twice yearly consultation meeting open to a wider audience. I believe BRFCS has a rep on the fans forum.
  5. You may be right. On the other hand it could make Waggott admit that a Cat A Academy will not be possible at the new site and be open about it - thus exposing the real purpose of the proposals. Otherwise they can forge ahead with plans and then say at a later date "We can't maintain Cat A due to building restrictions we were unaware of previously" Fingers crossed none of this gets off the ground anyway.
  6. With all the shenanigans going on I forgot we had a match tonight. This will be a difficult game for the 2 young centre backs that we have got in for bob-a-job week. Who is going to be the strong leader type to encourage them and set an example during the game. Benno maybe ? Yes will be a difficult night.
  7. The fans forum is the bi-monthly meeting with the club. Each recognised fan group is represented ( Ewood Blues, Disabled supporters, Rovers Trust, Proud Rovers etc ) Reps can put questions forward from anyone in their group but it has to be added to the agenda in advance. BRFCS has a rep at each meeting I believe.
  8. Next Fans Forum meeting is 8th March so pre-meet must be 1st March. This question has to be put to Waggott. Could the BRFCS rep put this on the agenda please ?
  9. Unfortunately, I think this is closer to the truth than people like to admit. Venky's will leave one day and what other outcome is there ? Unless we get promoted of course!!! When they leave they can either forgo collecting the debts and sell at a reaonalbe price or they can try to recoup as much as possible which will mean administration. Is the proposed sale of Brockhall the beginning of the end ? The day of reckoning will come at some point.
  10. The only other club that I've seen mention this as a good idea is......Coventry. This is a quote from their chairman, Mr Fisher, at the time of the proposed sale of their training ground: “We do want to move to a site that allows us to co-locate the academy and the first-team. Can we please set aside the notion that this is some sort of asset-stripping exercise?"
  11. What I find strange is that there has been absolutely no talk of changing the training facilities - quite the contrary, the club often mentions how good they are and new players always say they were part of the attraction when signing for the club. The first mention is in a brief statement after the very detailed house building plan has been made public. I really can't see why anybody can be arguing in favour of this, especially with the Coventry connection where they used the exact same excuse when trying to sell the training ground there. Today's word of the day - Gullible.
  12. Here's a quote from Coventry City chairman at the time: Mr Fisher also told the SCG: “We do want to move to a site that allows us to co-locate the academy and the first-team. Can we please set aside the notion that this is some sort of asset-stripping exercise?"
  13. Newspaper article from 2016. The Coventry City club statement sounds familiar. Not sure what the outcome was. Anyone know if the houses were built or if Coventry got a new inspirational training ground ? Dozens of homes could be built on Coventry City football club's training ground in Rugby. The site at Ryton-on-Dunsmore is suitable for up to 75 properties, according to the borough council's draft local plan. A club statement said the six-acre site would not be built on until a replacement training site was found. "The objective is
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