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  1. There's no way that any of our players will be 'less committed' next year. I'm firmly in the Mowbray-out camp and I'm fairly pessimistic about our future, but none of the players in question will have a host of good options for the next move and the current financial climate in football will ensure that every player will want to put on a good show if they're looking for a move. The contract situation is a mess, but I don't think it will lead to players underperforming.
  2. and just in case watching is more your thing...
  3. This might provide a little (or no) distraction, but last week we had John Buckley on our podcast to talk about this season, his career so far, and some other, more random, topics. We obviously didn't address any of the controversial topics that are floating around at the moment, but there are some interesting little bits of information in there. I'll post the video of it later on once it is up, but here's the link for Spotify (extra subscribers, ratings, and reviews are always appreciated). We will likely have him back on, as well as other Rovers players and other footballers,
  4. I mean, it does. The discussion earlier in the season was that they were incredibly unlikely to finish in the bottom half of the table. They might really go on a run and finish in the top half, but that looks decidedly unlikely as things stand - especially if you expect any pick-up in form from Arsenal. So, basically, in the space of two months their projected finishing position has dropped by 5-7 places and they've now gone from having one eye on European places to having one eye on the drop zone. Highly unlikely that they go down, especially as it looks like there is effective
  5. That Leeds discussion from a couple of months ago looks very different now...
  6. So, we should play an inferior player because then we won't go up, but we will get to keep them? And we should also play a less skilled player because, even if we don't go up, who cares about the pleasure of watching a talented player turn out for your side? Oh, and we shouldn't bring talented players in on loan because there is no way that they could possibly have an impact on the squad, influence other players, and pass on skills. And, finally, we shouldn't bring in players on loan because signing good players and showing that moving to Blackburn can be a good career move is i
  7. January isn't THAT important of a deadline. Hotlby may well get some interest from Germany and Nyambe could get some interest from abroad, but I think that would be about it. When you then factor in that they are unlikely to get huge offers I would think that we won't face that much pressure until the end of the season. That being said, we may not already be at a point where they have all decided that they will test the market. We've already seen this play out with Downing and I'm sure a few of them would find their way back to Rovers even if they did try their luck. What also has to
  8. It's not semantics, words have meanings. You're basically saying that we've had 4 'great' managers in the past 25 years? Great should be reserved for managers that do great things over a sustained period of time, not simply for managers that have good to very good seasons every now and then. Mowbray has been decent in his time here so far. If he manages to get us into the playoffs then I would consider that to be a very good turnaround from the club that he took charge of. As of yet he has failed to do this. By your definition of great there would be 20-30 'great' managers
  9. I've had my moments doubting Mowbray, but have mostly been in the 'back him' camp, but to call him a great manager is ridiculous. That isn't a knock on what he's done here or his career, but great has to be reserved for managers that are genuinely...great...
  10. With throw-ins also making the news after the North London derby at the weekend. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/lazy-incompetent-and-a-failure-to-accept-responsibility-how-one-throw-in-sums-up-the-malaise-at-arsenal-ndv9vznrj
  11. It's been a long time since I've really had any confidence in any of our set pieces (and I'll include throw-ins in that mix).
  12. Over the past few months, we've spent more and more time discussing Mowbray's preferred formation, tactics, and set-up. So I thought it might be interesting to post an interview that we just did with Thomas Gronnemark, a freelance throw-ins coach that currently works with Liverpool and a number of other European clubs. It was really interesting to talk to him about how undervalued throw-ins are, what makes a good throw-in, and his career in general. He spoke about working with the likes of Brentford in the Championship, but it might be something that a club like us should think about
  13. The answer is clearly yes. Anyone saying otherwise is delusional. The real question is - given the player development, the budget available, and the squad that he has had at his disposal for the last two or three seasons - should we be closer to going up.
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