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  1. I'm not really bothered about that. I'm never interested in what is being said publicly about our transfer dealings, nor do I know how close we may have come to one or two signings or the reasons why those may have fallen through. I think another manager could do better. I think that the club is poorly run. But I think that this squad should expect to be midtable in this division and has every chance of challenging for a playoff spot if things go our way (which happens to one or two mediocre clubs every season).
  2. I think that some of those goals will naturally be replaced by someone else filling the void (penalties, for starters). I feel comfortable with the strength in depth at the back, it's the most depth we've had defensively in years. And, I just think the overall balance of the squad is better now. I expect us to be a bit better. Only time will tell.
  3. I mean, it doesn't. We've already shown enough this season to be confident that we can stay up. The board is being a little bit dramatic at the moment (not surprising). I'm disappointed that we haven't done better, but don't think that signing a striker/forward was an absolute necessity. I hope that this means that Gallagher and Brereton will be used in more central roles and that the wingers that we have and have brought in will give us more creativity and pace in wide positions. I actually think our squad has decent balance and will look fairly strong when we get our injured players back. I think there's every chance that we are in the top half when January comes around and that might put us in a position to splash out a bit on a player that we really need.
  4. Not just us. I think the market just moves more quickly and efficiently on the final day when clubs and players realise that they don't have as many options as they would have hoped/liked.
  5. Regarding the Nyambe rumours - although using the term rumours might be generous - our owners are incompetent, but they've consistently shown that they will hold out for a good price for players. Raya is probably the only one we've got majorly wrong, but even that was more down to the fact that Mowbray had decided to move on. I can't see them letting a useful player go for a million or less. At that price they will hold onto him.
  6. People have come on the Forum and given their opinion and interpretation... And now, here is my opinion presented as fact. 🙄
  7. We are not unique in the fact that we are struggling to get players to renew contracts. I'm not a huge Mowbray fan and think other managers could do (much) better, but not everything is his fault. Just last month, Southampton manager Ralph Hasenhuttl was pretty open about how they've been struggling to get players to renew contracts, why he thinks it is happening, and why it is bad for the game. We should have been more proactive with some of these contract negotiations, but I have no doubt that almost every agent will be telling players to sit tight and test the market. If that is the case then we are faced with only three real solutions: significantly overpay a player to get him to extend his contract (which is a path we've gone down in recent years and it has never worked out), hope that our players get towards the end of their deals and decide that Rovers are the best place for them, or get promoted and put ourselves in a position where players get what they want (more money and Premier League football) from this club. The reality is that we, like a lot of other clubs, will lose players on frees. The positive side of things is that we are likely to be able to benefit from players at 'smaller' clubs running down their contracts.
  8. Thanks. Understandable, and I know the importance of website speed and first contentful paint for SEO performance, but that's why I think next gen image support and optimised images would help improve user experience and website performance (I'll step back from my CMS marketing arguments). Again, not a really important one, but the homepage looks great on my phone and very bad on my laptop (using Chrome).
  9. Not a big issue, but would it be possible to have the banner image on the front page support optimised images so that they look right on any browser/device? It's constantly out of focus and blurred. I know how hard you all work on the site, but this seems like an easy fix.
  10. Not strictly Rovers related, but we recently had Brett Johnson on our podcast to talk about the business of football, his groups takeover of Ipswich Town, and the other football clubs that he has investments in. Really interesting conversation, he came across very well, and I have to admit that it made me a bit jealous of a club having an ownership group that is so open and approachable - stark contrast to what we experience. We will definitely be having him back on in the future (as well as some other owners), so it would be great to get some feedback and any questions that you might like to be asked in future interviews (we also always appreciate some more subscribers to the show).
  11. There's no way that any of our players will be 'less committed' next year. I'm firmly in the Mowbray-out camp and I'm fairly pessimistic about our future, but none of the players in question will have a host of good options for the next move and the current financial climate in football will ensure that every player will want to put on a good show if they're looking for a move. The contract situation is a mess, but I don't think it will lead to players underperforming.
  12. and just in case watching is more your thing...
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