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  1. Guess that makes watching babestation awkward
  2. We've got one of them. Basically stuck an extension on an existing hospital. Don't get me wrong a new cancer unit is great but call a spade a spade.
  3. I'm sure the LGBT community would agree
  4. Copy and paste the headline into Google and then open it from the results page. FT give you three freebies a month (or similar) if you go incognito they can't track how many you've had so you can basically read as many as you want. Doesn't work for other paywalls though
  5. Outsourcing absolutely has a place in delivering public services. Where the issues arise is poor commercial management (or dishing out contracts to mates rather than following due process) . There isn't strong commercial nous in the public sector to hold the private sector to account. When in an accountancy practice doing audits, our public sector clients were the easiest jobs, they rarely managed the work, questioned anything or disputed the bills even if they went over budget. At most they'd ask for a bit of notice for going over budget so they could up date the purchase order. Corporate clients would manage the hell out of us and play hardball over the bills, we had to produce our best work. Theirs an innocence in the public sector that the private sector "want to work with you to deliver the best possible" and "you're not a customer you're a partner in delivering xyz" because that's what gets written in tenders. If its accepted that private sector want to do bare minimum for maximum profit it becomes easier to manage
  6. If pay and conditions are crap, don't be a lorry driver --> leads to shortage of drivers --> impacts revenues / profits --> leads to improvements in pay and conditions as firms look to attract more drivers. So long as the government and unions keep their noses out. Besides we're all complicit. If shop A sells Mars bars for 70p but shop B sells them for £1 because they pay their supplier chain a fair price the vast majority of us go to shop A because shop B is a rip off
  7. You've just described everyone in this thread 🤣
  8. Sticks and stones and all that. Things should never get physical though. I'm less bothered by the actual words more the polarisation / tribalism of politics which the words seem to promote. If people want to be offended that's on them to be honest.
  9. I actually don't have a problem with "Tory Scum" as phrase / concept. Everyone has a right to free speech etc etc. Although people should think of the consequences of how they use their free speech especially when in positions of power. My main issue is how we like to polarise debate and make everything tribal it ends up like this. People are either labour and therefore left wing snowflakes or conservative and therefore right wing scum.
  10. I'm guessing not just a random attack but some political motivation behind it. Nice to see Tory Scum trending on twitter. Its that kind of polarising language that gets us into these situations.
  11. Brb. Going to check twitter for some left wing hypocrites
  12. Looking at seats skews it tbf. Yes they're less popular but just over 40% in 97 to just over 30% in 2019 is a quarter down on the vote share yet have lost nearly half of their seats. At less than 50% of the vote you can't really make a case for the Conservatives being in tune with the public wants and needs either because 57% didn't vote for them. Which by recent measures is an overwhelming ass whooping majority.
  13. The main thing is the right seem to work some what in tandem. Farages mob backed out of certain seats so as to not split the vote and guarantee a Conservative win. The left can't even work together within their own party.
  14. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/oct/13/uk-border-force-could-be-given-immunity-over-refugee-deaths?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Other So instead of letting migrants land safely and then detaining them and dealing with them as they see fit, they are now making it easier to kill them? What a nice compassionate government, sadly it'll win them votes
  15. You don't think herd immunity is a thing??? Best tell polio
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