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  1. If I was being paid several hundred grand a week I'd learn to kick a ball with both feet. I did it one summer kicking a ball against my garage wall and got my left foot to a reasonable standard.
  2. France didn't wow me. More to come from them I reckon.
  3. I'm very pro going 3-5-2 TAA Walker stones Ghuei Shaw(when fit) Rice Bellingham Saka Kane & someone else other than foden Gets trent on the field with reduced defensive responsibility. Gives stones the option to step into midfield like he does for city allowing Bellingham to go where he likes. Gives us a bit of width as well.
  4. I thought he was going where he wanted to be fair.
  5. That's how I'm looking at it. Germany used all their goals up against Scotland. We've got plenty more left to spend! Joking aside its how you finish it's not how you start. I think we'll play much better when we're not playing against 11 brick shithouses
  6. Don't worry lads I've just bet on 1-1 so it won't happen
  7. Saka, Bellingham and Ghuei the stand out performers. Foden once again doing nothing for England.
  8. Not scored after 6 mins. Southgate out boring bastard.
  9. TAA is both only interested in attacking with zero defensive ability and also a conservative choice in midfield... I heard loads of the anti-southgate crowd say over the last few months "Southgate won't have the balls to play Rice Trent and Bellingham in the middle". Good team imo apart from lb
  10. Nah I had a fiver on 3-0 Germany. They just need to see it out
  11. I know I was referring to the likes of Mike Dean and Peter Walton who Daren't criticise the refs or the var decisions in their punditry
  12. In fairness to her both times they went to her she gave a decisive answer unlike the Premier league coverage where they um and ah and agree with whatever decision is given.
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