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  1. I must ask one of the mods if the new site is playing up and I'm not seeing every post. Only explanation for why I haven't seen that link posted until now
  2. https://www.ft.com/content/d415a01e-d065-44a9-bad4-f9235aa04c1a "Pfizer and Moderna ramp up EU Covid vaccine price" I don't recall this being posted 🤔😕😐
  3. Vaccine around 220k today. Only 40k got their first dose disappointing that its slowing but atleast over 88% have had first dose (so will presumably have two doses).
  4. I think especially among younger people green is becoming a big factor in who they vote for. Whereas 10 years ago people were voting economically, the green agenda will start to become the focus on how people vote and I think that there's a huge pool of potential voters to pick up if one of the main parties took it seriously. I think most can see through the fannying around the edges that is currently happening. That link I posted that gave my overshoot score, upon closer inspection the result was based partly on my lifestyle and partly on my share of whatever the government does. I thought I was reasonably green (I know I could do me) so I guess it shows why we need to make sure those in charge are doing more.
  5. I don't know too much about it but I understood one of the "benefits" of it was that it would atleast save us from importing coking coal for steel / cement production which atleast saves a little bit of carbon footprint. I know zero about how we reduce the demand for coking coal though. Also we need a big hole for all our nuclear waste which should really be in West Cumbria somewhere so a coal mine does kind of kill two birds with one stone.
  6. Not sure if politics is the right thread or not but hey ho. Today is Earth overshoot day, the date in the year when we've used more of the earth's resources than it is able to regenerate in a year its the equivalent of having spent all your money and being in overdraft until 1st Jan This link was sent round work, I'd encourage everyone to have a go. I was genuinely shocked at my results especially as I feel as though I'm environmentally conscious (not full eco warrior but concious) https://www.footprintcalculator.org/ To give it a politics twang, we really need a government that has green as one of its major policies
  7. In fairness I think that it should be different with kids. It's one thing giving adults the choice to have a jab but kids shouldn't suffer for their parents beliefs. Same with when religious groups who deny blood transfusions for their children it just shouldn't be allowed.
  8. Not something I'm familiar with but do play groups check for inoculations before letting them in? Surely in that situation the ones who should be worried is the parents of the unvaccinated children rather than the vaccinated? The only small thing I have experience with is a dog but a similar principle that before he had his jabs as a puppy, other dogs / animals were a real risk then he got his jabs he could go wherever and do whatever we wanted risk free. If he came across another unvaccinated dog, the risk wasn't with my dog. In my opinion, everyone should be subject to restrictions or nobody should be
  9. Rescue them, bring them back and hand them over to the authorities to deal OR let them die. This fucking government!
  10. One thing I do agree with is that some restrictions have been completely illogical and contradictory. - People demonised for going for a walk in the peak district - People fined for going for a walk 7 miles from home - Households having a picnic in the park away from anyone being moved on whilst other families / indiduals are free to roam around - at one point it was 30 at a wedding 15 at a funeral - guidance was to only exercise once a day regardless of whether you lived in a packed city centre or in the middle of nowhere with no other human for miles - Wembley packed but parents unable to go to their kids sports day - my mum being told she's safe in a class of 30 children but on her way home from work being told its too dangerous to stop and see her granddaughter - kids being largely safe from it but could be superspreaders but exempt from wearing a mask - get pinged by the app and have to isolate regardless of negative tests Also I fundamentally disagree with the whole vaccine passport business and will be boycotting anywhere that actually enforces these. That said I would encourage everyone to get the vaccine and any anti-vax nonsense can do one.
  11. What i read was that they are counting them but they're not included in the daily figures (not sure why) but it only actually skews the figures by about 0.5%
  12. But haven't they only been off a week, I thought it took longer than that before you saw the effects of it?
  13. Cases falling off a cliff atm, surely can't all be down to kids being off school?
  14. We had a fitness instructor?!?! 😮😮
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