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  1. A variant that spreads quicker but doesnt look like it evades the vaccine, the vast majority of at risk vaccinated, plenty of not at risk vaccinated, plenty had it already... apart from some weird fetish for living under restrictions, what would be the reason for not easing restrictions? Whitty said when the roadmap was first announced that the link between cases and hospitalisations / deaths has now been broken. A rise in cases will not necessarily lead to a rise in serious illness. Is there anyone warning that the NHS will get overwhelmed by this new variant?
  2. I went for the Facebook comments section terminology.
  3. I think that had I been prepared for a more subtle ending it would have been more satisfying but they'd bigged it up for an explosive OH MY GOD, big reavel ending.
  4. In light of the economic lessons of last night, I've handed in my notice effective immediately and put my name down for a million pound house and a nice merc.
  5. Also mathematically it just doesn't work. It would require every £1 of tax break to earn the government £1.01 or more in revenue. The poorest in society who pay little to no tax any way would spend 100% of any tax break however the majority will save a portion and spend a portion. Say 80% gets spent so already we need 80p to earn £1.01 in revenue. Then a portion of that will go on VAT exempt items or to a company who has "tax planning strategies". Also in the low tax scenario would businesses also not have lower taxes, maybe not big corporations but the smaller businesses and one man bands whi
  6. It's a good question. At some point taxes will need to go up. I don't think it would be productive short term but medium to long term there will be a tax increase. Where do you think this should be targeted?
  7. You do realise that if it were that simple, low taxes, high public spending without going bankrupt literally every country would be doing it? It's an either or choice (long term) you can't have both.
  8. But when Labour suggest a policy "oh yeah right and just where do you think this money is going to come from??"
  9. You want a low tax, high public sector spending economy? So you do believe in the magic money tree the Labour Party were accused of having?
  10. Such high spending in the labour manifesto was labelled as unaffordable and irresponsible and a sure fire way to ruin the economy. However, in a different voting system I wouldn't vote for either of the fuckers.
  11. Don't think he's asking you to repeat yourself in fairness.. just make a coherent argument.
  12. Man City loans haven't done us too bad, could carry on plucking from their academy
  13. Also isn't it one in a million chance of getting a fatal clot? If that were the more risky option you're on saafe ground.
  14. What happens if you don't get the test? Big fine? Also is there anything to stop you claiming you have symptoms and just booking a regular test?
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