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  1. Big Southgate fan and happy with everything he has done for England. I was fairly sure before the tournament that id want this to be his last tournament win or lose and I do think it's time for a change. It's got to be the right appointment though cos we could easily get it wrong and we could be back to the decade pre-gareth longing for some turgid football to get us somewhere in a tournament. When gareth got the job we were defensively fragile and his pragmatic brand was maybe what we needed. I think in stones and guehi we've got a good platform and we've got the shoots of a good midfield coming through, rice, mainoo and Wharton. Maybe its time for someone with more attacking prowes to build on the platform built by Gareth. Going forward two things need solved for me. Right back will become a problem with walker and tripper getting on a bit, taa not being a decent defender and James being injured all the time. The simple answer is a new manager might get Ben white to play again, or we play 3 at the back with taa as wing back. Striker, we need a plan for if Kane isn't fit, he's not pivitol to the team now and there are others who can carry and lead the team so if he's not fit dont play him.
  2. Euros over now we get another season of Rovers. Fan-fucking-tastic
  3. Same as all the other managers bar Alf. Gareth got us in the mix twice which is more than anyone else has
  4. Totally agree, I prefer all the other managers who got us to a final.
  5. The only thing I'd change about that game is starting kane. He's been immense for England but he's not been fit for this tournament and we were playing with 10 men for 60 minutes. He didn't jump, he didn't run, he didn't press. I've been a big supporter of Southgate but his commitment to Kane cost him against Croatia in 2018 and cost him in this game. We gave Spain a good game, well done lads.
  6. I'd take kane off now but realistically it'll be 60mins. He can't run and can't jump. Made a decent defensive block but that's not why he is in the team. Draw the right result at half time. Spain the better of the two without having a clearcut chance. Neither team deserves to be ahead so far.
  7. At the start of the tournament our potential route to the final was Spain / Italy in the quarters and France in the Semis. It's opened up very nicely for us and I don tgive a damn. If you win the final no one cares who you played in the last 16
  8. The striker position is the big question mark for me ahead of the final. I think it would take an absolutely gigantic pair of bollocks not to start Kane and imagine being the opposition and seeing one of Europe's best strikers sitting on the bench. But we scored the winner because our striker was the furthest player forward and making a run into the box. Had Kane still been on the pitch our striker would have been ambling past the half way line. Bellingham and Foden can occupy the space that Kane likes to drop into and one of Toney or Watkins can stick up top and get into the box. Also, kane is clearly not fit.
  9. On the ball, not great. But some people seem to have something against players who do the dirty work and tidy up / protect the defence.
  10. I'm a big Southgate fan but even I think that 4 tournaments is enough. Two stabs at a final might be enough and time to see what someone else can do.
  11. Questioned the Watkins sub but I will eat my words and some. When he's made them, Southgates subs have worked. Two finals for the man who many have dubbed a shit manager. Get the fuck in!!!
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