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  1. I only watched the first minute or so but the gist that I got was that hes had a quick rise so not had chance to make enemies or cause scandal. If my boss said in my annual review "you've not been here long enough for people to hate you" I wouldnt take that as a ringing endorsement.
  2. Right we're back in our comfort zone now, 13 points from the play offs watch us be top 6 in the form table between now and the end of the season. I dont think a sacking is imminent but just hope that the new guy gets the last 10 games of the season to have a proper good look at the squad and maybe get his way of doing things across to the team so we can hit the ground running next season. Tony should have gone last season. Recruitment over summer and the start to the season gave us a little bit of (false) hope that something had clicked and this might be the season ot comes
  3. I'm so so glad I dont pay time and money to watch on ifollow every week. If given the choice I'd pay 20 quid to not have to watch it.
  4. "I'm trying my best, I put fucking Gallagher at right back, what more can I do??"
  5. In the same way that the pope is on the brink of becoming Catholic?
  6. Great run from elliot, halfway line to edge of the box. Brilliant little dribble. Wrong direction.
  7. Hes getting forward but looks scared to do anything other than a 10 yard pass back.
  8. I dont pay for ifollow so I'm really pissed off that this is on sky. Sky pundits talking about Armstrong "every time he gets in the box you think hes going to score" I bet his shot conversion stats dont back that up
  9. At my missus surgery the ones that out right refuse and say that they'll never have it get marked down as such and told to ring if they change their mind. I'm not sure if they'll be contacted way into the future but they'll be way down the list. Those that either cant make it or are uncertain just get contacted next time they get a delivery slot.
  10. I must say, after hers, my other half looked like she was a few days into going cold Turkey from heroin.
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