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  1. Was there something about Pfizer revamping their Belgium factory. Assume short term disruptions for increased production long term?
  2. And what about the conservative party with only 1/4 women?
  3. Sounds like some whataboutery there 😉 I know how much you hate that. Only if they get away with it it does.
  4. Ahh right, I thought that used medically would have the trippy stuff removed as well. Either way seen good things about and positive effects from CBD so I'd wave the flag for its wider use.
  5. My ignorance here but is there a difference between medicinal cannabis and CBD products that are widely available?
  6. Part of the answer to the first one is a properly funded health service. As for the second point, if the numbers are significant then maybe you do need to start enforcing it?
  7. I'm very much of the 'make your choice take your chances' mindset. I dont beleive in mandatory vaccinations but if you refuse to take it you cant expect everyone else to stay locked away for you, you've been offered a way out. I could refuse to wear my seatbelt but I wouldnt expect the speed limit to be halved to accommodate my refusal.
  8. Also surely the only people who should fear unvaccinated people is other unvaccinated people?
  9. I do get where you're coming from. I cant see any argument for not wearing a mask and legally enforcing it. With the vaccine though, where there is for example advice for people who are trying to get pregnant not to take it, is there not a reasonable excuse for people concerned about effects on fertility to be wary and not get the jab? Before going mandatory is there not a responsibility to either 1) demonstrate that it is undeniably safe or 2) educate people as to why their concerns are misguided? Edit just to clarify I've got no issue with taking it, I'll have it as soon as
  10. Interesting debate on the whole mandated vaccines / anti vax issue on GMB, caught the tail end of it. I really detest anti-vaxers however do agree it's about personal choice. One lady stated that currently she wouldnt take it because the current advice is if you are pregnant or looking to get pregnant soon, dont have it. Apart from susanna she was imo belittled for this view despite what I think is a pretty valid concern and one me and my partner discussed at length before she had her jab. Interestingly the response from Dr Hillary Jones was "that's only because we dont have the d
  11. BBC News - Covid vaccine: WHO warns of 'catastrophic moral failure' https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-55709428 Interesting take on it - a moral failure for the young and healthy to be ahead of the vulnerable in poorer countries. Genuinely a bit torn on how to feel about that. On one hand get back to 'normal' asap, on the other hand do I really need the vaccine ahead of some of the worlds more vulnerable? I guess if it were possible to ease restrictions without vaccinating the whole population, I wouldnt object to mine being pushed back.
  12. All 15 of you are wearing masks? Good on you.
  13. Maybe there is and that's a whole new debate in itself, but there will still come a point where you have to pick an acceptable level of death in society. They're both respiratory illnesses that are spread in very similar ways, the outcomes can be very different but theres atleast a comparison in stopping the way they spread. The other reason theres currently no equivalence is because theres a flu jab preventing flu from killing thousands. You also keep referring back to pre-vaccine conditions which is missing the point. Me saying "if the vaccine reduces covid to a similar death rat
  14. And to add. A bad flu season can kill 20k a year, which is about 100 a day over 6 months (I'm not sure who long flu season lasts). If the covid vaccine keeps deaths at or below the level of deaths from flu is there any justification for continued restrictions?
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