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  1. Surely someone willing to admit they got it wrong and criticise the side they voted for is a necessary part of debate and society as a whole?
  2. Brown was PM at the time of an unprecedented global financial crisis. Johnson was PM at the time of an unprecedented global pandemic. To blame would while absolving the other is pure hypocrisy. Fact!
  3. My mind hasn't changed on mowbrary and I fully expect a collapse at some point in the season but I'd be outraged if we sacked him now while the team has some momentum. Whilst the team is doing well he has an opportunity to change our minds
  4. Because not nationalising things is a cornerstone of tory ideology.
  5. So he surely goes up in your estimations now then?
  6. Just seen the first goal, we're surely going to get sanctioned for swapping out Gallagher for berbatov?
  7. Started raining earlier whilst I was walking the dog. Bloody brexit Britain.
  8. I can't marry up being so non plussesd by the virus but absolutely petrified of the vaccine. I'm not at all bothered by the virus the risk to me is insignificant but at the same time the risk from the vaccine is many many times smaller than the risk from the virus.
  9. Out of interest what are the savings. Fuel and road tax being the obvious ones but are there any others? I'm trying to come up with a plan for our cars and what we need in the future and think electric or hybrids need to be in the thought process
  10. Pay your fair share ot taxes or buy me a foreign holiday, whichever you prefer.
  11. Lateral flow tests are about as useful as a pregnancy test on detecting covid
  12. Yes but the investment I think could have been done whether we were in or out of the EU (although I'd have to fire up my work laptop to back that up which I ain't doing as I'm half way through 2 weeks leave). We're still largely bound by the principles (although not the bureaucracy) of EU state aid rules.
  13. I'm fairly sure the Ellesmere port deal could have happened from within the EU. I remember looking at it at the time as it happened around the same time I had a work interest in state aid rules but essentially UK never got close to breaching state aid rules when it was in the EU and had levels of spending significantly lower than the likes of Germany.
  14. Had that as well. I tried to argue that because I'm a late 20s fit and healthy person I'm not actually that concerned with catching the virus and I'd have to be insanely unlucky to have long terms issues as a result of catching it. I got accused of downplaying it. I then dared to suggest I'm at much higher risk of dying in a car crash crash and got accused of whataboutery
  15. We seem to be debating on the premise that the expert view has been single and united at all stages of the pandemic. It has not. Hence why we have sage saying one thing and independent sage saying the opposite on many issues. Then add in the fact that epidemiology is one strand of the crisis with economy, ethics, mental health being a few others, I'd say there's quite a but of scope for personal interpretation. That said we shouldn't be confusing celebrity advice with expert opinion on any subject
  16. A cabinet reshuffle with this mob is like trying to roll a turd in glitter
  17. Dislocated ankle that got put back quite quickly. If he's managed to avoid doing damage to his ligaments he's hopefully come out of it much better than expected
  18. Thought he got the ball tbf, both feet weren't off the ground. Thought a red was harsh and based on the outcome rather than the tackle
  19. Fingers crossed but I don't think its as bad as it looked. Hope it's a speedy recovery, great talent
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