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  1. Are we safe yet? I’ve not looked at the table as we’re bloody awful. I presume we’re in the lower half of the table? Get rid. Start again. For God sake, just for once, pay over the top, get a good one in. After all, the definition of insanity.... and no one thinks our owners are insane surely? (£200m up in flames)
  2. I’m good mate. As is the old fella. Thanks for those kind words. Merry Christmas.
  3. I think you should be. We’ve a player there. Sure, the £10m quote might be a little previous, but the guys got something about him. A bit of class.
  4. Fair enough. We shall see my man. I’ll not lie, I had massive doubts about TM. And I still have. BUT... You just never know! He’s a good guy, and sometimes the good guys get what they deserve.
  5. Fascinating. Glad you enjoyed it so much. Any chance you and Chaddy could get a room or a divorce?
  6. That’s got to be one of the biggest pitches in the championship surely? Storm Dan kicking off there.
  7. This. Top notch. MoM tonight imo. A right pain in the arris.
  8. It’s the future I tell you! Just needs the likes of Klopp and Pep to get on board the bandwagon! Seriously though, it’s the Championship, not the top flight. There are numerous examples of teams going up by being organised, well drilled, working hard, sticking with a plan and with the same players in order to do so. We’ve tried every permutation under the sun, with Dack now out I’d give 442 a go. I seem to remember it being moderately entertaining to boot.
  9. This. Along with 4000’s post. Why buy two strikers for so much money if it was never the intention to play them both, in their normal position at the same time? Why buy so many midfielders when apparently there isn’t one amongst them that can play the Dack role? Fully understand that you go with one up front when Dack is fit, but don’t we “need to have different ways of playing”? Putting Brereton and Gallagher out wide does neither of them any favours - evidently. I’ve said it for months (not on here admittedly!) but no defence would fancy playing against Graham and Gallagher with a team whipping crosses into the box. Or Arma, maybe even Brereton would benefit from playing with a strike partner (why haven’t we even tried this?). We just don’t have that in our locker it would appear. Downing can cross a ball though. Rankin Costello? Chapman? But your limiting your options when there’s only one striker to aim at. I’d go 4-4-2 and to hell with it. Get organised, disciplined, stick to the system and let the other team worry about us for a change. Wide men drop back in when we don’t have the ball and help the full backs / midfield.
  10. The Illicits were great last week. Fontaines DC. Oh yes.
  11. He's done it since he's been here, it grates. It's an excuse to fail. It's a cop out. Players mindset will be all wrong - "well we're not going to get a bollocking so long as we try - manager did say they're probably better than us after all".
  12. This has to be up there.... I can’t / won’t listen to this again
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