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  1. Not knocking Gallagher. Just prefer Reed as an investment. Seeing as there is an argument we needed neither I'd sooner have spent it on Reed. Graham has another season in him so a replacement wasn't imperative. But whatever. I think we all know where the investment was needed. Seems to me our summer window got royally buggered by the final few minutes of the league one playoff final and never recovered. But saying that, the players we are looking for are not ten a penny. Every club seems to be looking for centre halves. A dominant centre back costs a lot of money nowadays.
  2. But the counter argument to that is, if we could defend we wouldn't need our centre half to chip in with 10 goals. We couldn't defend in league one and we certainly couldn't defend in the championship last year. I like Mulgrew but I don't see him defend his box well enough. I don't see him stride out with the ball. Most importantly I don't see him really break sweat. That header last weekend is unforgivable for a centre half. No pressure. Just read the flight of the ball. But let's not be too harsh. 3 years ago his actual position wasn't even defined.
  3. Although I agree, who can blame them for getting above their station? The ideal way to have shown them they needed to up their game was drop them for the likes of Rothwell who has consistently performed and rarely given the game time he deserved. But yes, I don't think it's a bad thing that Mowbray has laid down a marker if this discontent is true.
  4. “From what I’ve seen, he’s very efficient and economical. He’s steady, defends the back post, tackles players and gets stuck in" Not a ringing endorsement I'd say. Seems fair to say Mowbray feels the issues in the heart of the defence can be fixed by a keeper who's size deters crosses and better fullbacks to stop the crosses.
  5. You knew she was leaving me and you didn't say anything!?!?
  6. Blimey. I feel a bit sick if this Reed thing is true. Almost feels like losing a girlfriend and it being mandatory to watch her having great fun shagging her new fella twice a week! I have been utterly convinced all window he was going to be a last minute addition.
  7. Left back, centre back x2, centre forward, defensive midfielder.
  8. Rumour has it he's had a nervous breakdown. Supposedly head and shoulders above Gunn and McCarthy in training but isn't able to reproduce it on a match day. How true that is I have no idea. But I think there's probably good reason he hasn't moved on before now. That said, if I was sat on a contract of £70k per week I'm not sure I'd be in a hurry to move.
  9. Be interesting to see the targets over the next few weeks. All this talk of investment in the recruitment department and so far we sign Downing and strongly linked with Gallagher. Both known to TM. That investment will need to yield some results to be justified in India. It pleased me to hear we were expanding our horizons a bit. But I do worry that we're only playing at it and when push comes to shove, we'll opt for the safe known quantities.
  10. It's funny, I look at Brereton and wonder what possessed us to part with that kind of money. Compare him with the likes of Graham etc. Then I remember playing football today. Shite standard. Pub league. More fights than through balls. And I think of the two lads we drafted in a few weeks back. Both 20yrs old. And even in the shite league I play in as an ageing fat bastard, they look like new born fish. I swear if you look closely enough you could see their hearts beating when they were getting kitted up! Brereton is just a boy. Putting aside the outlay he is a young lad. Let's forget any expectations and let him fulfill the potential that's clearly there in the eyes of the pros. I don't want to see him destroyed before he's even turned 20. Disclaimer. He may have turned 20. I really have no idea.
  11. To my mind, we've had two proper managers in the last 4 we have employed. Bowyer was a gent but cutting his teeth. Coyle I'd rather not talk about. But Lambert and now Mowbray have both said words to the effect that we are / have been a club in need of repair. These things take time and I'd sooner we got the basics right and built slowly than go all out for the promised land. I like Mowbray. He seems to like it here too. Yeah he's not perfect. One of his flaws throughout his career is probably his recruitment. But when I think back to the days of Kean, Singh, Bruno Ribiero, Anderson (both) and then compare it to now I can't help feeling like we're in the right track. Don't get me wrong. It's not all rosy. I worry about losing Dack. I worry that Graham won't last forever. Ditto Mulgrew (more for his goals than his defending). But to my mind, if it wasn't for the large outlay on Brereton I think Mowbray would still have justified god like status. He has said the right things this window. He wants players to impact the first team. That makes sense to me. Plus for the first time in a long time I actually feel pretty relaxed about the transfer window. We're a decent side. I think we have commanded respect from the sides in this league and I think our league position is a fair reflection of our performance levels thus far. All being well, if we can build gradually we can be closer next year. But I think even now we have it within us to go on a run and make the playoffs. We aren't far away from that level. With some luck I genuinely feel we could sneak into that four way lottery.
  12. Behave Merce! Clubs like Southampton do this all the time. Two years ago they could do no wrong. But regardless of this, it's clear it's not the case in this instance. Mowbray clearly fancies him. He has spoken in glowing terms a few times. He's not done it yet. May never do. But to question TMs job off the back of this signing is daft. We spent the same on Grabbi in a far different financial scene. Yes £7m is a whole lot of money in our current situation. But a good half a season and we'll be able to recoup our investment. He's just a boy FFS. The same age as Rankin-Costello. We afford him plenty of time to develop. Brereton might not deserve the same time because of his price tag. But there no doubt he's still got some learning left in him.
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