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  1. Would you expect that the theoretical £30m be spent well though?
  2. I second your view. fat Franny is there for PR reasons, as he was as average as McClaren and all the rest at Derby County despite having a decent wage budget and not being subject to FFP rules.
  3. I admit that when this popped up to the top of the list I thought "oh FFS has he tried to egg on the far right version of David Icke types to start shooting to make him dictator for life".
  4. I also disagree with Wood 26. I feel that this summer could lead to another case of us selling our better players, or them leaving as they're out of contract and another cost cutting run. To just blindly assume JRC, Nyambe, Armstrong, Dack and Holtby will just stay here and have another season of playing for a badly set up team if or when teams with genuine promotion hopes, or a Premier League team is bordering on deluded. As for Venky's being brilliant, well for Mowbray they have been-him and his mates run the place now, and let him plod along after spunking millions. Obviously 10th in the championship is a great achievement for some, as good as 10th in the Premier League.
  5. Not those. They have Mercedes engines and electronics, and and Mr. Stroll, that Canadian who owns an F1 team owns 25%, whilst Merc own 5%. So they're not all that British.
  6. Left wing press? There's more than The Guardian? I suppose there is also The Mirror as well. Nice to see a person being honest about where they stand and not pretending to be middle of the road, neutral.
  7. We have good attacking players, but we haven't used them properly for months. Putting a big burly striker out on the wing is just one example of this. Tony will find a way of nullifying the threats you state.
  8. At best, a shoddy, lucky 1-1 draw. At worst, 3-0 loss. We are entirely dependent on Armstrong having one of those amazing games where he scores at least 2 goals.
  9. George Soros. Hell, he's blamed for everything in certain circles and countries (like his native Hungary), so stuff it, it is his fault. Or Jeremy Corbyn, or Peppa Pig. It is not the fault of the party that has been governing the UK for the last 10 years.
  10. I spent most of my teenage years in North Bedfordshire in the 90s, and I only knew one Luton fan in school. They were all about the big London clubs, Spurs, Liverpool and Man Utd. It is probably even more so now. Here in Coventry, people seem to support a 'big' team, but kind of like Coventry City as a home/2nd team. It's the older generations who remember the FA cup win who are proper City fans.
  11. It is just a shame that all this song and dance was not led by intelligent, principled, decent people who had a clear vision about how a post EU country that could be great for all Britons. Instead we've chosen to listen to, and be led by, hypocritical charlatans like Farage and Jacob Rees Mogg, weak and useless idiots like May, and trusted a shallow, lazy and vain clown in Johnson to deliver it. All supported by a media owned by tax exiles and an Australian far right pensioner. The odds are that such a bunch of self interested dog eggs have done us a disservice and may profit from a disaster, or will scuttle off to foreign shores like their money.
  12. If we fancy a chance of promotion ASAP: Wagner, O'Neill (as in the Stoke manager), Hughes, Jokanovic, Billic, one of the 20 Italian or Spanish managers that managed Watford in the last 5 seasons. If we want to go down the 'budget route' and still have a shot soon: Robins, Cook, Cowley brothers, Pearson, Stendel, one of the other 20 Italian or Spanish managers that managed Watford in the last 5 seasons (I forget which ones were better than the others).
  13. I think Labour under Blair fell in love with all the management consultant/employment agency types, and thought a whole economy could be based on shopping and telesales. Employment agencies boomed under Labour, and gave so many idiots access to office jobs where they could swing their balls about without the pressure of flogging windows on commission. They thought the country didn't need to make things as we could just get the Chinese to do that. Such short term, non-strategic thinking has been going on since Thatcher.
  14. Thing about journeys are that they have destinations. Where's the destination for Tony's journey?
  15. The lack of attention and agreement over the service/financial industry is probably going to mean quite a few companies will switch London for Frankfurt, Holland or Paris. You'd think that such an important sector, one that often lobs money to the Tories would get more certainty in their future. Then again, we're talking about the worst government in decades led by a gang of crooks and morons.
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