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  1. I got a story a little story about a boy who can do anything his name is Bradley, he plays for blackburn bradkey dack, bradley dack bradley dack
  2. A plan to introduce it in the prem down to league 2 with a fund to intro to new clubs as they get promoted would be ideal. Again no visible dent in the money trough in which their snouts are entrenched.
  3. Any introduction of technology should not be implemented unless it can be universally accepted and implemented by all professional clubs or it risks creating yet another potential hurdle for smaller clubs to break into the top leagues.
  4. At least we should be playing a full strength team and have a reasonable chance of actually winning a game!
  5. Well I guess we can moan and groan all we like but until the Vs go, we have to seek solace in the fact that the dingledosser has gone and any coach with any reasonable quality should be able to scrape the points necessary. Put round pegs in round holes, coach the defence on defending and the midfield to protect and hey ho, turn losses into draws and draws into wins.
  6. Blimey, the way some go on, would think a total screen in front of the pitch would suit you more.....
  7. What a fabulous period that was. A great leader lost. RIP.
  8. was good apart from mixing the tenure lengths of Berg and Appleton.
  9. Thought that big Scottish thing was a donkey personally but obviously a well 'connected' one
  10. sickened and devastated by this. However bad I feel, it pales into insignificance to the feelings of the close friends and family of the deceased. Sheer stupidity has cost the life of a man in his prime. My full and unreserved condolences to the family.
  11. Most annoying watching the game was the bad tempered and petulant fouling going on in the last 20 minutes mainly from Utd. A team like Rovers would have been down to 8 men.
  12. Second that Philip, Oiijer was a pleasure to watch, uncomplicated but read the game exceedingly well, a little like Mr Kipling and his cakes! haha
  13. Fletcher made the challenge from behind, made contact with the player first and then diverted the ball before pulling him down. It is a clear foul, ergo a penalty and he was the last man preventing a goal scoring opportunity, therefore he gets sent off. He should have just let it go.
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