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  1. Just to be clear I have renewed at 399 my beloverered club run on and on!
  2. At the moment you would have to leave him out. All the forward players are currently playing aswell as he ever did.
  3. Around 500. If 200k salary is correct. I think it's lower than that.
  4. We have a great wealth of options now. Imagine being strong enough to have to have Dack on the bench. If we are winning regularly without him when he comes back, he will need to earn his place in the team. Armstrong over Dack as centre forward for me
  5. Gareth Ainsworth has been talked about being future manager of our club. He has a lot to learn if this was the case we played well, I think we would have got 5 even without the sending off.
  6. I don't think it is as it goes. The should have kept all prices the same as last season. My general point is that we have been spoilt on price for years. Hence why a Blackburn end season ticket is only 15 Quid more than it was in 2003. I don't think ticket prices should ever have been reduced by so much in the first place. I happy at the time but it has done us no favours. Hopefully when all this is over a reasonable price point can be found because 0 x 400 is zero which ever way you look at it. Regarding the Riverside it has been cheaper because it is the least desired seat in the house. It n
  7. In terms of what they put in, for very little if any pay back.... I'd still say yes, and to be fair that includes me.
  8. In normal circumstances I would 100% be getting a season ticket. I can't bash the V's for a Global pandemic. My comments last night were trying to highlight that fans complaining about price is historic going back to 2003... the same fans also complain about how we are not ambitious enough.
  9. It's not the same experience to be fair. nothing beats going to the game. If you include away travel and for me getting to home games. attending live is far more expensive. The club may only receive £230 but very little running costs I suspect. I follow has to make money I understand that, It's our product they are selling maybe it could be done in house ?
  10. I'm not complaining about it though, I get a season ticket every season have done for many years.. if I don't get one it won't be down to the price. Edit: The whole flaming thing is unsustainable now because of their absolute incompetence. - We don't need to keep paying wages to new signings such as Daniel Ayala, we did not need to keep all the high earners in League 1 etc - We do and I'm glad. The alternative is to sell of the players and replace with cheaper ones and start breaking even. Relegation to league one was a perfect chance to reduce over heads but thankfully this did not
  11. Why hand pick the most expensive seats that will be this price for a 2 games during the season. £27 will be the price for an adult ticket for most games. Should Venkys personally subsidise our ticket prices ? There already fund our very existence- our player wages are higher than our income already. I have not committed to a season ticket yet but it's not due to costs. Reasons include Having to travel to Blackburn for matches - my preference is train but I won't be on a train any time soon due to Covid-19 pandemic. Travel again - Blackburn rates of infection our currentl
  12. To be fair what ever the price, the club can't really win. What I mean by that is; Handing over any amount without any idea of when you may be able to attend a game is a difficult decision to make. I have made this point before and I'll make it again. The Worst decision the club ever made regarding season tickets was to reduce them to £199 pounds during the "Taking back Ewood" campaign. We were in the premier league at the time (prior to Venkys) with very poor attendances - Now the plan worked but it was always short sighted and what temporary boost in sales it gave has to have devalued t
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