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  1. I was thinking that Waggott had been quite cute in really looking after the young adult age fans. I thought maybe he realised they were less scarred than the older fanbase and that they might be easier to get and keep onside. Seems I’ve credited him with far too much nous. The pro-rata credit thing I can almost see the justification if you got iFollow passes. The cost would cover your iFollow access. The multiple tickets in one household thing is a bigger issue as there is no benefit at all for any household buying more than one ticket and the club should show some reciprocal good will f
  2. There’s a few reasons why I get “uptight” about it. I must have missed the subsection in the FFP rules where £7 million “gambles” were permissible and don’t impact your sustainability. It’s become a favourite tactic of Waggott to try and keep the fanbase subservient by dangling the threat of FFP sanctions or financial oblivion over us like a shit sword of Damocles. The first time the radio silence coming out of Ewood is broken, I guarantee Waggott will be attempting to guilt trip hard up Blackburners into parting with £399 they can ill afford. Does it become our business if the club
  3. I didn’t watch the whole game very closely, but from what I saw it looked like Brereton was playing the left side of a front 3, as he tends to for Rovers. His movement was a lot better, and that header in the first half was what I’d like to see more of from him. The movement of those around him helped too - the midfield were willing to get up and beyond him and give him an out ball. He was a willing runner as usual, and it was a nice tidy finish Plenty of things to knock Mowbray for (spending 7 million on Brereton in the first place is probably one of them), but lets acknowledge that
  4. If this is how football has “evolved” and this is the game now as we are often told, I give up. I’d much rather watch poor quality uploaded vhs footage of games on YouTube of when you could actually tackle, when teams would actively try and out score the other, when corners weren’t back with the keeper within three passes, when dickheads didn’t lie down behind the wall at free kicks, where keepers were capable of catching a ball, where refereeing decisions weren’t scrutinised for hours on end, where players making a conscious decision to fall over was acknowledged as cheating, where playe
  5. Not sure how Bellingham doesn’t get in this side either, despite his age. Can do the lot.
  6. No problem with that between them as mates. Fans referring to him as a club legend is what I was referring to.
  7. Few other points worthy of discussion… Waggott came out during the 2019-20 season and said he had “gone to bat” for the fans and kept the prices down. Did he fail to do that last year and this? If this is some sort of compromise and Venky’s wanted even higher prices it’s really worrying. It also begs the question of why Venky’s are involving themselves at that level and what is the point of Waggott. I think it’s also pretty transparent that Waggott thinks upping the price in the Riverside means people will move from there to another area if the price is the same. He just doesn’
  8. The whole narrative of a price freeze is misleading. When the prices were hiked last year only 2.5k renewed, many of which will be concessions. The majority of existing season ticket holders didn’t bother - wise decision in the end as they wouldn’t have got to go all season. Those in the Riverside will now be expected to pay £399 as opposed to the £319 last time, if they want to renew.
  9. 😂😂 yeah, I did feel that was personal! On a serious note though I know people who split season tickets due to work commitments, as well as parents who take turns in taking their kids. #milkthedwindlinghardcore
  10. That’s really poor. Am I right in thinking you didn’t get ifollow codes last year as a young adult either?
  11. Add to that this modern day obsession fans have with players joining the coaching staff or “staying on in some capacity”.
  12. The term ‘Legend’ once again being overused today. Bennett was a decent player for a spell during his time with us, but a liability for the last couple of years due in no small part to Mowbray playing him at right back. Decent servant through the clubs lowest point in decades. Seems a very good bloke, but I’m not sure there’d be this outpouring if he wasn’t so active on Twitter.
  13. Liked this post, but it’s the wrong reaction. It’s awful that long-standing fans are now feeling like that, though completely understandable given the last 11 years. The fact you still care enough to come on here is a good sign though.
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