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  1. There’s very little difference between Connor Gallagher and Lewis Travis. That sub sums up Southgate. One of his 3 desperation subs was a good one though. Watkins MOTM for England.
  2. Another thing I’ve noticed about Alexander-Arnold, he goes hiding in there. Only interested when he’s in acres of space. Not interested in getting the ball in remotely tight areas.
  3. Really strange how the humidity and a pitch that is cutting up only impacts one side, if these pundits are all to be believed
  4. Denmark by far the better team that half. Not many who could complain at being subbed off, but Arnold and Foden top of the list again. Midfield needs Wharton, simple as that. Forward line needs someone pressing out of possession and playing off the last man’s shoulder when we have possession.
  5. It’s astonishing really that we are talking about 3 players being played out of position. It’s the first match of an international tournament, not a League one game in the middle of a December fixture like up! 2 of those 3 were dire. Trent and Foden shouldn’t be accommodated.
  6. Trent is not in Adam’s league. Nowhere near.
  7. The idea is to alter the format a bit of the fans takeover games rather than just doing the same thing again. It was reiterated we would still have the opportunity to have some cheap ticket offerings. Burnley was one mentioned. That seems like a good game to try and pack out with home fans and create a bit of atmosphere around.
  8. They do. The cheapest tickets are one small block of seats on one side. A few hundred at most. It’s block Y on the below map. A season ticket in block X is £585 for an adult.
  9. Agree with Chrisene to a point, but I think Pickering would still be above him in the pecking order and Georgie Gent will probably be around the first team squad. Disagree on Ayari, he saw very limited minutes in this current squad and we now have Travis back who’d be way ahead of him.
  10. If we are looking to bring back any of the loanees we had last year the conversation should start and end with James Hill. The only loanee who added real quality rather than just padded out the squad.
  11. Well that should do Adam’s chances of starting the first game the world of good! Dreadful display, particularly in the middle of the park.
  12. I really can’t be arsed arguing. For about the hundredth time the question of a sell on has come up with people doubting its existence or speculating the figure. It’s 15%.
  13. It is standard. Armstrong was an exception. We got him cheaper than Newcastle valued him at because of the higher sell on.
  14. The sell on is 15% of any profit. Basically the standard sell on.
  15. You can get 50/1 on Adam to win the Young Player of the Tournament award. So long as Southgate is brave enough to start him in the first or second group game I think he is a shoo-in.
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