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  1. We discuss some of Mowbray’s comments this week on our pre match show today https://roversradio.co.uk/listen-live Particularly some of the ones that have caused the most annoyance. Starts at 1pm
  2. I think Brereton definitely benefits from the change to a 4-3-3 rather than a 4-2-3-1. He’s gone from looking like a joke to a competent footballer. Still needs to contribute more though. All Mowbray’s talk of a slow build and a journey... We’ve signed Dack up for another 2 and a half years, Elliott will be gone in a couple of months. On Elliott, bags of ability, but I’m not sure his performances have always been as impressive as some would have us believe. He’s certainly not been effective enough to push us towards playoff contention, so I’d rather give Dolan game time. Ultimately,
  3. Yeah... this caused a lot of questions to be asked at Coventry www.coventrytelegraph.net/news/coventry-news/questions-over-coventry-city-training-12042449.amp
  4. To be honest I probably understated it... he mentioned it about a dozen times
  5. To summarise: We’re on a journey When he took over we were 15 games away from relegation, we got good results but still went down Praises Dack Wr have moved on from Dack, Smallwood and Mulgrew We are on a journey We started the season like a house on fire but we’ve lost our consistency He had to change the mindset of the players to tell them that we should be pushing for the top 6... this is Blackburn Rovers, PL champions in 1995, we need to push in from mid table We have no centre halves and Bradley Johnson - a midfield player has had to play there
  6. I’m 8 seconds in and he’s on about the journey.
  7. This was what the Chorley groundsman was up to at nearly midnight last night We are a joke.
  8. If you come at us from the off, you’ll be out of sight by half time. Can’t see anything other than a comfortable Swansea win. Having said that, it wouldn’t be untypical for us to get a paper over the cracks kind of result as we are at the point where even some of his most staunch defenders are asking questions of the manager.
  9. Predictions: I expect the tombola to be given a good old shake. Not quite outright desperation, but hints of it. Kaminski Buckley Lenihan Branthwaite Douglas Elliott Trybull Davenport Brereton Dack Armstrong I can see Nyambe being dropped for three games for his part in Stoke’s goal... maybe longer with Bennett being back “on the grass”. Buckley will be rewarded for his goal by a start in the most attacking position on the pitch. Davenport for a recall, because broken clocks an all th
  10. Ok, I’ll humour you, seeing as Liverpool V Man Utd is typically dull. You, like everyone else, have seen one replay of that disallowed goal, from a difficult, no, a poor angle. You’d be able to tell a lot better if you were level with the last defender. Of course that’s the position the linesman takes up... unfortunately he has to judge whether a player (who as an aside gets caught offside an awful lot) who is trying to remain dead level with a defender might have moved his fingernail, big toe or tip of his penis a centimetre In front of said defender at the precise moment the ball is p
  11. You could say the exact same thing about our disallowed goal.
  12. @JoeHtweeted this out yesterday, the average positions our players took up throughout the game. We expect a ridiculous amount from Nyambe... a right back being the second most advanced player on the pitch! They clearly tried to swamp us down their left hand side, on more than one occasion it was 3 v 1. I don’t think Elliott did anywhere near enough defensively. None of the midfield that started did. The other worry is how deep Dack had to come to try and get hold of the ball and get us playing. This is only really confirming what my eyes tell me. Games when we were entertaining
  13. Who’d have thought training on the Ewood pitch (despite the fact Jack gave us the wonderful facilities at Brockhall) and trying to skimp on the use of undersoil heating during a prolonged freezing and snowy spell might cause lasting damage to the surface?!
  14. Not helped by the fact he’s expected to close down their keeper more often than anyone else!
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