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  1. I did forget Coyle. I’m certainly not planning on sitting idly by while Waggott sells of the training ground, but I don’t think a boycott is the right way for so many reasons. It would be extremely poorly received in my opinion. There people who are keen to get back in Ewood after the pandemic won’t be put off by anything. I’d also expect a significant number just to drift away. As I’ve mentioned, plenty of vocal support for Waggott’s hair brained scheme away from this board. I’ve been trying to point out the glaring issues with the proposal on social media and on Rovers Radio.
  2. If only! The words “state of the art” have got a lot excited. Plenty of fans now happily trotting out rubbish about our facilities being “30 years old”, “tired”, “not fit for purpose”, “outdated”, “behind the times”. In the eyes of many, Venky’s can do no wrong. Apparently, “Their only mistake was trusting the wrong person”. By extension, Waggott is viewed as a savvy operator, doing an excellent job in trying circumstances rather than the disingenuous serial failure who is in way over his head that he is in reality. To be fair to him and Mowbray, they did a great PR job on Friday.
  3. I really don’t think there is any valid reason to stick with Mowbray at this point. Poor, disjointed performances lacking any proper game plan or idea are the rule rather than the exception, and in reality that’s been the case since at least the return from the first lockdown at the back end of last season. We are now regressing rapidly, and with our upcoming fixtures a relegation battle could well be on the cards. There are two main arguments you see in favour of keeping him. By far the most popular is celebrating his limited successes and the stability he has brought. Even if
  4. Milk the hardcore and make no attempts to reengage or grow the fanbase has been Waggott’s tactic from day one.
  5. I’ve bitten today at “The worst thing we ever did was win the Prem.” Disgusting.
  6. We’ve also got a show today at 1pm https://roversradio.co.uk/listen-live Plenty of talk about Waggott. It was recorded before Mowbray’s Coventry address, which seems to have overtaken “I have a dream” but narrowly trails to “we shall fight on the beaches” in the list of greatest ever speeches... so not as “positive” as some would like. Right, I’m off back to Twitter to argue with people who believe winning the Premier League was the worst thing the club ever did. Honestly.
  7. The below from Rich Sharpe suggests that there is an acceptance of this state of purgatory for a long time to come. Surely the best way to address the day to day costs is to increase revenue into the club. Obviously having a proper crack at promotion would be the best way, but increasing commercial activity would also help... another part of Waggott’s remit he’s completely failed to deliver on.
  8. Let’s not forget his other crackpot scheme... ”Knock the Riverside down so we can build a hotel like we had at Coventry” He’s completely and utterly out of his depth.
  9. Waggott also touched on a grant application for work at the BRIC. Plans were approved by BWDC for floodlit Astro pitches there back in 2015. This will obviously have to be a community facility, but I could see them trying to move the younger academy age groups up there... making a mockery of the all under one roof claim, jeapordising our cat 1 status, and failing to meet the terms on which any grant would be awarded.
  10. Two quotes from Waggott just over a year ago at the last consultation meeting.
  11. 2027 when Rovers are training at the new Waggott and Mowbray inspired training ground... ”Steve, you said we’d be maintaining our Category 1 status? What happened? We are now Category 3?” ”We’ve done all that we can.”
  12. For a start it’s got 10 full-size grass pitches, one of which is floodlit, an additional floodlit synthetic pitch, training areas for fitness work and goalkeepers, as well as an exact recreation of the pitch at Goodison Park.
  13. Watched it. No fears allayed. Just talk of “state of the art”, “fully integrated”, “football models” etc. None of the very valid logistical issues addressed. He did say Cat 1 was vital, but it just doesn’t seem in any way plausible after basic scrutiny of the plans. a couple of points worth noting... - Rob Coar has clearly given him a brief history lesson on the Brockhall set up after the disingenuous and dismissive comments last weekend. - He mentioned similar projects he’d been involved in at other clubs... not sure I’d be celebrating my track record if it read like his.
  14. Interesting to see the Fans Forum have repeatedly brought up the possibility of having a consultation meeting. We are well overdue one, and the club were behind before the pandemic. Presumably the EFL requirements have been relaxed somewhat, however, there would obviously be appetite for a consultation at the present time. Perhaps a meeting using zoom or teams etc would allow the owners to attend too, as owner engagement is the primary reason for these meetings. Usually they reel out Mowbray to regale us with tales of his youth to eat into 60% of the allotted time. Might not hav
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