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  1. The same people will blame it on the fans for staying away. “What can we expect with 10k attendances” is the new one. All the fans fault, no expectation on the club to actually re-engage with all those they have alienated over the last decade, high praise for the positive PR stunts that are the next gen games, and an acceptance of the nonsense that the club has “done all it can”. I even had someone telling me the other day that the low attendances were down to the negative fans that still go to Ewood! Apparently he doesn’t want to sit next to someone who complains about how the club is run.
  2. Any suggestion that Venky’s have, at any point, got wages under control is a joke. They were well under control before they came along though:
  3. Personally, I can’t see any circumstances in which I’d offer Mowbray a new deal. But in answer to your question, I could definitely see the logic in that. Venky’s and logic have never gone hand in hand though.
  4. You are right @Wood26, nobody wants excuses and I hope these don’t sound like them. The Trust board is small and has some new additions (myself included) and we need to improve communications. There is work going on with the website which hopefully you will see soon. These are some FAQs I’ve worked on, hopefully they will answer some of your questions. If you need to know anything else more specific, give me a shout. What is Rovers Trust? Rovers Trust is a registered Co-operative and Community Benefit Society regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.Since its inception, the Trust has worked towards supporter representation at Blackburn Rovers Football Club. Our elected Board are responsible for day-to-day Trust operations and working for the benefit of our members and the BRFC fanbase as a whole. What are the Trust’s aims? Our aim is to represent the interests of Rovers fans whose continued passionate support is pivotal to the success of our team. We also aim to celebrate and preserve the heritage of our club for future generations while protecting the club’s assets in the immediate and long-term future. Our ongoing activities are based around three overarching aims: • Celebrating History • Serving the Rovers Community • Protecting the Future We were founded on the belief that supporters are the one constant at any club, and as such deserve significant input into the running of their clubs, and a significant ownership stake remains the ultimate aim. Is ownership realistic? We retain a long-term aim of a meaningful supporter ownership stake in the Club ideally alongside like-minded major investors, similar to the shareholder make-up of German clubs. However, we remain acutely aware of the current reality. BRFC is reliant on the owner’s financial input to remain a going concern. We acknowledge the club is well funded via the owners, through necessity, due to the fact the club has been badly mismanaged throughout their tenure.When this specific long-term aim can be achieved has to reflect current and future realities and is largely outside of our control at this time. We will maintain our position regarding ownership at a national level and support appropriate campaigns within the wider Trust movement. The Trust are very proud to have already acquired a minor shareholding within the club. While it isn’t at the level we’d ultimately like, it effectively gives all our members some ownership stake in the club they love. What has the trust achieved? In addition to acquiring a minor stake in the club, the Trust has a large number of successes, including: • Sponsorship of local grassroots football teams • Sponsorship of first team players • Had Ewood Park designated as an Asset of Community Value (ACV) • Led and contributed to multiple public meetings regarding BRFC • Forged strong links with and provided interviews across regional, national and international publications and media outlets • Put forward Early Day Motion to Parliament regarding football governance • Contributed to Fan Led Review of Football Governance led by Tracey Crouch MP • Attempted to open communication links with the Club’s owners via open letters • Regular meetings with the Club’s CEO as well as contributing to Fans Forum and Supporter Consultation meetings What about performances on the pitch? Ordinarily, the performance of the manager and players is something that elicits many different opinions and wouldn’t be something the Trust would campaign or comment on. However, where the actions (or inactions) of the club’s ownership negatively impact on field performances, the Trust would be expected to represent the opinions of its members. Why should I join? If you are of the belief that Football Club owners should be able to do as they please, the Trust probably isn’t for you. If you believe that the supporters have a moral right to influence and representation at their clubs, you absolutely should join! By becoming a member, you can shape the ongoing direction of the Trust. All our members have an equal say in the running and direction of the Trust – one member, one vote. As well as annual elections we are obligated to run, we aim to regularly canvas member opinions. You can also attend our Annual General Meetings and other events. As a member of Rovers Trust, you also become a minority Shareholder in Blackburn Rovers Football Club! The Trust is only as strong as its membership, and the more supporters we can claim to represent, the more likely we will be to succeed in our collective aims. What is the £10 fee for? In an ideal world membership would be free. Due to our constitution and our status as a legal entity, we need to charge a nominal fee. This is currently £10 per annum, and has been since the Trust’s inception. As well as covering our not insignificant administrative costs, we aim to put your money to good use. We wish to enable the Trust to grow and achieve even more, as well as providing tangible benefits for our members. How can I be more involved? We welcome input from all existing and potential members, and you can get involved to whatever level you feel comfortable with. We hold regular elections to determine our Board, which any member is eligible to stand in. We also regularly co-opt board members outside of the election period. We are also reliant on the help of volunteer members. Thankfully The Rovers fanbase and Trust membership possess many wide-ranging skills and expertise we regularly draw upon. While we are always on the lookout for people who want to get more involved, we value all our members. There is no obligation to become more involved, and many of our long-term members prefer to support the work of the trust in the background.
  5. It’s time for Sound of the Season again tomorrow, and it promises to be a belter! Simone Yates joins Michael Taylor to look back at the 95-96 season… and the soundtrack is a belter! https://roversradio.co.uk/listen-live Airs at 11am tomorrow and will be available on demand in the afternoon
  6. Played with actual wingers! At times in the “dead” 4-4-2 formation!! Brilliant that! Some massive performances! I’m almost as happy with that as I was angry with Wednesday’s debacle.
  7. No. I’m not entirely sure of the line up, but Rothwell is apparently out
  8. That interview could’ve come straight from the dry lips of Steve Kean.
  9. I’m pretty sure that this generation of pampered players are given loads of media training throughout their early careers, and surely social media comes into this. Examples of footballers using social media for good are far outweighed by those where it causes problems. For every Marcus Rashford there are 100 Andre Greys. I’d make them all delete their accounts, or as a minimum make them private. The exceptions to this in the current squad would be Dolan, who has proven despite his young years, and probably due to his more humble route into the game, that he can be trusted. Brereton too, for obvious reasons.
  10. @rog of the roversplease don’t leave it so long til you do another preview… this is brilliant!
  11. Just read through all the posts on here last night and this morning. Thought I’d wait til I made a post. Well, I’m getting more and more pissed off as the day goes on. For a manager who spends so much time worrying about other teams, how can anyone possibly explain how isolated our fullbacks were for the entirety of last nights game? They were both doubled or trebled up on every single attack. How has Johnson played 90 minutes? The entire midfield were disgusting last night, while Travis seems to have got a bit of a pass for getting a bit petulant for 5 minutes, they were all woeful, but Johnson really stood out. Van Hecke is brainless. He has shown this from day one and has been an accident waiting to happen. It’s only down to some abysmally bad officiating he didn’t cost us all the points and see a red on his debut. He’s a donkey who can only head a ball, gets far too tight every time and wrestles his opponents but still gets turned. I left after about 75 minutes last night, but the players had turned it in well before then. Disgraceful night where nobody comes away with any credit, and Mowbray should pay with his job. However, the fact he won’t should wake a few people up to our current reality. We have dreadful, dreadful owners who do not give a shit. I’m not going to be grateful for the fact they are as rich as they are stubborn.
  12. Derby will present a different proposition than Reading last week earlier this week. Score draw.
  13. Believing there are not two Saturdays in a week is not being pedantic.
  14. Stop saying we have three games in a week. The Gregorian calendar has been good enough for almost the entire world for about 500 years, so I don’t know why you and Tony Mowbray have such an issue with it.
  15. I don’t think any of those clubs had produced plans to sell their training grounds to housing developers in the months leading up to their sales though. I don’t think that threat has gone away.
  16. Just to add, I think you are absolutely right about the training ground, and Waggott’s comments. The ACV would’ve been an attempt to prevent anything like the housing development they proposed. I have no doubt they will revisit that at some point.
  17. 1) That’s a big assumption. You clearly have more faith in Venky’s making decisions that benefit the club in the long term than I do. 2) I’d rather the clubs fixed assets remain so instead of being sold off to satisfy short term needs. With hindsight, if the entire purpose was to satisfy FFP requirements the whole escapade may not have been necessary anyway as we sold Armstrong a few weeks later. And black hole would be more appropriate than bank. My stance… it’s typically short sighted. And it’s concerning, given the way the club has been mismanaged for over a decade. I have questions about whether this will impact our Cat one status too. This is only out there as the Trust were looking into the possibility of reapplying for ACV status to be granted again. After the previous attempts to sell we thought it sensible, and with Waggott stating as part of his pitch that in the future it would provide facilities for community use, we felt there was a chance.
  18. Don’t know about banging your head against a brick wall Rev, but you seem determined to pin absolutely everything wrong with the club on Mowbray and Waggott and absolve Venky’s of any blame at all. It’s very odd. The training ground is no longer an asset of BRFC. There are some serious potential long term implications to this.
  19. It has been transferred from Blackburn Rovers Football and Athletic Limited to a different company. It’s exactly what has happened.
  20. Ownership of the Senior Training centre passed from Blackburn Rovers Football and Athletic Limited to a newly formed company - Venkateshwara London Limited on the 24th June 2021, for a fee of £16.6 million
  21. The main reason I’d be more than happy with Ainsworth isn’t simply that he’s from Blackburn, it’s that he actually gives a shit about the club. It wouldn’t just be a job to him. He wouldn’t need to make stupid and untrue claims about walking away if he became a burden, he’d actually just do it. He’s one person who would attempt to tell Venky’s a few home truth instead of being all servile and subservient. It’s been us v them since day one. It’d be nice to have one of us in a position of influence. However, our overlords would not like this and would probably bin him within a fortnight.
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