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  1. 4 bastard points from 24 and the first time played well since November. If this is an I told you so moment there’s no helping them.
  2. I think Iceland was pretty humiliating as well.
  3. Only 33 behind tugay. 🤢. Epitomises how far we’ve fallen that he’s punching those numbers.
  4. Derby, Birmingham and Wednesday all losing. 🤞
  5. 😂. Could win 10-0 and it wouldn’t change my opinion on Mowbray.
  6. Better team so far. If we’re the better team in the second half will be the first time can say that since November.
  7. Post match bingo card: Frustrated We go again Better side Possession Journey Working class Some obscure reference to a theoretical rosy future Excuses-injury’s, officials, pitch
  8. I reckon this is mowbray’s next justification of himself. For that for all we’re not winning games we’re mostly only losing narrowly. So really narrow defeats are as good as wins especially when we win the moral battle of pointless possession.
  9. Unfortunately the manager will see it the same way. At least he’ll have earned about £20,000 this week for his troubles.
  10. Clearly have to find someone but other than Root, who averages 49.6, none of the batsmen are currently good enough to justify a place. Burns averages 30.73, Crawley 37.16, sibley 32.48, bairstow 34.45, stokes 37.19, Pope 32.78, Lawrence 21.71, buttler 34.53, Ali 28.88, foakes 36, Denly 29.83. Obviously stokes contributes as an all rounder, foakes a keeper but in terms of purely batting contributions we have Root. That’s it. Perhaps if the county championship wasn’t reduced to a spring and autumn sport in favour of crickets answer to baseball then might allow young batsmen to learn th
  11. You just know whether it’s the first win after 7 defeats or the first win after 15 defeats Mowbray and the cult of Mowbray will laud it like it’s an fa cup final win and decree it as the new dawn of the season.
  12. Defenders are coming We can easily win four or five on the bounce in the coming weeks On a journey Just wait and see when Dack, Brereton, Travis, etc are fit. In 2018 judge me at the end of the season. Well not that season the next one. I meant the one after that. Always jam tomorrow never today with Tonebola.
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