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  1. I’m sure most will take the pragmatic view that the runs have been insanely favourable and haven’t really beaten anyone to get where we’ve got in most of them.
  2. Southgate is the luckiest manager ever. No question about it. Almost every time we’ve come up against a remotely equal/better side to us in a major tournament we’ve lost. 2018 lost to a superior Belgium side twice and a slightly worse Croatia. 2020 beat a worse German side (who were riding a low) fair dos though but lost to a fairly equal Italy and at home. In no small part to tactics once went ahead. 2022 lost to a better France where gave a better account than most expected. 2024 step forward Holland who are fairly equal on paper… These groups of players might only come around once every couple of decades yet with this one we’ve had bloody Southgate scabbing his way to uncharted territory. To have his luck on a half way decent manager and these players would be too much to ask I suppose.
  3. Can you imagine Southgate even starting yamal. 16 years old no way.
  4. I felt all 4 sides in this half of the draw would make mince meat out of us. IF get past the Dutch somehow it wouldn’t be close.
  5. Interesting. I was thoroughly unimpressed with the egg throughout his tenure. I will say he did talk a very good game but rarely delivered. He was promoted well beyond his abilities and experience. Might have been the Punetics, swag or the egg to blame but the proof was in the pudding. He was also economical with the truth. He claimed Szmodics wasn’t on rovers radar before he arrived. All I can say to that is my mate loves Mowbray and during his tenure we were linked with Szmodics whilst still at Peterborough and I said he must be shit if moggadon wants him. A year later he signed and of course on every Szmodics goal I get a text he must be shit if Mowbray likes him 😂. More texts the better frankly. But most definitely on our radar before the egg landed.
  6. I wonder if any side has ever reached a semi final only winning one game in 90 mins.
  7. Should have sacked Pizza Hut boy in this tournament and long before this. Ignore the we’re progressing tournament games bull shit propaganda and heed the warning signs. If we blag a draw and beat them like Slovakia. Sack the cunt.
  8. You, I and anyone on here could have kept goal when no shots of even crosses coming in. The sad thing is we’ve improved this evening. Testament to the detritus served up so far.
  9. Classic bbc. Think of an agenda think of a narrative to fit it. Foden has been bang average again just like his other 40 appearances in an England shirt.
  10. Plus trippier left and saka right. Even the bbc graphic showed trippier right saka left. Nope Gareth thinks differently. Of course. Even though trippiers left foot is worse than mine. Can’t help himself.
  11. like was saying earlier team vs individuals. As a mirror image each of our players is better than theirs in that specific position. But….
  12. Currently watching England ahead vs New Zealand in Dunedin. Drive to longridge to watch Clitheroe v longridge ko 11:30. Drive to Accrington to watch rovers v Stanley ko 2pm. Drive back to the pub for Switzerland ko 5. Quite a mission of sport. I’m just popping out for some “milk”. I could defo pull this off.
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