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  1. Yeah. For what it’s worth I don’t think it should have been a red card (disagree with the rules) the ball was there to be won, just unfortunate the lads head got in the way. Put it this way if branthwaite left the ball for fear that he’d accidentally kick the lad and they went on to score I’d have been livid with him. But as far as the rules as they currently are go it is a red card. In theory if he’d done exactly the same thing but missed the guys head then it still should have been a red under the rules because it’s dangerous. Had he been sent off without contact I’d have been fumi
  2. Season before that. The point is you think he was under pressure because of 2 wins from 10. But why would he be when there was no pressure from a 1 win from 11 spell 2 seasons ago.
  3. When a manager rides out 9 defeats from 11 without a murmur a run of 2 wins from 10 is water off a ducks back.
  4. As far as my understanding of the rules go if it’s reckless or dangerous intent doesn’t come into it in which case it’s a red all day long.
  5. We’ve all been 18. I wouldn’t have thought the sight of a 72 year old foaming at the mouth will bother him in the slightest. Probably finds it funny.
  6. In a horrible position where I can’t take pleasure in defeats because we’ve lost and I can’t take pleasure in victories because Mowbray lumbers on. Suppose that’s life under Venkys rovers.
  7. Those subs were clearly premeditated before the goal. Possibly the start.
  8. At least moggasurus can’t blame the officials. Pitch also looks fine. Boro have players missing but looking to win. Eating away at his post match excuses. Balls too bouncy perhaps.
  9. He’s not giving up the 4-3-3 without a fight either. On top of a his lack of tactical nouse hopefully his stubbornness will be his undoing. He’s spoken before about missing his family I think it’s time the Tony Mowbray shaped anchor was cut loose and he can ride off into the sunset.
  10. Johnson doesn’t have the legs for midfield not needed with the other 2 either. Just hope it’s his 1 in 20 decent game.
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