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  1. If I’m not mistaken it’s Kean out day today. Comes to a thing where that’s arguably the best thing to happen to the club in over a decade.
  2. I liked fat Sam after ince he was just the thing the club needed. For me the football wasn’t nearly as bad as the style of football Mowbray adopted last season. Even though we gave the big boys a bloody nose every now and again under fat Sam if we played say Man U away on Saturday then Stoke on Wednesday. He’d 100% naff off the utd game in favour of stoke. But 99% of the time in those scenarios we backed it up with wins over our nearer rivals. Ultimately the proof was in the pudding under his management we finished his last full season in 10th and were in 10th when the Venkys rocked up. Had they left him in situ there’s no reason for me to believe we wouldn’t have finished the next few season as a mid table premier league club.
  3. That constant movement and feigning by Usyk is exactly what fury does. Except the latter has a much longer reach. He’d eat AJ for breakfast.
  4. I’d be astonished if we finish in the top half. I won’t be getting giddy when in the play off positions nor in the depths of despair when plummet down the league during the next death spiral. Im delighted relegation seems to be off the cards but under Mowbray at best we’re mid table plodders.
  5. Only one thing left to do for the afternoon: Match 1 Garcia and rahm Match 2 Sergio and Jon Match 3 rahm and Garcia Match 4 Jon and Sergio.
  6. They’re being very generous to Europe on this Ryder cup brunch thing. The Americans played incredibly well and if Europe had played well as well it might still have been 6-2. But Europe were by and large very very poor. Whether it’s football, cricket, golf the tv crew seem to be obligated to spin the most positive outlook on proceedings. I miss the Bob Willis’ of the world.
  7. Well, if Mcilroy makes an appearance today, it would be one too many. I’d say the same about Casey but mind bogglingly he’s in ahead of fleetwood. Some fairly uninspiring pairings this morning.
  8. Where to start with that lot. Eagle heads, American flag Jumpers, American dungarees, American bum bags and if that’s not enough draped in the yank flag. I’d love to be there I suspect they’re the country equivalent of Yorkshire. Fanatically proud yet deeply insecure and unable to take any insults.
  9. Love that caddie not being able to get the flag out. It was like king Arthur’s sword. Then the black dude walked over and gently lifted it out.
  10. I don’t mind it. Americans are a strange bunch though. In sport there’s 2 chants I despise. U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A and Yarkshire, Yarkshire, Yarkshire. Both make my teeth itch. Ps. Does anyone know what all this shouting freedom is after every shot?
  11. Winning that Lancs also booked their place in the Bob Willis trophy final at Lords. So if all goes tits up at edgbaston still have a chance of silverware.
  12. Nerves were jangled. 7 to win with 3 wickets. When Vilas hit a 4 I thought job done. 3 to win 3 wickets left and a kamikaze run out. 2 to win with 2 wickets left. Edged. 2 to win 1 wicket left Parky surviving 2 balls. Vilas 4. Easy. Let’s hope Somerset do the business.
  13. When the Venkys took over if you’d have said to a Burnley fan you have to deliberately destroy Blackburn Rovers in 10 years. Put them into to a worst position than before Jack Walker, decimate the fanbase, whilst simultaneously spending £200 million to do so. There’s no one in that town with the cunning to have done so deliberately. It’s impossible. Just simply impossible. Yet this is our reality and the Venkys have managed to do it while allegedly doing their best. The most insulting point is we’re somehow still expected to be grateful for this turn of events as it could be worse. WORSE. It’s all just unfathomable to me.
  14. This is nothing new under Mowbray. 1 defeat in 8 could easily be followed by 1 win in 8. Whether we’re in the middle of the former or the latter run my opinions of him don’t change. He is not good enough to manage rovers.
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