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  1. 😂. To answer the question though apparently it’s disciplinary record that separates teams in that scenario
  2. What happens if the taffs lose 3-0 and Switzerland stays the same. So on 4 points each, same goals scored, same conceded and drew in head to head. Alphabetical order? 😂😂.
  3. If England can only muster one shot on target against the mighty Scotland I doubt we’d trouble either of these two sides. I don’t think we’d lay a glove on France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Holland or even Portugal.
  4. Win the group it’s Wembley (and out in my opinion), Rome, Wembley, Wembley. Runner up Copenhagen, st Petersburg, Wembley, Wembley.
  5. True. But I do think it’s a noteworthy comparison that a smaller club which is very comparable in terms of owner issues, lancashire based, similarly economically depressed area is outperforming rovers. I’d find it totally irrelevant to say Man Utd have sold 50,000 season tickets for example but a club like Blackpool already doubling what we’re likely to sell highlights our seemingly terminal decline.
  6. It’s a barometer to use to show how smaller clubs are outperforming the shambles that is Blackburn rovers football club.
  7. 🤣. They were calling him 'gringito' in the commentary!
  8. You’re probably right. The thought of it though 🤢. All my teams have a common problem. Rovers - moggasurus, England footy - Southgate, England cricket - Silverwood, lancs - chapple. A quartet of yes men, job for the boys all with incompetent suits behind the scenes swag/venkys, the fa, ecb, Paul Allott. Are Blackburn hawks still going!!! Time to dust up on ice hockey maybe
  9. I still cannot believe that lummox has an international cap let alone a goal but he took it well. Playing centrally. 🤯.
  10. At least Southgate has only got 2 games left. With a proper manager this lot might do well in Qatar next year.
  11. In domestic football with a lot of fans you’ll hear can’t sack a manager early in the season, then can’t sack him around the Xmas schedule and then can’t sack him during the run in. For me there’s never a bad time to sack a bad manager. Whether it’s Mowbray getting the sack 2 games into next season or Southgate 2 games into a tournament.
  12. Don’t know if I saw it on here or elsewhere but I recall a picture of a scooby doo unmasking of a villain where a Southgate superimposed head is on one pic, then had a mask removed to reveal Mowbray in another. After yesterday that’s more apt than ever
  13. Hilariously it might work out better for us, we might finish 2nd!
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