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  1. You might not be able to rely on Stately Wayne Rooney this time. He will probably be fired again by October.
  2. Not exactly the best day in British football history.
  3. Rangers fans are much nicer that would be my assessment as well. Celtic are one of those rare clubs with virtually no redeeming features.
  4. I don't believe winning the European Cup is the pinnacle of achievement. It's a knockout competition and the PL is judged over 38 games which is usually enough to say you're the best side in the country. Leicester would be the freak instance as they most likely wouldn't have won if it was 76 games. That being said Tottenham reached a major European final not long ago and have what is said to be the most valuable stadium facility wise in the country. They aren't a small club. How do you fix a big club with small minded fans is the question. Are they beyond repair or any attempts at help? I wouldn't say so. They could win a domestic trophy or the Europa League next season and progress from there.
  5. Indeed. They had an excellent 4-0 victory in their last home game. You would think it was Villa playing Sheffield United the way some people are talking.
  6. Not many things worse than that Norbert. Astonishing really considering the chance of finishing 4th was still there. Haaland of course is an enigma and it's so unfortunate that he will miss out on Euro 2024.
  7. What a effortless job Man City have done replacing legends like Aguero, Kompany and Silva. Arsenal have done well to sustain their challenge this far.
  8. Of course not. It's cruel really. Should they just throw all their trophies away? Get rid of the 1971 memorial?
  9. It might have been different regionally when he was born but Jack is an extremely popular name now. Walker does not sound stereotypically Northern. You're making it sound like he was called Bert Oates. Jack Walker Vs Ferguson = good Vs evil. You could write a Disney script comparing them.
  10. I'm trying very hard not to lose my temper here. Just to make it clear it wouldn't be him.
  11. I better put in extra effort for ban number 5 then.
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