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  1. Petrol bomb attack on Celtic (retiring) CEO's house after only winning 9 titles in a row. I said that Celtic were a horrible club couple days back and the post was removed. Yes this act has really revised my opinion and the evidence (except from idiots trying to blame Rangers) points to Celtic fans. No wonder Mowbray Magoo feels like he's in a comfort zone after managing there.
  2. I'm usually last person to criticise Jack Walker but I've touched on this in past. There are instances where he was too nice for sure. I've seen a video on youtube for instance where Wendy Howard actually asked him "is the club too big?". I would have fired her so fast she would have thought she was in a cannon. Jack said no by the way 😄 shockingly enough for a guy who used "think big" as his motto. Wendy did say on Twitter that she "retired" from Radio Rovers because she would have hit Kean so bonus points for that. Of course Hodgson's better than Mowbray. Would he gain promotion though? ErIksson couldn't and look at the owners he had at Leicester. Hodgson said he was sorry for refusing to resign and forcing Jack to sack him. That's more than Sherwood's ever apologised for. Harford did spend money in 95-96 and if the signings were inadequate or just not title winning standard. As mentioned on other thread recently the blame lies with Harford. Also the club had no choice but to keep spending in 98-99 because the injury list was so bad.
  3. That's probably an understatement. As for the "oil money" who's to say Rovers wouldn't have received any? If Jack was still alive he probably would have seen the "writing on the wall" with Abramovich (butterfly effect here I suppose) and become open to a sale. He wouldn't have neglected the sale process and sold to people who don't know what relegation is. Of course that's all the fault of Anderson not the people who trusted him enough to look for a buyer. If "trusted" is the right word because that implies they actually gave a toss. I think Kamy said Williams warned him about Syed. Perhaps Williams stood up to the Walkers on that but thought he could handle Venkys and overcome their lack of knowledge. If Williams had objected to Venkys the Walkers may have sacked him anyway if it's correct he saw through Syed and tipped off Goldberg, etc. Either that or Anderson completely fooled him as well but nobody ever considers that scenario do they? It's always gullible Venkys how could they trust Anderson when Williams had no issues working with him until Kean got the managers job.
  4. Yes including Vichai before his death incase that wasn't obvious.
  5. Been a real credit to Vichai since his death haven't they? Nice to see such a decent family particularly Vichai's son.
  6. ...and Rovers manager if I had my way (suggested August 2010 maybe that's where Venkys got the idea from!) but some things aren't meant to be.
  7. You didn't really start to think that the day Dalglish showed up?
  8. Which they should have been doing 15 years ago. Showing up to greet Liz Windsor (sure the LT said they haven't been to Ewood since 2013 conveniently omitting this) shows what they think of the "peasants". I wouldn't just single Balaji out from the family. "Madame" should be held in equal attempt. As for "third wheel" I've always suspected they bully him but sometimes you need to make a stand! They should make Balaji's son the "face of the ownership". For obvious reason I'm not someone to judge people on who their families are. That said I'm certainly not going to compare him to Jack either. As for a "rollercoaster ride" what type of rollercoaster is Waggott thinking of? Most of the ones I've been on have several ups and downs. Not a single up (and even that's debatable considering it was their fault in first place) with endless downs and brief stoppages (purgatory) It's not really my problem anymore though. Once I've moved from this area I'll be even less likely to visit than Venkys!
  9. Some of the anti-protesters are probably same who constantly convinced themselves that they supported a "family club". That's why they don't want dissent or protest or anything that interferes with their easily content mentality. Leeds fans would never forgive Venkys. You might say "well they have stronger feelings of top flight entitlement". Well Millwall fans don't and they wouldn't forgive them either. Sometimes you need fans with a bit of hostility. Sometimes of course it backfires and they get a bad rep but there's a balance. If you ask which stadiums are most intimidating in Championship (last season anyway) Elland Road and The Den would have been up there. Even though some Leeds fans acted like it was honour for most clubs to visit when in reality it's a tired looking stadium people probably got bored of visiting. As for "forgiving them now" some of them never felt the need to forgive them in first place! They are mugs.
  10. He's a deluded egotist. When Barrow sack him he will probably still think of himself as a future Rovers manager. It's not like you have to be a member of Mensa but even people who like Dunn know he's lacking upstairs. Attacks Gary Bowyer on Twitter (the reasons being me, me, me) but has no issue with Kean. I left his name out on Evans thread other day after mentioning others not being criticised for milking injuries (though some certainly knew who I meant) to try and avoid argument. Well sod that. Just look at the first comment on LT article. All he's done is give these idiots defending Venkys more ammunition so they can say "oh Dunn defended them". Well so what? Maybe they should think of an actual legend like Jack Walker and care about what he would have thought.
  11. Well they made up for it over next 8 years didn't they? ?
  12. It does seem somewhat random. If I was in the USA would probably be looking at the MLS (still expanding) not the UK. Of course there's spending caps there but different to FUP. Look at Austin FC for example (who have Matthew McConaughey as a minority owner but he's also from Texas so not quite so random) they have sold out season tickets despite what's happening everywhere and it truly does suck if they can't even attend first game. I'm sure Brentford fans are pretty annoyed by their situation new stadium and all.
  13. Notice this hasn't had any mentions on here. Only saw it myself on another Rovers related forum. Apparently part 2 has comments covering more recent years like "pretty poor advice from some pretty poor individuals". I don't know if they are named guess that's Coar covering himself legally (after all he knows what threatening to sue people is like). Then again he gets confronted while some sign NDA's (not for free) and others screw over relatives who left them millions and get invited to his HOF induction. ROBERT COAR: 40 YEARS AT BLACKBURN ROVERS https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p08xwfqh https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p08xx3q5 By the way does anyone know the record tenure for a football club director? I'm sure there's a few who have lengthier tenures and some might not count "non exec" as Coar's been for 15 years anyway.
  14. Shame there's probably no footage of this one! (couple years earlier) On 27.11.1926, during a Division 1 fixture, Blackburn Rovers v Manchester United saw ugly scenes of crowd trouble immediately after the final whistle was blown. Rovers player, 'our' Sid Puddefoot was seen by many Rovers fans to be lying on the ground after the final whistle. The Rovers fans believed he had been hit by a United player and began a pitch invasion. This led to a dangerous situation in which the Manchester United players were surrounded by hundreds of angry Rovers fans. The police intervened for the safety of the players and managed to clear a path to the player’s tunnel. However, hundreds of Rovers fans remained on the pitch and many efforts were made to attack the United players. Once inside their changing room, the United players locked the door in fear. Soon after, the police managed to disperse the crowd. Rovers won the game 2-1.
  15. I'm sure some who protested don't go anymore because they can't forgive those idiots. Can't blame them as I'm one (though I suppose with me there's a lot of other grudges as well) Probably same people who break every lockdown guideline.
  16. There are fans who died hating these idiots. Wouldn't give Harris too much credence. Another FUP lover.
  17. Because they were neglectful stewards that's why. It didn't even become apparent that the Raos had no idea what relegation was until after the sale. It probably is. The name is Laurence Bassini who has stated interest in Rovers years before his failed attempt to buy Bolton Wanderers. He also claimed that John Williams would join their board of directors. ...and how much longer will they last if they haven't already expired. Do you really think they will speak out? I don't. Maybe they feel some responsibility not questioning Venkys more at the time as they would have found out how clueless they were (are). Anderson did have some tax issues but that probably wouldn't have cleaned him out financially. What I want to know more about is the Venkatesh Rao kidnap threat (not sure if mentioned on the podcast).
  18. I haven't watched that. My comments were mainly based on Johnny Grunge who was also a close friend. I acknowledge the point though and Grunge did die a few months after Eddie. I certainly didn't dislike Benoit but didn't worship him like others did. I was much more into Eddie's match with Lesnar than the WM20 main event a month later. Not that the latter was a bad match because it wasn't. My favourite Benoit match would be the one against Austin on Smackdown with the consecutive suplexes. When they were part of the Radicalz (I didn't watch WCW besides the C5 show near the end) Eddie was the one who stood out to me and at that point he was a midcarder. I don't know why initial thinking I(within the company) was that Benoit was the biggest catch. Because a certain percentage of fans worshipped the guy? Eddie was highly regarded by that group as well. My initial thoughts on Benoit was that he was boring (and one thing I never considered the WWE to be from 97-2001 was boring) and I didn't know how well regarded he was by a certain section of fans until 2001 when I got home internet and started visiting sites besides WWE.COM (which I had looked at in school a few times). I did change my opinion after his PPV main event with the Rock though.
  19. You can't possibly know that. While Benoit was certainly devastated by Eddie's death there were other wrestlers who died and were close to Benoit. Of course Eddie is the most high profile so that's why it gets mentioned more. Benoit had already had issues with his wife as far back as 2003 when she took out a restraining order. I don't doubt Benoit had serious health issues overlooked (heart certainly and severe depression) but I don't buy the excuse that his brain was equivalent to that of a dementia patient. It's pathetic that he stayed in the Wrestling Observer HOF (the only reason he got in was his technical wrestling ability and workrate) when "lesser workers" who were somewhat reluctantly voted in probably wouldn't have under same circumstances. That really annoys me. That said I certainly didn't see any signs that he was capable of doing what he did. When I switched on Raw and saw the graphic followed by the news about his wife/son also being dead my immediate thoughts were either some maniac had killed them or something like carbon monoxide poisoning. I also assumed they were certain of the facts.
  20. Also off topic (considering Charlton aren't a Championship club) but more bizarre events there today. Claims Thomas Sandgaard (his business Zynex is registered on the NASDAQ so surely his funds are legit and fans seem behind him) purchased from someone who "had no authority to sell" and he's been "ordered to leave". https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54925763
  21. No it sounds like I don't want to waste money paying for multi course meals when guaranteed I won't like most of what's on offer. If I made a point of only buying "locally sourced food" or "British food" that would be parochial.
  22. When one of the positives is that he's "better than Lowe" it does not say an awful lot.
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