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  1. I really enjoyed the Michael Gray one. He spoke very fondly about his time at Rovers. You could tell how much he enjoyed playing for us and how gutted he was to leave in that way. We had a squad full of captains back then, players who could take the game to anybody. Hughes going to Old Trafford, playing a 4-4-2 when everybody played 1 up top there, and beating them showed that. Friedel recently said that his 8 years at Rovers were the best times of his life, not just his career. Chris Samba has said his best time was at Rovers and that Rovers is his club. He mentioned that Drogba and
  2. I think so too. I'm convinced Pulis is going to be the next man in. I really hope that doesn't happen.
  3. I may be wrong, but that sounds like he is saying it is up to the owners whether they want to keep him as manager or not. "Do you want to carry on with the plan" (with me still in charge) "Or, do you want to throw that away and start everything again with a different idea" (under a new manager). The latter, Balaji, the latter! It's for the greater good of our football club. Half of the fan base is in denial, 'terrified' due to our relegation to L1, fooling themselves that this is somehow acceptable or alright for Blackburn Rovers. We need a change to reinvigorate the club and t
  4. The thing that winds me up is that the Mowbray backers aren't doing so based on any real footballing reasons, it's simply based on sentiment. I've seen some even go as far as to say that they would move Mowbray upstairs if we were to get a new manager in. Why? Why are they so afraid to say Tony has to leave? They don't want him sacked because of this narrative of him being a nice, honest, family man who rescued Rovers. He probably is a nice guy, but since when has that ever been a reason to keep hold of a manager who is failing to get results? Throw in the promotion from L1 and it's a cas
  5. Spoken like a true small time manager. Give the players an excuse to put in another half arsed display again, why don't you?
  6. He could well be. It just goes to show the difference that could be made if the owners applied a bit of pressure. If they were present at more games I don't think we'd see half as much of the weird selections and lacklustre performances that we have to put up with. It's their lack of presence and the lack of accountability at the club that has caused the holiday camp mentality. At the moment it's far too easy for Mowbray to send messages to India via the press and simply carry on with the "we go again next week lads" approach.
  7. I don't think they will be leaving anytime soon, sadly. There was talk that they want Balaji's son, who studies at Reading University, to eventually run the club. Does that mean there's another decade of this to come? An utterly depressing thought. We've got to hope that they either finally get fed up of losing millions every year and say 'enough's enough', or somebody makes them an offer that is too good to refuse (very unlikely, I know). I long for the days when all I thought about was the football on the pitch. I never used to give the Walker Trust, John Williams, Tom Finn or Martin Go
  8. That reads like a sulky response to me. It's clever though, as I think he will spin it in his favour if pushed on it further. "How about the promotion from League 1, Tony?" "You could say that, but listen, this club shouldn't find itself in League 1, our aim is to be back in the Premier League and we are working towards that". Cue the 'top man, Tony' posts on twitter/facebook.
  9. Why doesn't he go the whole hog and say 'Barcelona lose games too?'. We lose at Barnsley, but 'never mind, Brighton beat Liverpool last week you know'. Makes sense. It's irrelevant whatever results those clubs are getting. On the one hand "we can't compete with Brentford" and "we haven't been tearing it up in the Premier League for a long time", but then it's alright to compare our results with those clubs just to cover yourself, eh, Tony? I've never seen a manager get so tetchy over even the slightest bit of criticism. Look at how prickly he gets with Sharpe and Bayes when they try
  10. You might be right, however, it certainly is a heck of a coincidence that this has happened at two clubs he has been at.
  11. Two words came to mind when I saw this. Mark Venus. He tried this at Coventry and it looks like he is trying it again here. I don't think this idea has come from Venky's. Sick of these chancers.
  12. Funnily enough, Joe has a bit of a soft spot for Rovers. He used to post often on the Rovers 606 pages and another Rovers forum (no longer active) with a bunch of us around 2008-10. He was a regular in the match day threads and used to cheer us on, even though he's a Villa fan. It didn't stop the rascal from diving or scoring a winner against us though! Would love for us to sign him. He has lost his starting place at Forest. Has a cracking left foot and can play on either wing. Forest would want too much for him though. As for the game, I think we are going to pull off a surprise win
  13. For me it boils down to their lack of football knowledge and not knowing who to trust. Remember during the early days of chaos we had Mrs D asking a journalist whether she should make a bid for Raul. Later on they had Vineeth Rao asking fans on Facebook for player recommendations and opinions on potential signings. When you consider those things, it's easy to see why they'd be taken in by HSH. Are they unaware of them being from the same stable as the previous scammers? I'm not sure. The fact that Cheston almost got us Warnock gives me hope that we can attract a decent manager if the owne
  14. Yep. Then throw in the signings of Chapman, Downing, Ayala and Pears and it becomes even more clearer who the 'advisers' are. The owners are still being had, even though it may not be as blatant as it once was. Our best hope under this setup is that they stumble upon the right manager by fluke.
  15. I really wouldn't want Tugay here under this lot. He is a club legend and there are so many fantastic memories of him in a Rovers shirt. Whenever I remember Tugay I smile as it reminds me of the real Blackburn Rovers, not this HSH infested impostor. The maestro doesn't deserve to be associated with these losers we have behind the scenes.
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