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  1. So much for Mowbray saying "this club should be in the Premier League" and "we are going to make a push for the play offs"? It's almost as if he was just telling us what he thought we wanted to hear. Now that he knows he can't get us in the top 6, he's trying to paint the fans as expecting too much due to memories of 1995. So, what's the plan, Tony? "I want the team to compete and give their very best". That is the bare minimum that we expect in every game! That isn't some kind of new strategy to move us forward. He's a bullshitter, just like Waggott. The pair of them don't understan
  2. It was an excellent display. I remember Duffer being unplayable that day, they just could not handle him. What a way to grab a UEFA Cup spot, on the final day and infront of that pretentious mob. A year on from Cardiff too. I loved how Rovers would often throw a spanner in the works. The line "they still have to go to Ewood Park yet, that's not an easy place to get a result" sticks in my mind. It wasn't just pundits either, other fans recognised that too. A world away from today, sadly.
  3. Keep on sharing, Mercer. We hear nothing but bullshit and propaganda from the likes of the LT, journalists on twitter and the facebook brigade. All who are way behind the curve. Personally, I'm glad to hear of any potential news or developments at the club from posters on here. It brings a bit of hope. Yes, things don't always come off, but with these unpredictable owners things can change on a whim.
  4. Does anybody have the 2002/3 season review? I'm guessing it was on DVD by that point. There were a lot of good moments that season, topped off with the way we ripped Spurs apart on the last day of the season. I would love to see some of that season on here (or the brfcs YouTube), if possible.
  5. Fair play to Armstrong for his goal tally this season. One of few positives in an abysmal season. Back to back hat-tricks too in the last two home games. An impressive ending for him personally. To have a 28 goal striker and finish as low as we have is a disgrace. Another season wasted where we had a forward bagging the goals. It happened with Rhodes and Gestede, it's happened again with Armstrong. How we replace his goals next season, I don't know.
  6. Wasn't there a rumour a year or so ago that they were looking to get a new investor on board? I'm sure I read something along those lines. I really hope there is something in it. They currently don't seem to realise or care that they are not too far away from a Premier League windfall were they to have promotion as a serious aim. A new investor might be able to get that through to them.
  7. It was exciting to watch. We had the perfect mix of experience and youth and we had good finishers in Jansen and Bent. Most importantly, we had a winner as manager. So many good memories from that time. Thrashing Premier League Derby 5-2 in the FA Cup was a personal favourite. The 4-1 drubbing we handed out at the Reebok, the 5-0 win against that lot, the 1-0 promotion sealing win at Deepdale. Couldn't hope for a better season than that. The current squad is miles away from that. I'd love to talk about the current squad and the football as it is. However, the entire setup, the manage
  8. Ah, I think you have got the seasons mixed up there. That Tugay game was during the following season. We did play Liverpool at Ewood three days before the said Birmingham game. We lost 1-0 with Robbie Fowler scoring a dodgy offside goal at the Blackburn End. I can't believe that was 15 years ago. I'd love to have that feeling back, where Monday would arrive and I was already looking towards Saturday.
  9. Yeah, we won 2-0. Bent got the opener, but the game is mostly remembered for a brilliant solo goal from Duffer. Duff's goal is at 21:51 on the vid below: I remember being gutted about the result that night. That was our game in hand which we needed to win to close the gap on 4th place. We had a genuine chance of nabbing a top 4 spot ahead of Arsenal towards the end of that season! It feels surreal even typing that out right now. I miss the days when I was excited about our matches. I feel nothing in relation to Saturday's game. There have been many moments like th
  10. We're getting so much time and space in the middle of the park but we don't have the quality to do anything about it. Frustrating to see our players take a heavy touch or simply overrun the ball. That was a poor effort from Rothwell at the end.
  11. I want Armstrong to rack up the goals in these last two games. There's still a slight chance of him beating Toney to the top scorer award.
  12. Macron. A very underwhelming choice. Suits the current setup perfectly, though. Cheap, no interest in quality. As for the pitch, it looks like Waggott gave us all just another sound bite. "The new stitch pitch is going to cost £2m. I need to find that from somewhere". Yeah, right. It was always likely to be a patch up job. Cheers for the info, Wovers.
  13. Tony Mowbray, football genius! Quick, Balaji, get that new contract infront of him 😁.
  14. It's normally true with Venky's. However, for some reason these signings from Boro or with Boro connections seem to get done quicker than normal. I wonder why that is... I think this one could happen. We're desperate for a forward. Armstrong is likely to be off. We're clearing a few off the wage bill in the summer, Downing probably being one of them. I can see some of those wages being put towards Assombalonga. How he fits into this Bayern Munich style of football we play, I don't know, but I'd take him on a free as long as the wages aren't crazy.
  15. This is beginning to feel like the early days of their reign again. Where no matter the results, the performances, the feelings of the fans, they refuse to do anything about it. We managed to stay up this time (as we did in 2011), but next season looks likely to get even worse if Mowbray stays on. I worry that history is about to repeat itself, yet the owners remain oblivious and are happy for this charade to go on. They have learnt nothing in 11 years. The final straw would be if Mowbray was to be offered a new contract. A frightening thought, but something you wouldn't put past these ow
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