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  1. How much longer can this go on without any action from the pillocks at the helm? We've been seeing this garbage for years. As soon as QPR began to apply the pressure, we all knew what was coming. Soft as shite throughout the side, especially in midfield and that's all on the manager. He can't handle strong personalities so he has to get kids in who he can keep in check. Journey my arse. Mowbray can get stuffed. A man who was on his way to Chesterfield trying to experiment at a big club like Rovers. It's an absolute disgrace, only made possible due to the clueless tossers in India. Sick of the lot of them.
  2. How have QPR not scored there? We're hanging on for now, but it's got that familiar feel about it.
  3. Clarkson is the perfect example of why signing a kid on loan from a Premier League club doesn't mean much. Unless they are exceptional talents like Elliott, forget about it. It has been a poor first half, but QPR are there for the taking.
  4. We've already had a taster this season of how crap we look when Nyambe, Lenihan and Rothwell aren't playing. Next season could be a nightmare if we go on with this policy of frees and kids on loan. I don't trust Mowbray and co to replace any of them adequately. Rothwell leaving only to be replaced by a Tommy Doyle on loan is something that I can see happening.
  5. QPR play 3 at the back so I expect Mowbray will try and match them up. I think it's going to be a difficult evening and a draw would be a decent result. Chair, Austin and Dykes are a dangerous front three and I think they'll have too much for us. 2-0 QPR.
  6. Well played Leicester. Looking at United's next few fixtures, things could be about to get very interesting. I saw a comment elsewhere saying how it took Fergie 4 years to win something, therefore Ole needs more time. I don't know if it was posted tongue in cheek, but it's true 😁. Brentford were excellent today. They threw everything at Chelsea and were unlucky to come away with nothing in the end. That game reminded me of the time Chelsea stole 3 points at Ewood back in Feb '05 in a similar fashion. Brentford are going to cause problems for a lot of teams this season.
  7. That goal was coming. It's been all Coventry this half. We can't get the ball to stick upfront.
  8. Get in! Good work from Rothwell again. He's looking like a Championship version of Dunny. How are these lot 3rd in the league? Van Hecke looking solid too.
  9. That's a better lineup than I expected. Looking forward to seeing how Van Hecke does.
  10. True, I understand that. I'm not expecting a large number to attend, but there does seem to be a lot of interest in Rovers games from South America. Our response to that interest is to do nothing, so it seems. We really should be promoting the Rovers TV streams in that part of the world, with instructions laid out on how to purchase. I think we would sell quite a few at this moment in time.
  11. It's a fair point. Genuinely, what is the club doing to try and take advantage of this huge commercial opportunity? Apart from producing a naff grey t-shirt, I can't think of anything else that has been done so far. I'm seeing Chile fans online asking where they can get Brereton shirts from, fans asking how they can get tickets for Rovers games. There are so many potential opportunities out there for us on the back of this, but it seems like nothing is happening at our end.
  12. Dolan being ill throws another spanner in the works. It sounds like Mowbray is trying to push Gally out there, as long as he can get any sort of training done before then. It would not surprise me if the front three on Saturday is Poveda, Buckley (false nine) and Khadra. Poveda has been absymal so far and should be nowhere near starting. However, Mowbray will want to keep Bielsa sweet and given the players that are missing/doubtful, he won't get a better chance to start. "We've been training with no strikers all week" suggests it's a false nine job on Saturday. Butterworth should start, but I think he could be on the bench again. Kaminski Nyambe Lenihan Ayala Edun Travis Johnson Rothwell Poveda Buckley Khadra
  13. I remember being at that game. It was an FA Cup tie. That pesky Huckerby! Glad we don't have to face him on Saturday. As for this weekend, I think it may be one of those frustrating draws. Coventry have made a flying start but aren't as good on the road. We should be stronger at the back with Nyambe and Lenihan returning. I just see us struggling to score this weekend without Diaz. I'm hoping that turns out to be wrong, obviously. Edun and Butterworth have to start, imo. I'm going for 0-0.
  14. Yes, there was rumoured Qatari interest in Rovers back in 2012/13. The talk at the time was that 3 of the Venky family wanted to sell, but Balaji didn't agree. I don't know how accurate that is, though. I just remember that was the line going around back then. There's no doubt a large part of our fan base would be celebrating just like a lot of Newcastle fans are doing. The prospect of becoming a big player again after years of dross under Venky's, where all hope has looked lost, would be difficult to turn down. The worry that I have is that the Premier League could soon become the billionaires playground and where would that leave the rest of us? Quick, somebody show the Qatari Royal Family Fever Pitch! They'll soon realise that the real story lies in getting Rovers back up there for a 2nd title 😁. I expect Newcastle to go for experienced Premier League players to begin with, like City did, to gradually build up to the big signings further on down the line. They are already being linked with the likes of Tarkowski, Lingard and so on. Big wages and the way the 'project' is sold could sway some on the fringes at bigger clubs. Van de Beek, Loftus Cheek and the like, possibly. I think talk of Conte is wild right now and I don't see that happening this early on. Exciting times for them nonetheless and it will be interesting to see how they go about it.
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