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  1. The poster who mentioned rumours of club staff fearing administration could well be right. This feels like people at the club jumping ship before the crap really hits the fan.
  2. It's inevitable the way things are looking. Not only are the management of that standard, but also many of the players we are relying on this season are too. Look at what happened to Ipswich when they started to bring in League 1 players as a Championship club. They plummeted and haven't recovered. There isn't much experience or quality around this time to help us out when the going gets tough.
  3. I agree, that is solid business from QPR. They've managed to get two midfielders in that we were linked with in Dozzell and Johansen. Austin is quality at this level. I rate Odubajo too, I've wanted him at Rovers since his Hull days. I think they are going to be a dark horse this season. They've already battered United in pre season and had a 3-3 draw with Leicester. Start as you mean to go on. We're going to have to wait until this lot sell up before genuine optimism returns, I feel.
  4. There was a spell in the 18/19 season where Travis looked quite good. The game at Newcastle in the FA Cup was the standout one for me. He was making driving runs and playing forward passes with intent. I remember thinking we have a player here. That version of Travis hasn't been seen since. Injuries may have taken their toll but I think it's due to the manager wanting him to play a safe, disciplined role. Mowbray wouldn't play Reed in the centre of the park because he wanted him to learn from Evans and Smallwood. He's turned Travis into a sideways player like those two, imo.
  5. Our performance livened up when Rothwell, Buckley and Gallagher came on and we switched formation. I was just glad to see we still have some creativity because we were woeful up to that point. Happy to see Brereton firing and full of confidence. I think he's going to step up for us this season. We certainly need him to in order for us to keep us away from the drop zone. As for the defence, I've felt for a while that Magloire and Carter aren't good enough for the first team. I've not seen much recently to convince me otherwise. We can't seriously be relying on those two for a 46 game slugfest of a campaign. Magloire was twisted inside out today and he was beaten far too easily for their second goal. His passing leaves a lot to be desired too, which makes me wonder why the heck he was expected to step into the midfield today. We need to bring a couple of defenders in imo, but we'll be lucky if we manage to get one. It might be ambitious but I'd try and get Tuanzebe in on loan right away. Very good defender at this level and won't get a look in at United this season. If I was to guess though, I'd say we are probably going to go for Rhys Williams or Clarke-Salter instead.
  6. This isn't looking good at all. We're going into the new season with no momentum. Bolton are comfortable so far.
  7. 1. Yes. 2. No. October 20th. A poor start to the season will see the fans on his back. I think he will walk the day after we lose against QPR. 3. Kaminski 4. With a new manager from October, 16th. With Mowbray all season, relegated. 5. West Brom
  8. Tell me about it. The communication from the club is at an all time low and it's not just in relation to streaming. I don't know what the heck is going on down there, but they are acting like a tinpot outfit. I'm looking forward to watching the game tomorrow but have no idea if Rovers TV are even streaming it. Having to visit the opposition's website just to find out if I can watch it is ridiculous.
  9. He'll come out of this smelling of roses, even if we rely on the kids and struggle badly. Why? Because everyone in football, including the press, knows that we have clueless owners. It's a convenient get out for any manager that fails here, even though the owners are exactly that, clueless. The narrative is already being set around 'poor Tony, he has to make do with loans, finances are tight'. Mowbray is trying to get that out there himself now to deflect away any blame. If he gets sacked I'm sure it will be a case of 'poor Tony, he was always up against it with those owners'. Forgetting that he has been given ample time, money to spend and not been forced to sell key players.
  10. As soon as West Brom entered the running for Reach it was over really. Playing under a better manager, presumably on a better wage and for a club who should be challenging at the top end. He was always choosing them. How many targets have we got left now, if any? It all feels rudderless with the only idea now being to wait and see which kids the Premier League clubs will allow out on loan. This is after Mowbray only recently saying how we need men in the team. He said the same at Coventry too. He's had three years to get 'men' in our side. Oh and what a nice man Balaji Rao is by the way. Bringing John Park into the club, allowing him to chill out in the offices at Ewood and paying him for it too. A top man is Balaji.
  11. The state of that lineup. The so called 'journey' has led us to this. Absolutely abysmal.
  12. Heavy downpours in Blackburn this afternoon along with thunder. Let's see what condition the pitch is in tonight.
  13. Good stuff. That saves me having to mess about with LUTV or whatever it's called.
  14. £3m might be a bit optimistic. I think £1m max, may be the best we can get for him. Not that I would be happy with that. Selling him would cause another problem, when we already have enough as it is in terms of replacing outgoings. Rothwell is one of the few 'exciting' players that we have left. That trait of his, the driving runs past defenders, not many players in the country have that, imo. He hasn't done it consistently for us, but there is a player in there. I'd like to see how he would do at Rovers with better coaching and under a different manager.
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