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  1. Very disillusioned with this appointment. He has nailed his colours to the mast with the no excuse culture nonsense. This suggests that he won't ever publicly say anything about what's going on above him and that he only wants to focus on matters on the pitch. Which is exactly what that lot want. Is it a coincidence that the past week has seen an increasing number of Rovers fans suggesting that JDT was a big whinger who needed to go? I don't like how valid criticisms and issues raised by JDT are now being passed off as 'whinging' and 'excuses' by some. Those fans don't realise that they are playing right into the hands of these clowns. JDT truly felt like one of us, to me. Somebody who understood us, who was on our wavelength and who spoke up for us. That's before mentioning his ambition for the club. Him leaving is a big blow. The new man is one of them, a perfect pick for them, chosen by a bastard who was bricking it at the fact there were chants against him, and that makes him not the manager for me. At a time when the pressure was ramping up on the car salesman, he brings in a friendly face to try and quieten the unrest. Looking at the owners, transfer issues and so on is excuse making now, is it? All of this PR fluff about Gallagher too. Please. It doesn't take much to work out who might be behind this. The same as always. People may disagree and say it's too early etc and that's fine, it's all about opinions, but this is my take on it. I won't keep on repeating it so as not to annoy those who want to give him time and for those who don't want to see it posted over and over, so I will just say it the once here. I am firmly Eustace out.
  2. I seriously can't stand most of them. Brittain is one that needs shipping out pronto. The shit that he has served up over the last few months, then he has the nerve to come out and have veiled digs at JDT. F.O! Tonight shows that all this "happy playing to our strengths" is hogwash. They quite simply aren't up to it. Eustace coming out with the "no excuse culture" shit can get stuffed as well. Convenient how the first thing he says is he won't look towards the owners, failed transfers, injuries etc as an excuse. The perfect appointment for these clowns. They've driven the best hope we had out of the club and I won't be getting behind this. Eustace Out.
  3. An ambitious manager replaced with a yes man. These soft lads who threw the towel in because they couldn't hack JDT need to hang their heads in shame
  4. Yep, can't argue with him. Three FA Cups, a League Cup and three top 4 finishes since Venky's bought the club. Best owners in football. Another prat who is praising them for paying the bills. I'll wait for the same praise to be dished out to the Hemmings family and others who are quietly doing similar in the Championship.
  5. I don't think we're likely to hear from him until the summer now. If rumours are to be believed about him possibly leaving, we may not hear from him again. Looking at the last few days of the window, it feels like others might have overseen transfer matters. I could be wrong, but McFadzean and Fleck don't seem like his type of signings. The appointment of Eustace isn't in keeping with the 'project' of wanting to play a particular style to increase player value. Didn't GB say that the plan was to find another head coach to carry on with the same identity whenever JDT did leave? It looks to me as though a few down there are now bricking it about relegation, therefore the 'project' is on hold for a few months. 'Just stay in the Division' being the aim. Remember Waggott stating in the bus interview that we can't afford to go down and the aim is to avoid relegation. That's all the next few months will be about. There doesn't seem to be much urgency to act when faced with the opposite scenario, but the threat of relegation shakes them up. That's what the QPR result and being five points off the drop zone did to them, imo. I've got a feeling we won't be hearing the word 'project' again. That requires an end goal, and only two people in the building believed the end goal of the project was to become a 'sustainable Premier League club'. One of those people has gone. The other might be about to follow him too.
  6. Seen a couple of comments saying none of Waggott, Suhail or Silvester were at the game on Saturday. I don't know how true that is, but it is possible that they all left for India after Wednesday's meeting with the fans/players.
  7. A few banners spotted around Ewood. One reads "Steve, Suhail, Silvester, Snakes". Another says "Waggott Out". Chants of "we want Venky's out" and "Steve Waggott, get out of our club" have gone round too. Good to see the fans won't be distracted by the new appointment. On the game itself...Hedges has been superb so far.
  8. That's exactly what he'll say. He said those very words in the summer of 2018 following promotion from L1. Then, a couple of years later during the pandemic, he talked about how generous they have been and how we need to help them out. In his last interview with Andy Bayes, late 2023, the same spiel was rolled out again about us needing to "help them out" as they "have been so generous to us". It has been his M.O from day one here. Save the owners from having to spend wherever and however he can. Which makes me question who recommended him for the job. Remember, from the very outset the Venky sister said "we will lease players". I think the person who pitched that idea is the same person who recommended this clown.
  9. That's the issue in general with quite a few of them in the media today, not just Jordan, that they don't know the ins and outs so resort to 'but £200m though?'. The other fella who was chatting with Herbie on there the other day displayed a similar lack of knowledge, so just stuck to on field matters. Those that do know what has happened, do their level best to avoid the mention of any agent related issues. It doesn't even need a name to be mentioned for them to start sweating and jump in to steer the conversation towards another direction. I can remember a few Rovers fans naming the spiv and mentioning "problems with agents" on that very "Venky's we're coming for you!" show. White reacted exactly as described above. Fidgety, panicky, jumping at the mere mention of the word 'agent'. The truth is out there, but they would rather use '£200m' as a stick to beat the fans with instead.
  10. Jim White: "I know Steve Kean quite well". Err, yeah. We kind of worked that out 13 years ago. I see there was no hint of "Venky's, we're coming for you!" from Jim in the above clip this time. Has he forgotten his stance upon Coyle leaving? If only Jon was a friend of the blessed agency too. I wouldn't take Simon Jordan's words to heart. Whenever a topic like this comes up on talkSPORT, where it is the fans vs owners, Jordan almost always takes the side of the owners. It isn't exclusive to Rovers. I have heard him do this numerous times with Newcastle, United, Everton, Sheff Wednesday, Chelsea and many others who have come on wanting their owners out. For example, he has called out United fans and the Glazers Out protests consistently by questioning what it is that the fans want. He often approaches this topic with lesser clubs than United with a "well, what do you realistically expect, you are x Football Club, fans have an entitlement, the owner has put in x amount, I can't see anybody else lining up to do that" tone and attitude. It's due to his own experience as a Club owner at Palace that he does not view fans wanting their owners out favourably.
  11. Has potential but not the man for this moment. Somebody will give him a chance somewhere though, you'd think. To be honest, I personally don't want any former Rovers' players or managers from before 2010 to walk in to this mess, only to be treated like crap by these tossers. Seen Duffer mentioned along with Hughes and Benni as manager, and Wilcox as DOF too. All of those guys were a part of a clean and honest Rovers setup and provided us with fantastic memories. They do not deserve to enter this circus operated by devious bastards and end up tarnishing the good memories that we have of them. No manager can succeed under this setup, imo. It's why I want our former favourites to stay away. I didn't want Henning Berg to come here either in 2012/13 for the same reason. He came here with honest intentions and was shat upon by clowns. He deserved better. I don't think any less of him as a Rovers player, it's just a shame that these idiots got the opportunity to mess him around. For any of the hierarchy thinking appointing a former player will quieten the unrest...dream on!
  12. I agree. It is a devious move to try and strike the first blow before any protests take off. The follow on from this is, we will likely now see days of Rovers fans being portrayed as being 'angry' and 'unreasonable' before any protest has even got going. Thus, the outside world will be conditioned in advance to see Rovers fans in a negative way. Then, if anything goes off against Newcastle protest wise, it will be us who get blamed for everything. "The players even had a meeting with them telling them to stop their protests and to back the team, but they didn't listen". "They did this with poor Steve Kean too". We are dealing with scum, no doubt about it.
  13. There hasn't. Watch them run with this narrative and agenda now though. 'The Rovers players have had to put up with constant booing. The anger of the fans has affected the team on the pitch. If the fans backed the team more, they might be further up the League. It's hard to pick up results in a toxic atmosphere'. It's coming. The slimy toerag has laid the groundwork for all of that with this stunt.
  14. This is a move right out of the Steve Kean playbook from the bastard that is Waggott. There's a reason why he is the CEO here. Don't fall for the 'Mowbray recommended him' tosh. A divide and conquer move whereby, once again, the press and everybody else is going to paint Rovers fans as being the bad guys. Exactly as it was in the Kean days. The FB/twitter brigade and all who blame fellow Rovers for our troubles will lap this up. The devious tossers behind this meeting knew exactly what they were doing. A ploy to take the heat off the owners and any resulting infighting amongst the fans, which is inevitable, is just an unfortunate coincidence. IMO, that clip of the meeting has been deliberately leaked and will be spun by the press, bots and plants to make it look like the "poor Rovers players had to reason with angry Rovers fans". This has been the enemy's strategy from day one. Make the fans look like the villains and everybody else inside the club the poor victims. As for the players that attended, they can all get stuffed!! I have zero respect left for them. They are lucky to be at this club at all and aren't a patch on real Rovers players that we have witnessed. Dom Hyam sitting there complaining about the atmosphere? How about you show some bollocks and stop yourself from crumbling when the play offs are in sight? Bit of pressure's on and you're shushing the Blackburn End? Eff off, you aren't my captain or centre back! I'm fuming with this shambles. If anybody was in any doubt as to what Waggott is about, this meeting should answer those doubts. This sits alongside any stunt that Steve Kean pulled. It's important all of us see this deflection tactic for what it is and make sure we keep the heat on the enemy. Waggott Out. Silvester Out. Venky's out.
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