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  1. You obviously forgot how we stole a victory off boro due to terrible refereeing. Also I'm pretty sure you said we would finish above boro at some point last season during a debate about Warnock's quality. How did that prediction pan out?
  2. I don't miss Steve Kean. If I never heard his name mentioned again it would be too soon.
  3. Course it will. As it did when Danny Graham left, so it will when AA goes.
  4. Reading those quotes, was there not a TV interview also with a reference about not having a dog despite dog food being in the background in his kitchen or did I just have a random dream 🤔
  5. I said that if he is still in charge a week after the season ends we are stuck with him. That time has now arrived and he is still here. In addition there have been numerous articles in the local press which suggest, without doubt, he will be here next season. @Paul Mani@oldjamfan1 how is it looking. Not having a go, just seeking comfort that maybe all hope is not lost and things may still be happening.
  6. I don't even know what to say. I don't even want to entertain the idea that that tosser will be in charge next season. But this inevitably confirms that he will be. What's the betting the new recruitment guy has boro/cov links.
  7. I'm sure I read he's had a bad run of injuries this season, so sounds like a proper Mowbray signing
  8. Dont forget Bennett. Unless he's getting a new deal 😳
  9. I only read it online when it's not behind a pay wall. Refuse point blank to spend any money on it, no matter how little. Until they start questioning the manager instead of sucking up to him, that's how it will remain. I do however think Sharpes hands are tied and it's his bosses to blame. His job would probably be on the line if he went rogue.
  10. Its glaze is it. Thank god for that, I thought they were just uncooked.
  11. A decent outside bet. I stuck a tenner at 25/1 on him getting Preston job though😂
  12. Is he staying? Is he going? Media suggest he will stay, some on here convinced he will be gone at season end. I was one of those but now I'm not so sure. If he isn't gone within the first week after the last game I'm resigning myself to another shit show and relegation next season. I think I should probably take a sabbatical from here as just seeing his name is winding me up at the moment.
  13. Is he out of contract? Posh will be in the championship next season so could be difficult to acquire.
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