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  1. Not seen the game today so can't comment but who will be dropped for Armstrong?
  2. Not at all. He's in a results based mood today.
  3. Agreed. I had us to win this and so important as I can't see another win for the rest of the month. That said, I've got to be honest I've not watched today, only seen the two deflected goals on soccer Saturday. But the way he chops and changes its unlikely this will be the team that starts the next game.
  4. Depends who's doing the buying. Mowbray spunked that amount on Gallagher
  5. Some of us have already for that reason. Took it at 100/1 but was 66 last I saw
  6. I think we may have had a bit of a result with Rotherham. They were just picking up some momentum and now they have a covid outbreak, with their next 2 fixtures postponed. This could compromise their run in, in an already clogged fixture list.
  7. Well not surprisingly the cricket has finished so the Venkys will be in a happy mood. Assuming they can watch Rovers from where they are, maybe a defeat at Millwall will put such a dampener on their day, they may feel inclined to act and fire Mowbray. I won't hold my breath.
  8. It's been a few days now since he left saying he hasn't got the energy. Wonder if he's managed to perk up enough to come and defend his latest bout of smarmy suck up bullshit.
  9. Be more interesting to see what they offer at the end of the month after the horrendous fixtures we have coming up.
  10. Same here mate. I only had a fiver though but I'm a lightweight so even with £500 I could be still be pissed for a week.
  11. Yep not a chance. I'd love to know what the odds on five wins from those fixtures will come out at!
  12. He won't even call his right back by name so he's hardly going to give two fucks about pasha or whatever the hell he's called
  13. 1 nil rovers. Lucky win, probably against 10 men. Tony will say we dominated no doubt and we've turned a corner. At least until the next game when it goes tits up again.
  14. I'm not sure the pressure is going to be off Bigdogg. Potentially, by the end of this month we will be well and truly in the shit. Then the pressure could be well and truly on and this lot haven't got the stomach for the battle I fear.
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