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  1. And why on earth would he want to return to Ewood?
  2. Now using the pitch as an excuse. TM it's time to go
  3. We have a mid table position achieved by a mid table squad under a mid table type Manager
  4. Dire first half. Boys v men. Bullied by a better side. Devoid of ideas. Losing the ball far too often. Travis and Johnson awful. Elliott below par. Dack running round like a headless chicken. Armstrong hardly in the game. Rothwell flattering to deceive again. No-one picking up Powell for the goal. Where were Lenihan and Branthwaite? Bit for the post and a brilliant save from Kaminski we'd be 3 nil down. Desparately disappointing.
  5. Going for goals early doors obviously. Let's hope it works! 🤕🤕🤕
  6. That was a dire performance from beginning to end. Hate the tippy tappy stuff we are playing. Sideways and back it goes. No penetration. Players looked disinterested today. TM running out of time; already run out of ideas. Still...we can concentrate on the league! 😤😤😤
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