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  1. Read his comments on the Rovers site. He is a manipulative git
  2. He is a prat to not acknowledge the traveling fans. Get rid!
  3. Back off, back off, back off and boom! More Mowbray sh1t
  4. Clarkson has been total sh1t. Butterworth not much better. They are dominating possession and look the more likely to score. Get Rothwell on for Clarkson at the beginning of the second half
  5. Gallagher is simply awful but every now and then he scores and Moggosaurus thinks I bought the club a gem there. Terrible tactics from minute one of the second half. Dropped off as usual; you could see what was coming. Mowbray is just too defensive in his thinking instead of going for the jugular when 2 nil up. He never learns. Another frustrating afternoon
  6. Just back from Chile. Jet lagged. TM will use him only if necessary. Probably at full back!!
  7. My mental health is fine thanks. I don't need to move on anywhere. All I was saying is I don't get why he manages to find his way into a Premiership team. No grudges here just honesty
  8. Not the right place, I know, but just watching Brighton v Arsenal. What a complete prat Duffy remains. How on earth he is a regular Premiership centre back is beyond me
  9. Mowbray the manager who tantalises us with the playoffs only to crush any remote hope of long term change by reverting to type. The dinosaur needs to go. Is it true he's off to India? If so, let's hope he gets the chop (more likely a contract extension!)
  10. Can't bring Butterworth on. He didn't make the squad!
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