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  1. seems the LT dont have permission from the club to ask for an interview Pasha Please take out
  2. Rich Sharpe I kindly request that you move heaven and earth to either :- a.) get an interview with Pasha b.) get a statement from the club on why he wont be interviewed and confirmation of his employment status at the club. Andy
  3. if it isnt deliberate then lets talk about ambition to get out of our current situation. All other bottom clubs changed manager with that aim...except us. Not even a murmour that it might be on the cards. Because it isnt. why was he hired? what were the precise criteria which made him the outstanding candidate ??? why is he not being held account for the poor results on the pitch and the league position??? It can only be that the decisions are not being made for football reasons. Therefore what are the reasons driving decision making? I am with Philip on this one
  4. Not wanting to start a debate but looking at the stadium plan seems the stage is where the Riverside once stood. Much more lucrative business hosting concerts to a full stadium than low league football to an empty one. Plus the fans don't moan and just love fried chicken.
  5. And I guessss that's y they calllll it the bluessss
  7. Quite funny really 18,000 go to see Elton each getting a free season ticket... Every match...today's attendance is 18,000 Biggest gates in League 1. Venky master plan...what protest?
  8. Hi, Andy here from the close proximity of Ewood Park. Been reading the posts on here for a while now. Just read a good post from Glen Mullen and decided to finally join up. I've been a season ticket holder in the Jack Walker upper Tier (now known as "no man's land"). Boycotting until HE is sacked (didn't renew). I will be at the next home game and thereafter WHEN he is sacked. I can't see Venky's going anywhere. I am a realist. I won't be a prolific poster (I have a job and a life) but I will post when I feel I can contribute to sensible discussion. KEAN OUT !!!
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