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  1. Didn't see much in Moran to suggest he'd have a decent prem career. Doesn't have much physicality, not particularly quick. Didn't seem to have the vision/ability of Harvey Elliott. Thought Khadra offered more in his spell here and he's not set the world alight. But then what do I know, I also thought Branthwaite was a proper clogger.
  2. We know our benevolent owners haven't transferred any money since November last year and that was to cover essential costs. No sign of them sending any more. We were told we had to generate transfer funds when they were actually putting money in. The budget will therefore be miniscule unless a chunk of money arrives from India.
  3. Funny how people see these things differently. To me it suggests that we have little to no money for the first team. Spending a little money and taking punts on promising kids on next to no salary - to develop - is much cheaper than buying first team champ players. We will just be throwing younger players into the first team each year ad- infinitum. We aren't following the Brentford model. We are now the equivalent of Crewe Alexander back in the day.
  4. I'm not convinced Szmodic will leave and if he does, it won't be anywhere near the £15 mil people throw about. My guess is Waggott will accept a bid of £5-6 mil in the last knockings of the transfer window. None of which will be invested.
  5. Not had a ST for 2 years now and only went to a handful of games last year. Would need an ambition that is above 'staying in the league' and some good, solid signings through the door before I'd consider a ST again - regardless of cost. Venkys leaving would get me back in a heartbeat though.
  6. Following positions and all need to be good enough to go straight into the first team. Keeper: Obviously. Defence: Carter is the only player I'd have in the back 4 LB - (Pickering would be good cover) RB - would have JRC back there but injury prone. Don't rate Brittain CB ( I'd flog Hyam) RW: Nobody currently good enough LW: As above Striker: As above So 7 players all good enough to start. The likes of Dolan/Hedges/Brittain/Gallagher/Pickering/Pears/ Sigurdson etc are bench/cover players at best. Not a chance we spend that kind of money.
  7. I wonder what sell on percentage we will owe Peterborough...
  8. Hats off to Ipswich. Just shows - a bit of investment and ambition when you get promoted and you ride the momentum. Never forgive Mowbray for that bollocks about needing to stabilise and not go for it.
  9. A very unexpected win. A team carried by one man. Take a bow Szmods. Now we sit back and see how Venkys/Maggot prepare us for relegation next season.
  10. Eustace is a very poor, bargain basement manager. I could live with his awful interviews if he looked like he was improving the side...but he isn't.
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