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  1. Let's see if he actually does anything at WBA. Kipre didn't set the world on fire.
  2. Absoloutely. That aside, the only focus from the club should be to get the decent lads we have signed up long term. Don't waste the money on loans, use it to up the contract offers.
  3. If he's now seen the 'bigger picture' stated in that article then he will absoloutely walk away on a free in 12 months.
  4. Think this advert, whilst browsing this thread, couldn't have put it better.
  5. I'm saying that it's a shame he doesn't have the moral decency to quit like Lambert did. Another black mark that he's prepared to accept it. I want him out of the club as soon as!
  6. I think most of us expected nothing would get invested in the team. Similar to Rhodes leaving. Shame Mowbray won't resign over it like Lambert.
  7. Barry Douglas isn't setting the bar very high. He was bloody awful 😂
  8. It's just people commenting on what was seen last night. Nobody has written him off. Is he quick? It would appear not. Did he get a bit of a roasting from their winger? Yes. He won't play against that quality every week but he will be up against quick wide players most weeks in the championship. If you sign a highly rated player from a lower league, there are usually some attributes that make you think 'he's got something' even if it's not the finished article. Judging from the 2 games he's started that's not apparent so far. The young lad Cirino had the pace to keep their winger in check. On last night's showing, he looked the better of the 2. As you say, early days though, he may turn out to be very solid and offer a decent output further up the field. Hopefully his 'leadership' qualities will also come through
  9. In a back three I would definitely play Magloire. Agree not technically the best, but he can tackle well and nobody is beating him for pace. Not arsed if he can't play it out from the back. Want a defender to defend.
  10. Which makes it even stranger why these young lads weren't given game time in the last couple of dead rubber games last season -rather than playing players who have since been released.
  11. Me too. I could very much get behind that. Not with Mowbray's crab football though. It's where we were In the 80s. We'd see enthusiasm and maximum effort each week from the young lads. All you want as a fan. The academy being the life line for Rovers post Jack was his biggest ambition. Maybe, just maybe.
  12. It was a decent performance. Leeds ran that second half though we were dogged. Think, similar to last season, we will be 'in' most games but lack of goals will cost us.
  13. Midfield seems to have disappeared this half. We have very little going forward. Defence and Kaminski done well so far though.
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