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  1. Now I read that as a kind of, 'despite the need to change, he stuck to his guns'. That stubbornness would have seen him sacked anywhere else. So he gives him a bit of credit for not changing his ideas - even though he should!
  2. Read the whole thing. Last part was based on accepting that Mowbray will remain. Which, for some reason beyond my comprehension, seems likely.
  3. Off on a bit of a random sidenote here... I know nothing about the lad who reports for Lancs Live - Jaquob Crooke - but have found his views and succinct reports enjoyable to read. https://www.lancs.live/sport/football/football-news/blackburn-rovers-season-review-campaign-20568207 He seems to have an exceptionally accurate handle on the whole situation. Written with a bit of flair as well. Streets ahead of anything that appears in the LT these days.
  4. Can't imagine Chapman will sign a new deal. He must be we'll fecked off with Mowbray.
  5. Johnson and Bennett are thick as thieves. If one stays, you can guarantee the other will. Both should be out the door.
  6. Has he gone yet? Every day he's here now is a day wasted.
  7. Nyambe is decent and could still improve as a right back, not a bloody wing back or whatever Mowbray does. The main clamour for Nyambe wasn't because he is amazing, it's because he is better there than Bennett - there wasn't anyone else who could play there till JRC hobbled up. It's a similar situation at Left back. This Pickering lad won't have to be amazing to look like a worldy there after Bell/Douglas.
  8. This is the most Mowbray result ever. Conceding 2 per game is his trademark. I hope to God it's his last.
  9. My gran would make a better number 9 than Brereton and she's been dead 30 years.
  10. I think initially it needed to be that way. Now though, there is no reason why we shouldn't proceed with normality once the Vax program finished.
  11. Agree with this. Vaccines up and running and we have a scientific community able to adapt them to different variants. Country needs to return to normal ASAP. People need to accept there may be some risk going forward, just like sunbathing/smoking may lead to cancer or bad diet to heart disease. By the end of summer, the risk of Covid will be mitigated as best it can. The younger generations have missed out on a lot this last year, they need their lives back. Won't be going back to Ewood though unless big changes. I am looking forward to getting to some August tests against Ind
  12. Resigning Downing anyway was a shocker. He'd gone at a decent level after Xmas 2020. Contributed absoloutely nothing this season. Another 'nothing' team selection. Play some kids FFS.
  13. I wouldn't waste your time. There seems to be a chunk of people, all around the country, who are simply too stupid to debate and process an argument. They will be the same people that think the earth is flat and that phone masts caused covid.
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