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  1. Very sad news indeed. Condolences to his family
  2. Just seen BBC newsflash. Shocked. Gary Speed has dies aged 42. No details as yet Very sad. Thoughts with hi sfamily
  3. Ages ago I bought a couple of tickets to see Micky Flanagan at King George's Hall on Thursday 3rd November 2011. Unfortunately my daughter goes into hospital next week so I will be unable to attend. I'm looking to sell the tickets at face value - £40 for the pair if anyone is interested. The show starts at 7-30pm and the tickets are in the raked stalls row N seats 8 and 9 - note, over 16's only. If anyone is interested drop me a PM to arrange... Ta
  4. I ride with a club. Tend to do endurance stuff rather than races - although I have tried the odd time trial - not really my bag though. Training speed tends to be 18-19mph average
  5. Nice one - just been on. If a cyclist rides past you smelling faintly of smoke, that'll be me....
  6. Definitely saw some Ribble Valley guys but can't remember where it was - we were 3 from North Cheshire Clarion in Blue with yellow and Black chequered arms
  7. Which club Paul - wondering if I may have seen you? Three of us were out yesterday - started in Barley then up Waddington Fell, over to Dunsop Bridge, Longridge, Clitheroe and back over the Nick o' Pendle to the Barley picnic site. Lovely route
  8. Done 7500 miles on my Boardman Team Carbon. Great bike for the money.
  9. If the gears are the same age as the bike they won't be indexed and therefore won't need setting up in the modern sense of the term. A bit of cleaning and lube should be enough. The chain looks like it's stretched so you may want to replace that (shouldn't be too expensive) or remove a link or two. A couple of tyres and tubes could be anything from £20 to £90 all-in depending on make and quality.
  10. That is a Presta valve and most road pumps will be suitable. The tyres look shot though so I'd suggest replacing them and the inner tubes at the same time. As for the bike, with a bit of TLC it will lovely. Retro is all the rage at the moment
  11. I've done thousands of miles using garmin, generally following routes I've picked out and plotted first. Quite the opposite to constraining you it gives you a massive amount of freedom to go and ride in places you haven't before with the confidence of not getting (too) lost. It is a bit quirky though!
  12. I hope the person is okay. Pretty shocking really. I wonder how long before the apologists are on here - just a bit of fun, just young lads, just the beer?
  13. I got a copy of this book as a gift some years ago when i already had it and must have forgotten about it at the time. Anyway, one clear-out later and I have a spare copy which is free to the first person who drops me a PM. If you live outside the UK I may have to ask you for postage depending how much it is. Anyway, it's a 2003 edition of Blackburn Rovers A Football Odyssey by Frank Burns like this
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