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  1. Give over Gav. Just because you don't agree, doesn't mean someone is winding you up. This reply isn't aimed entirely at you, I just want to get my opinion out there: Currently, the imposition of a highly restrictive social credit system is going full steam ahead (under the thinly-veiled guise of an app that gives you the freedom of the city because it tells you you've had some jabs, rather than you aren't actually infectious to people). Please have a look for yourself what other info that app is going to hold on whoever downloads it. I'm sure it's pure coincidence that it is being forced on us just after the NHS have now been allowed to sell on our medical records from June onwards. Anyway, in our lifetimes, we have never been under such tight restrictions. Many orders were and still are absolutely devoid of a scientific base (hence why some were able to be removed via the High Court) and this useless lot have continually played cat and mouse with the public - which is all paint by numbers behavioural psychology. Many of the expendable puppets 'in power' are loving it...especially when they don't have to abide by their rules themselves and now write in exceptions for themselves at every opportunity! With respect Gav, I'm amazed you are such a staunch apologist for their lies and failings. Also that you are currently so pro extending restrictions and mandating masks etc. By all means though, you make your own choices based off your own experience but (purely based on your passion in the Venky takeover posts and telling people to get on the pitch etc.) I hope you don't mind me saying, I had you down as having some real fight about you. I honestly thought you'd see the predictability, faults and contradictions in all of this and was surprised when I'd logged back on after a year or so that you and some of the older, more passionately opinionated people weren't kicking up a fuss (in hindsight). It's quite the opposite in fact. Regardless, we are hurtling towards a highly discriminative world, based on rules, restrictions and rewards for what are undoubtedly, very basic human rights. Although there is a nasty illness out there (I don't deny that - I have family members who have worked on the designated wards), as I predicted/feared in March 20, I feel that the powers that be are taking advantage of this situation. But people who have been hoodwinked and filled with 24hr a day TV, Internet and radio fear, are now DEMANDING incredibly discriminatory rules and restrictions via a 'Health Passport' that is being forced worldwide! Once it is here, it simply won't go away in our children's lifetimes, if ever. No doubt about it either, it won't just be for this current illness and it won't just be to attend nightclubs and concerts. My one hope is that passive people consider that they might be very badly wrong about a lot of this. They need to step back from the news, open their eyes and ears fast and be extremely careful what they are wishing for. They need to think about the rights they are giving up for themselves, their children and grandchildren and consider how their lives will be. It really is a one way ticket.
  2. He's the kind of player we need. A busy, annoying little sod who gives his all.
  3. This is the same with Travis, isn't it? I don't blame them. I've had enough of their tinkering, gutless attitude, poor defensive set up and pratting about in their own half style. Last season was the biggest missed opportunity since we had Bowyer in charge of a very decent squad. Now, we are eleven players down.
  4. This current crop of tories have absolutely loved imposing nonsensical and contradictory restrictions. Whether that be Boris, Patel, Hancock etc. They've loved the limelight as much as they've loved the power. We even have plenty of people on here courting them and asking for more, longer restrictions - whether they have a positive impact, or even a scientific basis or not.
  5. Schools are a driving force but I think it's much more simple. Far less tests were being taken because children aren't having 2x tests a week to simply attend school. Also, at one point last week, they had run out of postal tests. Less tests taken = less potential positives. Regarding tests, this week the CDC have suggested that the PCR test is highly flawed and it cannot differentiate between covid and influenza. They are withdrawing it from use in December and seeking a more accurate replacement. With that being the gold standard for everything imposed upon people over the last 16 months, it should worry people and open their eyes to the validity of the high figures that have been forced upon them in order to press ahead with imposing restrictions.
  6. Yes. That is also shared by Sage and JVT. It's a very simple equation/scenario. Most people who will die of anything are the elderly and sick. Most people double vaccinated are the elderly and sick (and now that is filtering down). Most people who will continue to die in times other than war - are the elderly and sick.
  7. Come on, seriously? That is an absolutely ridiculous statistic. The only way that could be remotely factual would be if it was taken in a place where only a few hundred have been vaccinated/roll-out had just begun. It certainly doesn't match our very own available stats here where the deaths mainly occur in the double jabbed, then single and finally un-jabbed. Main reason being, it cascades down in age and order of distribution. **Interesting too that both states they focus on are Texas and Florida. The monthly death figures shown don't remotely match and their get out phrase is they are preliminary figures that aren't ratified. Coincidence that it's an assassination piece on the two states whose governors stood firm, didn't mandate masks and enforce lockdowns. All with no adverse result.
  8. Oh look, Boris has lied again. The predictable 'One way ticket to freedom' backtracking shock. The man has zero integrity. At his absolute best, he is inept - as are his cronies. No wonder he doesn't want a public enquiry until it's way too late. Forcing/coercing experimental procedures onto people is a crime against humanity.
  9. He should follow the same stupid rules he has enforced.
  10. We desperately need height, strength and experience. (I'm surprised we gave Johnson another year, he looked leggy in most games.) With Armstrong going and Elliot gone, that's a lot of goals and creativity for a team with a soft belly to muster up. I'm not a Mowbray fan and I totally expect a relegation battle this season. With 40% profit going to St James' Park, I hope we can get as many decent players in as part-ex for Armstrong.
  11. Is anyone aware of what the direct debit surcharges are? I can see 8 month and 10 month option but no mention of cost. Considering it's claim your seat deadline on the 28th, this has been an appalling showing by the club.
  12. Pick apart what I said would happen before lockdown Gav (Page 45/46). You've even been afforded the gift of hindsight now, which I never had...so that should be easy. It's all well and good calling people idiots, but six months down the line the facts are there and they support the likes of me, not the like of Joey Big Nose and Jackanory etc. who called me out. The majority has already happened, I don't doubt the rest will...and more. Why? Because it's so bloody predictable. So here we are now, subjected to countless, ridiculous laws, absolute contradictory bollocks, £10,000 fines for family gatherings, human rights breaches, £200+ fines for not wearing a pointless bit of old cloth or for sneakily checking on your parents. It is isn't mismanagement or trial and error. It is simply control by fear. Control through fining. Control through confusion. Dividing, conquering and demoralising. Nothing to do with controlling a virus and creating the world's only ever viable vaccine for a coronavirus (Why don't they just knock us one up for the rhinovirus whilst they are at it?). The permanent social change and longterm economic disaster that I said would happen, is taking hold - to be honest, it's barely even got going. Businesses will permanently shut in their droves. Places of leisure, will permanently shut. Professional football clubs will fold (possibly our own) and people will be permanently forced apart. But hey, we're the idiots because we noticed that the tv and politicians often tell fibs and thought best to do some research. We don't fit in because we're not the ones hanging on the words of Boris and that pathetic cretin Hancock. And that somehow makes us delusional. OK. I'll be honest, going off your stance regarding the darkest days of the Venkys, I honestly thought you'd be one in uproar. Possibly even rallying the troops against all this utter nonsense that we've through over the last 6 months.
  13. I don't know how things have panned out on here or which stance people have taken (including Bohinen22) but what are your thoughts on the death figures? Accurate or purposely packaged in a manner to increase the apparent severity of the virus? Personally, I favour the latter. A lot of effort has gone in to designate as many deaths as possible to this virus. That shouldn't be necessary at all. Regarding the cock up. Do you agree with the treatment of the elderly in care homes? Is it a shock that so many died when they were locked up, amongst the infected (who weren't allowed out or welcome in hospital) and denied basic treatment, other than what the women who work there gave them? I think that is disgusting and people aren't aware of what actually went on in those environments. It wasn't a cock up imo and those poor workers will speak out eventually - they won't get the limelight though. Now, we are the start of round two. Will we see a repeat of these 'mistakes'? Absolutely we will. Not only that, families are kept at arms length from the word go, to 'protect' them.
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