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  1. Mark Hughes won nothing as our manager, but i'd consider his tenure a success, wouldn't you?
  2. Yeah Rovers have looked after the youth, and young adults. Nobody can fault that. They needed to do more with Adults though in my opinion. £299 vs £349 isn't loads (£50 x lets say 4k adult season tickets = £200k), but would make far more of a statement to shout about. £249 would be the cheapest in the league and would cost less than £500k and we could really go big at that. I'd have liked to see maybe a 'services ST' too - NHS, Military, Police, Fire etc. same price as a young adult or senior. My biggest gripe though as it has been for years is marketing. We're (we all know who) is just lazy now. We need to be pushing in the outskirts of Blackburn like we used to, in the schools, running offers, door to door etc. The opportunity was obviously in prior years though when Mowbray / JDT had us as close to the playoffs as we've been since dropping.
  3. There are small differences in age brackets so it's hard for a direct comparison. a few differences in the image below. The short of it is.....If you're an Adult or aged 0-10 or 18 years old then you're getting a cracking deal at PNE.....if you're a Senior, aged 19-22 or 11-17 then you're getting stung a bit at PNE. e.g. 2 adults with 2 0-10 year olds is £156 cheaper at PNE than Rovers but if you're 1 Senior, 1 Adult, 1 12-17 Year old then you're paying £167 more at PNE. Disclaimer: these are early bird prices, not sure if PNE prices go up too.
  4. I think i've just discovered something that completely sums up the useless shower at our place. 1) I googled "Blackburn Rovers Season Tickets" 2) Top suggestion 2023-24 Season Tickets 3) Click in link and still links correctly to last seasons tickets, details, prices with the url https://www.rovers.co.uk/tickets/season-tickets/ I assume we have no SEO specialists in our ranks, but even just keeping the website in order is falling in the muck.
  5. At Rovers? I'd take him in a heartbeat - take a look at our appointments since Allardyce and wobble your head.
  6. 😂 give me the Chadster every day over the transfer rumour frauds.
  7. If the young lad goes to Newcastle it will leave a real bitter taste in the mouth. Even Phillips at least signed a contract which netted us a few million and we were done over there too. He’s looks a messiah compared to this. If he does leave, I’d wish nothing but the worst for his career anyway. Shocking loyalty to the club that has developed you.
  8. I think it’s a minority holding? Not 100% sure though and it probably muddies the water. What I can imagine happening is RB Leipzig and all the others sign players (let’s say Kalvin Phillips), pay him his high wages, then loan him to Leeds. Basically what Watford were doing with Udinese a few years back.
  9. Galatasaray would be interesting. Maybe he could learn from Gyokeres who left the Championship to have a stellar season abroad and will likely get another big move now. Szmodics might be put off though that this will be his last big contract at 29, so might want to stay local like you say.
  10. It really isn't that bad of a mess. They owe something £73m this year and that doesn't include Adams and Sinisterra, so around £30m which they'll get + more for Summerville. Add to the fact they have Gnonto + Rutter they have plenty of assets, there will not be anywhere near a firesale. They've also just signed a £200m deal with Red Bull over 3 years. Compare that to our lot who just look for the nearest company down the road. 49ers pretty much own the club now (I think) and will finance anything they need without looking. Likewise, do you think they'll be selling Archie Gray to the 1st bidder like we did with Wharton? There's one place where it's a mess, and it's Ewood Park.
  11. From what I read that's a bit of a clickbait headline to it. Doesn't include Adams and Sinisterra fees and only a certain amount is due this year (i've not gone into too much detail into it to be honest though). Then they have plenty of other assets to sell (I'd imagine some of Summerville, Gnotto, Rutter will be off). Just signed a ridiculous commercial deal with Red Bull (though not sure how much of that can go towards FFP and into transfers). Overall, they'll definitely be able to spend this year, and we'll be selling Szmodics well under our valuation (see Adam Wharton). I wouldn't be surprised if £8m got you to the table with Waggott.
  12. 12k should be our bare minimum, 15k should be our target. We'd average 20k a season then which is what a club and town our size in the 2nd tier should be doing really as a minimum. We'll limp to 8k - 9k I'd imagine, will still be surprised if it even surpasses last season.
  13. My guess at the moment would be Leeds. Not convinced a premier league team comes in for him (maybe Ipswich), but a decent pay rise, title favourites and not having to move house would be enough to tempt him.
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