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  1. Yep they just flashed up the next 6 games and Swansea, Norwich and Brentford are in there.
  2. Tony is looking a lot more animated tonight. Wonder if he has been told it’s last chance saloon (wishful thinking and I know very unlikely)
  3. This ref has had a few stinkers for us before I think. The name seems familiar, Ward
  4. He had Lenihan available through all his touches. No excuses at all, fully his fault. Looking for a ‘fancier’ pass to play.
  5. He’ll be in the changing rooms now trying to clean the ink off himself after the pen burst in his mouth
  6. Have Tony’s knees packed in? He’s actually giving some sort of instructions (or at least shouting at them) for a change, but still from his seat. 2am in Pune, assume everyone will be tucked up.
  7. Shocking stuff from Elliott. The Premier League overlords won’t be happy with our loanees performance there.
  8. Trybull is comfortably the best holding midfielder in our squad. We look a lot better in the middle without Travis (the unfit Travis since his return)
  9. But it’s selective reasoning - look at how many failed seasons Hughes has had. You use it against one manager but blissfully ignore it for others. Saints were in the relegation zone when they potted Hughes, I know which would be considered more of a flop season between that and Huddersfield. “two relegations and one lucky season” - again selective, firstly he got them promoted and then kept them up for a season and I could just spin that as promotion, safety and 2 unlucky seasons. Not sure what you’re even on about regarding his cohones, getting sacked once and leaving by mutual co
  10. You’ve contradicted yourself a little here...or does that statement only count for Mark Hughes and Gordon Strachan (I believe with Mulgrew as assistant) that you suggested... Hughes win rates of 18.5% at Southampton, and 23.5% at QPR Strachan, well he was 20th in this league in his last domestic role with one of the favourite for the league and then failed to qualify Scotland for a tournament in 3 attempts (one Euros they increased the size of qualifying teams too) Hypothetically, Ismael takes Barnsley up to the Premier League against all odds, and keeps them up for a seaso
  11. The bloke took Huddersfield up to the Premier League and kept them up for a season. It would be the equivalent to Barnsley doing that now with Ismael. Huddersfield had come 19th, 17th, 16th and 19th in the 4 seasons prior and before that 9 straight seasons in the 3rd tier. Add in working in the Bundesliga and a product of a Dortmund development system, personally he’d be an outrageous upgrade and I’d be delighted. Far, far superior to the merry-go-round of unimaginative failures I’ve seen suggested like Monk or Rowett
  12. “Expecting a win tonight was unrealistic. They are better then us. Yes it’s been bad lately, but this isn’t a defining game. Dont beat Coventry then yes serious issues” Wood26 after the Watford defeat. Looking forward to hearing his thoughts on this now he’s admitted ‘serious issues’
  13. Ismael working absolute wonders for Barnsley. Fair play to all involved. Still hear “But who would we get that’s better than Mowbray” from a decent amount of our fans. 4 years is a long time, but it’s not long enough for me to remember he was L1 when we got him (L2 the year before?), and that nobody was bloody delighted at the time, wasn’t on a single wish list in the Coyle Successor thread.
  14. Watford had only scored more than 1 in an away game once all season and slotted 3 in past our badly organised side. In fact they’d only scored 8 away goals all season in 16 games! Give us a good manager and we compete. Plenty of other teams are with fewer resources to us.
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