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  1. What? We were shocking until the goal, set up was terrible and the Buckley sub was so bad he subbed him again. I’ll give you that the 3 subs of Dack, Gallagher and Brereton were good though. Looked more in control then - though could have been as Boro lost it after conceding.
  2. We looked awful until the goal, not sure if it was the stuffing knocked out of them, or the subs we made. Should have been a red and a penalty. The starting line up was completely wrong as was the Buckley sub. I just don’t understand what goes through his head at times. Kaminski - Such a great signing. Another strong performance. MOTM for me Branthwaite - Should have been a red and penalty. Hopefully he puts it behind him and the clean sheet breeds confidence. Buckley - Well off the pace, he should have been the 4th choice sub after Brereton (move Rothwell), Dack and Trybu
  3. Take it round the keeper! He did the same in a match earlier in the season
  4. Shocking defending for the Rothwell run, but great play from Elliott and Armstrong.
  5. Well about 30 seconds later you posted that our tactics are to wait for the magic from him or Elliott.
  6. Rothwell would comfortably. Just not as a left winger / left forward. It’s classic Mowbray - throw players all over the show as long as they’re not in their natural position
  7. Yeah exactly. Absolutely nothing in midfield (one of the reasons I think our 433 doesn’t work - as well as how exposed our full backs are defensively)
  8. This team is relegation fodder with the exception of the front 3 and Kaminski
  9. So 4-3-3 allegedly suits Armstrong and Elliott, what about the other 9 players? Because we look worse in defence and midfield, and we’ve certainly not improved as a team year on year, or year on 2year. This is despite loaning what you’re calling our best / 2nd best player as well as improving at GK and not selling anybody. When I weigh up the pros and cons I see more benefit to a 4231 than a 433 with our current team and I think the last 3 years show that, despite spending more money, not selling anyone, getting in players on loan we’re regressing in the league on previous years. If yo
  10. Live on Sky in the middle of a transfer window.... 10 shots for Armstrong and a 1-0 Rovers defeat.
  11. He actually looks like he’s falling asleep sat down there. I just can’t support this anymore. It’s turgid stuff and I’ve seen nothing over the last 10 games that can prove otherwise.
  12. This pitch is as bad as what I saw at Chorley earlier. Elliott is a mile ahead of the rest. Mowbray really is running out of excuses. 2nd week of January and we’re 11th in the league, out of one cup and heading out of the other at first attempt to a lower league team.
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