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  1. He’s a complete moron, an overpaid moron, and an unbelievably thick moron. In the article he bangs on about bringing everything back to the season ticket: “We’ve tried to make it so that the season ticket prices are what we base everything on” Only 3 clubs in the league have a more expensive base ST in the league (see article below). Yet he’s claiming this is as affordable as possible. What do we get in return… 1) The pitch is a shambles 2) The stadium is a complete mess 3) Shit food, shit pints, with no changes or innovation in match day experience 4) Ridiculously expensive walk on prices and most importantly: 5) A depleted squad with barely a penny spent, and shocking shocking quality value for money. https://www.football365.com/news/championship-st-prices-ranked-from-cheapest-to-most-expensive Been through it all so many times before, looking at how many extra fans you’d need to justify £100 drop etc. Along with the endless things they could do to improve match day. Yet every year it’s £400 and flat lager (if you queue on 25 mins you might get it)…fill your boots.
  2. Thank god. The two subs have made a hell of a change. Certainly showing up the lack of urgency from Buckley and Clarkson. Ayala is comfortably player of the season so far, praying he stays fit.
  3. Can’t see it myself, albeit I’ve not seen much of him. Looks like a kid, compared to Elliott who came and dominated games for us. I gave him a bit of a slagging last season but feels like a game where Bradley Johnson would help get control in the middle. We just have a load of lightweight players in midfield now.
  4. We’re getting overrun by a Richie Smallwood midfield. A good manager gets so much more out of Nyambe, Travis, Rothwell. Depressing seeing another season unfold like this knowing nothing will change. Just hope there are 3 teams worse than us.
  5. Agree, he doesn’t seem to have the bite, but look who he has around him. Our midfield is non-existent.
  6. I’ve seen better first touches down at Chorley than most of this lot. Utterly appalling. I’ve don’t think I’ve seen Brereton control it in under 3 touches.
  7. History states otherwise (albeit not quite 6 in a row)….
  8. Can any of our Irish supporters shed any light as to whether iFollow is available over there as part of the overseas package? I assume so, and maybe just excludes sky sports matches
  9. Ah yes of course, I took his word for the example. Still need £15.5m to get the £10m which I'm not sure we'd get.
  10. I agree to a certain extent, but everyone has a price. The issue for me is that it's criminal that we're back in FFP trouble where we see nothing in terms of reinvestment for our assets. We went down to L1, stripped the club of our quality players and rebuilt, but somehow we're back here again haemorrhaging money, in just a few years. In a parallel universe where we're well-run and managed I'd be delighted at blue-balling some premier league team to get more for Armstrong, knowing we'll invest the £Xmillion shrewdly (ala Brentford for god knows how many season). Like you say, is it even worth it when we'll just pick up a free transfer replacement and our costs vs income still remain in a terrible place.
  11. I believe 60% of profit means we also get the £1.75m as whole. i.e in your example 60% of £8.25m = £6.3m + £1.75m = £8.05m. For £10m net we'd need to sell for £15.5m total. (We get £10m and Newcastle get £5.5m)
  12. Wonder if N’golo had ripped jeans back in 2013
  13. Winning 5-1 and only 8 pages here. Says it all really, interest has dropped. Season ticket sales are going to be awful.
  14. Exactly this. European Cup as a knockout for the winners of each league. This way it stays fresher. Previous winners is a nice idea too. Just stop all this Top 4 nonsense ideally. I’d also bring back the Cup Winners Cup (essentially what you’ve suggested as Europa), to put more emphasis on the FA Cup and offer up to 30 odd teams a chance at European Football. Obviously neither of these structures would generate money to current level let alone ‘super league’ levels so not got a chance of any interest. I’d also bin off International friendlies while we’re at it. International matches should be the pinnacle of the game but it’s too diluted currently
  15. The International ban makes me think of Rugby Union and how England players can only be picked if they played in England e.g. Wilkinson / Armitage at Toulon were not eligible. I'm not sure if this is still the case mind you. This changes country to country though and is implemented by that nations federation (in order to keep their league strong). Hopefully something similar comes into play, if not from Fifa, then independently from the FA (fat chance on the latter)
  16. I spent the day seeing a friend who had their first born during lockdown, with rules easing it meant we could meet outside and it was a great day. The Rovers match didn’t even cross my mind and I didn’t actually check the result until 7pm and when I did it didn’t even surprise me. I’m upset it’s got this far and I don’t really remember feeling like this since Kean. It may just be that we have nothing to play for this season (now), but I think it’s more to do with how we’ve surpassed the peak of this management (last season) and we’re now on a downward spiral. If you compared the last 10 years to the Covid graphs... Sam Alladyce: Feb 2020 it’s all good here carry on as normal Steve Kean: May 2020 oh fuck Paul Lambert: Aug 20 eat out to help out (are things getting back to normal?) - spoiler no this fecked up too Owen Coyle: Dec 20 here we fecking go again Tony Mowbray ? There actually has been more spikes and dips in Rovers last 10 years than Covid that I can’t add the Mowbray dip to this rubbish analogy. I’ll have a flick through the thread tomorrow to see the general feel but don’t imagine it’ll be good reading.
  17. The complete opposite ends of the spectrum of manager appointments with Ismael and Woodgate. Bournemouth have had a shocker.
  18. Sell Armstrong instead? Then get rid of Evans and Johnson off our books. Ideally get rid of Gallagher and Ayalas wages too but nobody is taking them.
  19. Really gets on my goat when fans of teams in the prem complain about VAR. If you forced them to watch a few championship matches I’m sure they’d be won around in no time. The refs are incompetent. Without doubt both of those are awarded if reviewed.
  20. I’m glad I missed the 1st half by the sounds of it we were awful. Feel like I say it every week but the level of refereeing in this league is abysmal. 2 penalties that VAR gives for us.
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