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  1. Maybe Tony playing to the media acting innocent so when the sack comes he can fight for his payoff and look the angel he is in front of the media eyes
  2. So chelsea fans did a protest other day...is it time we had a social distanced one? Will deffo put the fear in the stooges?
  3. Same old idiot manager...gallagher dint cover the overlap and elliott did not cover his....stupid twat of a manager
  4. Not being funny chaddy but you supported all his signings even gallagher playing wide saying his still playing as a wide striker
  5. Honestly i think this result will keep TM in his job
  6. A player eill know he can give his best but might be back on bench the next game what is the bloody point
  7. So drop in form buckley and dolan yes well done genius then expects them to keep their form up..same happended to Rothwell
  8. I really have lost all interest just want season to end...thanks Mowbray!!!!
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