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  1. The producer / director must be a Rovers fan! Watched it last night! Class! "Who the F### likes Burnley anyway?"
  2. Nope, and not the one where's he's stuck going through a barn door neither.
  3. Just checked my Facebook earlier, and on the "People you might know" in the right column on my homepage guess who's face popped up today?! Benni Mac! How did facebook find that reference that I might know him? Don't even have any friends in common (looked at his profile and friends and it looked genuine) ...anyway to keep on topic....his profile picture must be well old as he didn't look that fat
  4. The most respected man in English football. RIP Sir Bobby, you will always be remembered.
  5. I'm sure a fair few people on here will be delighted with the story that runs in Norway's most selling tabloid, VG, tonight. Gamst is apparently in line for a massive £50k a week contract! Earlier it has been rumoured that his new contract would be on around £45k a week, but since he has attracted interest from other clubs the salary is likely to be on £50k/week for his new contract without a release clause. All this numbers are in according to the big Norwegian tv channel TV2. Apparently he's on £35k/week at the moment. So how much are Rovers going to offer Bentley then? Surely you can't say that £60k is too much anymore
  6. Well I must admit I didn't see your recommendation before after Valentine's day, but I'll give you some credit anyway. One of my coursemates favourite restaurant so we're going there for his 21st in a couple of weeks I think, he's paying the wine bill. Get in
  7. We went to Chaophraya, absolutely amazing food. Well worth a visit if you like Thai food!
  8. maybe his car is stationed in a garage there, I've heard rumours about a few car breakdowns. Still 'the purple penetrator'?
  9. Have been at the one in piccadilly gardens a couple of times and the food, service and look of the place was good. There is another Bella Italia in the street Deansgate which also serves good food at decent prices. Here's a link to Bella Italia Deansgate San Carlo as I asked about in my first post is also a Italian (I love the italian food), and think from reading reviews online the prices on main courses might be around £16. Heard about a thai restaurant called Chaophraya from a friend which is supposed to be good. Got some very good reviews as well, and the prices are not bad at all. Their menues and prices is on teir website here. Thanks for the recommandations so far, keep 'em coming!
  10. Me and my girlfriend are considering which restaurant to go to for Valentines day, and one of the restaurants we've talked about is San Carlo in Manchester. Have heard that it is supposed to be good, but after reading reviews on the internet I'm not sure what to think. The reviews of the place are mixed, some says its amazing whilst other says its awful. Nothing in between. But a lot of celebs are going there aren't they, so it can't be that bad? Or are they just treating big paying customers better other people? Anyone know anything how the prices are like? Some restaurants I like in Manchester is: - Kro2, Oxford Road: Nice food, nice place, decent prices. - Cafe Rouge, Printworks: Really nice food, nice staff and decent prices. - Moso Moso, Oxford Road: Thai/Chinese food. Amazing food, a bit pricey but worth it! Banquet B is recommended (btw do NOT try the spicy soup as a starter, unless you want to be thirsty of course ) - Bella Italia, Deansgate and Picadilly gardens: Nice food and decent prices.
  11. well since Gamst ex-girlfriend was Miss Norway a few years back, and his current girlfriend was one of the candidates for Miss Norway last year, I reckon he does alright on that front.
  12. He's not with her anymore. Although I think his current girlfriend was in the Miss Norway competition last year or something, so I suppose you are right to be jealous.
  13. I would love to experience a proper Rovers - dingles derby sometime. Hopefully we'll get them in either of the domestic cups in next couple of years, preferably in the FA cup this season on our march to wembley
  14. that vital football website don't have a clue, seems like they don't realise its an international break and all the other Rovers internationals will be away as well.
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