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  1. Cryer tweeted earlier that he could be off to Bristol City on loan
  2. Another one we tried for the 1st time this weekend - The Villa in Clitheroe.... on the main road on your way from Blackburn, so very easy to find. Italian Cuisine, very good standard and decent prices too.... £45 for 2, with Main, starters & drinks.
  3. Mellor one. No 1 restaurant in bburn on trip advisor
  4. Fielden Arms last night - very good, and very reasonable prices. Millstone still slightly better than it though in my opinion.
  5. Went to the Millstone at Mellor the other week - top notch.....very busy but good quality!
  6. Man on a ledge - quite a good film, not as straight forward as it looked on the trailer where you would think its just another phonebooth
  7. I remember that the entire stadium was packed....Way over capacity too, all the stairwells were full of people too. Cant remember the game though
  8. From what iv been told You & Yu is seriously over-rated!
  9. Love Sandler films for abit of light humour, his ideas are wacky! Ha Watched his new one on sky movies over weekend.
  10. Anyone been to the RAJ yet? (The Moorings)
  11. Yeah little lad went to Wilfreds and was being bullied. No doubt he saw what Speed did and thought about the same......just goes to show they should think how their actions can affect others. RIP little lad
  12. Name is Chris – Username on here is Hughesy and also can be found on twitter as Hughesy84 Bio style....... Fav Food – Italian Fav TV Show’s – Dragons Den, Apprentice, Grand Designs, Shameless & Eastenders Fav Film – 8 Mile & Get Rich or die trying Idol – My Grandad (RIP) and Eminem Fav quotes – “The best way to predict your future, is to create it” Been a member on this site for about 9 years or so now and im one of the more positive posters, although that’s difficult at the moment with the doom and gloom around. We badly need results!!! Work in Local Government in an I.T/ statistical type role, using SQL and PL/SQL, building data warehouses and designing data models in Oracle Business Intelligence. I help run Blackburn Eagles U13’s teams, and will soon be doing my coaching badges, and from next season probably taking my own team at a lower age group. So get in touch if any of your lads are looking for a team. Football is my number 1 hobby – weather watching it from my seat in N02 (Season Ticket holder of 17 seasons now), talking about it, watching it on the TV, coaching it or talking on here about it! Love my family and everything it represents. Spare time I like to go on holidays, im pretty advanced at Skiing and usually go to Austria most winters. I like to play console games (Blueblood84 on PSN), socialise with friends, and like to eat and drink out and about as much as possible. I have many other hobbies, but we will be here all day.
  13. Gauranteed he wont be able to, he will of got some compo based on that too!
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