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  1. Hopefully this will be a fitting climax to what has been a very enjoyable WC. Come on Croatia!
  2. Maddison to Rovers and Marriott to Leeds. Nixon exclusive tomorrow.
  3. He has a release clause which is apparently £2.5m. It isn't Leeds.
  4. Where was that? Its not on his twitter. All he has said is one club has made three bids for Marriott in last week and a team that wasnt in the Championship last year has met the release clause for Maddison but are trying to pay it in installments instead of upfront. So it wasn't Leeds.
  5. Mulgrew made a dumb mistake yesterday. He made a couple last season. Every player does. That doesn't make them dumb footballers. A silly generalisation.
  6. Anyone going on from here? I can't decide although I know a few Rovers who don't normally go to Ewood who have bought a ticket.
  7. Shameless. You were wrong about his pace so now you're trying a different tack.
  8. I think it's the same club. He would have been straight on twitter to announce otherwise. Us or WBA would be my guess but as I exclusively revealed on here it's likely to be us if we are trying to get them to agree to a 100 year repayment plan.
  9. Maddison not on Posh Portugal trip. Chairman on twitter saying Championship club still working on deal for him so Maddison has stayed in England. It must be close whoever it is (Us, Rotherham, Stoke, Swansea or WBA)
  10. @chaddyrovers Mowbray said that the new scouting system would start to bear fruit this summer. It hasn't yet. Your comments about the length of time it takes to set up a scouting system are therefore meaningless and out of context. But thanks for the heads up.
  11. 2 loans and 2 permanents still to come in. No reason why Gally won't be coming here on loan. He is the kind of decent character that Mowbray likes. Agree we should be looking at permanents but we don't have the money to sign the likes of Gally and pay his wages. That's why Mowbray's permanents are coming from league 1 and the City youth team...a d those 2 cost close to £1m in total.
  12. He was quick. A big powerful runner. He was also good in the air as his goal against Bristol City showed.
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