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  1. im on my last legs now - i cant deal wth much more. Gonna go play tennis or something instead.
  2. Proofreading fees would be astronomical - its a no from me.
  3. Welcome back Chaddy, even you can see there is nothing to be positive about?
  4. Seriously, ill be done for good if the training ground is sold off. Enough!
  5. Same manager, a much depleted squad, and seemingly nobody of quality coming in. We're basically praying there are 3 worse teams. Cant wait for this season to start 🙄
  6. Wouldn't that really sum up TMs tenure. Signs a kid for a huge sum of money, never really gets anything out of him, and then he walks away for free at the end of his contract. All that money wasted.
  7. He barely played though - so not sure that excuse washes. The PL where he previously excelled, is not as physcial and he still only played twice in two seasons. I think a lot of it is mental. Suffered a serious injury and was scared of it happening again. Tried to convert himself as a CB to get away from midfield.
  8. I see Jack Rodwell is available again after making 2 appearances in 2 years at Sheff Utd...
  9. Probably end up bringing Stewart Downing back at this rate.
  10. Nah, will be a bench warmer there, I guarantee. Not a bad player to have as a squad filler - if we signed him he would be heralded as a marquee signing.
  11. I watched the extended highlights from last nights game which was released by leads. No lie, there were more comments from BB fans than there were Leeds fans. All very surreal this fandom, for a player yet to really do much in his career. pepsi sponsorships and the lot lol. If I was in the squad, id be checking my bloodline to see if I could qualify for Ecuador or somewhere.
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