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  1. We'd get on sky alot and have 17 loans from Chelsea. He couldn't get promoted with the likes of Mount last time in the Championship.
  2. Understand the point and Gayle might edge being better simply because he has 20+ goals in his previous 2 seasons at this level and a bit of PL experience. That said, he never got as high as 29 goals, and is now 31. AA is a good age, though untested at PL level, offers potential resale value, scope to improve, and they already have us over a barrell thanks to a 40% sellon clause.
  3. WANK My end of term report. Not even read a single post on the topic.
  4. Gayle in his last two Championship seasons, picked up similar numbers achieved by AA this season. Actually seem very similar players, small, lightning quick, etc. But Gayle has never really managed to perform in the PL and I believe the same will be the case for AA.
  5. Only 25 but has played for 9 clubs already. Plus, he is related to Jason Steele.
  6. With that neck tattoo, no chance TM is signing him. Besides, Peterborough always want a king's ransom for their players.
  7. I remember when Travis was a young player that only wanted to drive forward from midfield. Now, his career has possibly been ruined by this current setup. Been 'moybrayed' is definitely a word.
  8. Reeks of giving a mate a job tbh. Does he even have any coaching badges? Seems ilke Tm just like shaving him around. They are taking the piss out of us.
  9. You make it sound like simply playing a position should make you better. Guess top footballers at their peak don't need coaches then. I normally agree with a lot you say, but i just cannot fathom this sudden u-turn on Nyambe. I wont go into detail and break down the rest of the post until i sober up.
  10. Think you are missing the point here. What players have progressed under Tm and his coaching staff? Four years of Nambe's career has been under TM. That's like a 3rd of a players career. You say that a player should be able to teach themselves how to play - it just doesn't work like that. Nyambe is a humble guy, a professional and just follows the advice given to him by an ex-PL defender who is now his manager. Nobody is making excuses for Nyambe - he hasn't pushed on. But who is the common denominator here? Travis hasn't pushed on, Rothwell, Lenihan, you can name a long list. In m
  11. Yup, young, English, has some youth caps. Brereton, Gallagher, Armstrong, Chapman. I have no issue with the premise of buying young English players like this in the hope of turning them into saleable assets worth multi-millions. My problem is that we are relying on TM and his coaching team to develop these players. The only success he has had is with AA but that looks doomed to be another failure project as he is in his last year and there is a 30-40% sell-on fee (plus the COVID climate and clubs not willing to overspend).
  12. Yup, would love Derby to go down. Had enough of their bending the rules (32Red, Rooney wages not counted to FFP as a player/coach, selling the stadium etc), plus all that Frank Lampard's, and now Wayne Rooney's Derby. I'd happily take a defeat in the current circumstances, particularly as a win would give TM his traditional meaningless 'dead rubber' victories at the end of the season and have his fanclub back on board. It then all starts full circle (aiming for playoffs, slow builds,) only to achieve fck all yet again.
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