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  1. What a curious case that lad is. Was tearing it up down there - was linked to just about every Championship club at one point, never got a move due to ludicrous wage demands and/or the fee Peterborough wanted. Ran his contract down and then joined possibly the worst club to join in the Championship at that point on a short term contract, Hull who had just sold their two best players. They got relegated with MM hardly standing out, Hull decided against extending his contract and nobody else showed an interest in picking him up, now he is playing for cashless Bolton at the bottom of League 2.
  2. He has the talent, thats not in question. Certainly think he has the ability to play in this division. Sometimes its better to go down a level to come back up. Stand out in the league below and you will get another shot higher up. What is that, 4 goals in 3 games?
  3. Yup, nice to see him doing well though.
  4. he wasnt used as a striker at Sunderland - the others I cannot comment.
  5. Yep, his goal record often gets mooted but he played in an SG position in a 4-2-3-1 when first at Sunderland. Not as a striker. Stick the guy up front and he performs mostly - hence scoring plenty of goals anywhere else he was.
  6. Smart guy is Lampard as we are constantly reminded - very high IQ etc. But, he did no better than anyone else at Derby and didnt set anything alight at Chelsea. Perhaps he could go on to become a good manager but he has had huge 'leg ups' due to his name and I feel he should prove he cut it in the mustard at clubs that rely on tactical nous rather than money. Still feel Lampard was always seen as a cheap option for Chelsea with their transfer ban etc - there to tide things over, bring on a bit of youth (they didnt have much choice). Once given money and had the ability to spend he hasnt d
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