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  1. Jeremy Clarkdon would offer more than his namesake. Why was our summer recruitment centered around bringing in a hangul of lightweight kids?
  2. Always thought he would struggle - got off to a flyer with that goal but he doesn't have enough about him for that level. Pace, sure, but no tricks of note, head down kind of player, and needs a quite few chances normally. As for Raya, one of best keepers in PL right now.
  3. We sign a player for 7 mil and hardly give him game time - some people with their re-writing of history.
  4. Thats bull - hardly gave him game time? Are you 5 years old? I suggest you go back and check your stats.
  5. I kinda of think thats the point though, Roverandout did not say Jim had said Britain was a country. He just said Britain is not a country.
  6. Not sure Venky's have ever ordered the hit on journalists. As much as I hate them, this is other level shit.
  7. As much as it's been great for BB, it says a lot about the strength of the Chile team right now. I remember the days of Marcelo Salas when they looked really good. Fun fact, our own Carlos Villaneuva played in the Chile team with Salas.
  8. How much do you think he is on considering we bought him from L1? This is what I cannot understand. He is probably on peanuts compared to donkeys like Gallagher yet we cannot cough up enough to entice him to stay. The lad is 27, this contract is probably going to one of his last one or two - of course he wants a figure that puts him on a parity with others - I highly doubt he is asking to be the highest earner in the squad, just to be put on a decent Championship contract, something he hasn't had despite playing in the league for a few seasons now. As for Nyambe, the kid is on 5k per week and we cannot even get him to sign? What we offering, 6k per week? So what pay structures would we be breaking with those two? They are among our lowest earners - its complete horseshit about pay structures. Yet we can pay more than we pay them to bring in 18 year old loans that are shite and not ours. Id rather sign them down and play our own kids.
  9. Yeah I marathoned through that - thought it was good.
  10. Not compared to then, but then I'm not as handsome either.
  11. She knew what it was - not sure that's a good thing or not.
  12. Met Kenny and his family, including the (back then) gorgeous Kelly (about my age at the time too) and his son Paul when on holiday in La Manga the season after we won the league. Only spoke to him for a few minutes but I never had any trouble understanding him. And no, I did not manage to pull Kelly, though she did comment on the Joop aftershave I was wearing.
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