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  1. Problem is Chaddy, whether they deliver on it or not, you'll still back them. Politics is not football, you cannot just blindly support your team - much like you're doing. You have picked a team and will support every aspect of it whether its right or wrong - same as with rovers. Unfortunately, your blind choices affect everybody else.
  2. Football is broken...eventually it will just be a super league like what was proposed. Sport needs reworking from top to bottom. We have teenagers that are millionaires without even featuring for the first team. Its a joke.
  3. You know anybody can edit WIki right? It should never be used as cast iron facts.
  4. Poveda played well for about 30 mins on his debut, since than has been totally ineffective.
  5. No chance we had scouts in France looking at Maja. He became available and agents did started hawking him aroundH
  6. Alot of our signings - especially last minute ones are argent-related, nothing to do with scouts. Look at BB, as our most expensive example.
  7. Much like TM with us, even an average manager can get promoted with the biggest budget in the league.
  8. Plus they dodged FFP rulings by appointing him as a player/coach which did not count against FFp - they deserve it for all their wrongdoings.
  9. We were there this time last season i think - which doesn't fill me with confidence. We have a fragile squad that once a few losses sets in, we spiral. I hope it doesn't happen but history suggests we're in for one of the infamous spirals at some point.
  10. Norwich are doing a Burnely, yo yo for a few years spending fck all but building a squad that easily pisses the Championship. Bank the money and eventually squad is good enough to compete up there.
  11. Doubt it - especially with Maja - Forest were in for him too. Thats agents - not scouts.
  12. Not sure we should be comparing stats on a sad day - lets all agree that he was one of the best strikers to ever grace the English game. RIP Greavsie.
  13. Our 4-year journey under TM can be summed up by this. TM walked out on Coventry after 1 win in 10, leaving them bottom of League 1. He signs for us, gets us relegated, barely finished second with the biggest ever League 1 budget. Fast forward a few seasons to now. Coventry are in 4th position, 3 points ahead of us in the Championship with 1/10th of the budget we have. Herald the King.
  14. MEH People getting ahead of themselves with top 6 bs. Give me 10 quid, ill double it if we make play offs
  15. Klopp must be playing Mowbray. One year we get Elliott, he does well and gets in Liverpool team - our reward, a 12 year old that a breeze could blow over. You only have to look at his pic on the ratings page.
  16. Glad to see you have returned to doing this. Very interesting. The addition of the scoring tells a lot. Some, well (one) thinks BBD was MOM but he got a 3 here.
  17. This where are the detracters now stuff is also being peddled on FB. I seriously cannot remember anyone claiming Ayala was not a good CB when we signed him. Most were impressed with the signing at the time. It was the injuries (which boro fans warned us about) and not his ability that fans worried about. And so it proved as he was out for most of the season. Really hope he can stay fit as he is certainly one of our better players when he is.
  18. Nope it never is. It's always somebody elses fault or bad luck as far as he is concerned. Personally, I like to single out the common denominator whenever this happens, and that is TM.
  19. Unfortunately/fortunately (whichever way you look at it), I was still learning how to shit in a potty and walk without falling over when most of those were playing.
  20. I have to learn to force myself not to read the comments after reading the latest story in the LT.
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