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  1. I’m serious Obv years down line who’s been your fav Manager at Rovers
  2. Yes but we don’t see them as real League wins They had no competition Gerrard doing really well I thought he would lift place I tip him one day as England manager remember I wrote this I hope stays few seasons It’s large Club great place learn for him & Europe as well
  3. Defo like Atmosphere at Ibrox Blue Flags Union Jacks and noise i just wrote I’d like take in Blackburn game Nothing like Old Firm Match noise,atmosphere
  4. Lol We are catching them I think Blackburn & Rangers have good relations because had same players inc Captains And both are Blue noses lol I hope take in Blackburn match in not too far away future
  5. I HOPE ADMIN & MEMBERS THIS IS OK & NOT BREAKING ANY RULES Going make up couple Bundle old Blackburn Collectibles Also going put Stain Glass up for Offer (either as it is or will restore repaint if requested) Each of two shall inc Bronze Plaque in Presentation Box Various Badge/Pins Old Programmes (testimonials inc Bryan Douglas) Photos of past Players Or if someone wants lot as single bundle send me Message or comment Take Photos & Post I want items goto Genuine Rovers Fans Sadly previously a dealer pretending be fan took advantage just earn few quid Why I’m only offering items on legit Rovers Fan Forum I hope enjoy photos I’ve been posting share with Forum esp Older Generation I’ve had nothing but good comments that I appreciate
  6. I contacted Club ask if knew any info few items I had esp Print of Ewood Park Believed it to be Limited Edition nice piece Club Secretary was great managed help & then pointed me to Forum Said was sure Fans would enjoy seeing some items & also possibly help
  7. Sorry punctuation not the best Club were more happy point me too forum Not a problem have nice weekend
  8. Blackburn got one real gem of Talent in Tugay wouldn’t have taken long for fans realise what machine he was what a deal Blackburn got Player who gave everything easily mix with best & outplay then also
  9. Shearer was goal machine Tough as well Like Rangers McCoist Could Take roughness & give it out as well Proper old School player Tugay was different class I’m sure fans have many memories of both
  10. What player he was Opposition fans would’ve loved had him I was gutted left Ibrox but also delighted see could hold his own & then some against other great players He covered whole pitch but had football brain just knew when play it simple & when open up & spray passes Defend,attack he had it all Hopefully both Rangers & Blackburn see such talent again
  11. Tugay was amazing Rangers fans were gutted he left Blackburn got one great player Gave it everything all over field
  12. I’d like say Thankyou to members for making me feel welcome even tho my first love is Glasgow Rangers & Blackburn Rovers my “English Club” I appreciate made felt welcome Wish BOTH Rangers & Blackburn can return to good years Both sets fans gotten see great players in both Blue Jerseys Id like see read fans opinion on Players that’s played both clubs If liked them or disliked Big Colin Hendry fitted in so easily at Ibrox Tugay Obv fav Not all players with ability fit in easily but when have that determination & desire the fans sense & pick up on it One player I always wished could’ve worn both jerseys was Shearer Blackburn’s McCoist I hope enjoy few photos I post hope find new home for them in meantime Share with Genuine Rovers Fans
  13. That’s cool Tugay always have 100% Had amazing football brain Knew when keep it simple first and foremost possession Then see pass & spray ball about Also scored few as well
  14. Exc Hope brought some good memories Back They were in amongst bundle iI discovered Hoping find new home for them But thought be good share photos with forum Who was favourite out them
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