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  1. I'm not sure that was a great performance either. I was thinking before that, the 3-0 win against Preston in late November.
  2. Is no one else picking up that this person was obviously being sarcastic?
  3. Wonder which Mowbray we'll get tonight, dejected or defiant?
  4. Not even a slight chance of that! We'll never see Elliott in blue and white after May.
  5. Lol at iFollow just completely cutting off Warren Lucy mid-sentence, it's amazing that they have never figured out any systems to know when they're on air.
  6. "There's not been too much between the sides really". I think I'm one of the few on here that actually likes Warren Lucy, but I mean, come on man.
  7. Could be a few more in this for them, especially if we keep pushing forward.
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