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  1. When was the last time under Venky's we approached a club and paid compensation for their manager? Correct me if i'm wrong but it seems like the standard for a manager is set too low and they only target ones that are out of work.
  2. I like how nobody has chosen Bennett for right back. I hope i am wrong but If he's not injured Mowbray will start him.
  3. Mowbray has had 3+ years to sort out the defence and he has failed miserably. He should of been shown the door for the shambles of a defence and the money wasted on Brereton and Gallagher.
  4. They couldn’t have wanted him that bad if it took them 4 weeks and spent most the time chasing Duffy
  5. We are going to start the season with the same back four. "Defenders are coming"
  6. For less than a million if WBA really wanted him they could have signed him weeks ago.
  7. He scored a volley down the other end against Fulham but not sure what the year was
  8. Thought it might have been the volley against Spurs in 2006. Just checked YouTube but it didn't have Andy Gray commentary ?
  9. Mowbray and Venus should be nowhere near any transfer negotiations. They should just be showing a list of players they like and let the people higher up the chain to get the deals done. We have wasted the whole month and ended up failing to complete a loan signing on the last day of the window. Score 0/10 I would like to see Mowbray and Venus gone by the summer.
  10. Id like to see Chapman and JRC given a chance on the wings but we all know Bennett will take one of those spots
  11. I think the name was BKKrover or something similar but got found out then disappeared from the site
  12. This should have been done as soon as Mowbray arrived not 2 years later
  13. Bit harsh on Holtby. He has scored 3 goals and got a couple of assists while Tony keeps playing him in different positions
  14. Based on the amount of goals Dack has scored for us i would have thought he would have been near the top of the list.
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