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  1. This quote stood out for me too. Obviously written word doesn't offer much insight in to the delivery of a statement, but it feels like another contemptuous, scornful, belittling, snide, barbed comment towards any journalist daring to bring to his attention the glaringly obvious failure of his role. Facetious insinuations that that there are only two polar opposite methods of running a football club (blindly support the current 'now' failure OR rifle through six managers a season) are not only insane, but also downright disrespectful to anyone daring to question his position. Wonde
  2. There's a deafening silence on Rovers' website and social media today, given that it's TMs 4-year anniversary. They've managed to congratulate Nyambe on his engagement, wish Pascal Chimbonda and Phil Jones a happy birthday, but as of yet haven't so much as acknowledged that the manager has been here 4 years.... Fear of a backlash on social media aside, what could be the reason for this? TM advised them not to acknowledge on the back of recent form? OR, could it be that the social media/web team have been advised not to bring this joyous occasion to the attention of the general publi
  3. Dear me... I can still remember some of the comments on here when we’d beaten a really poor Liverpool team in one of Kean’s first Matches at Ewood. Revidge sidled in and admitted to being somewhat ‘smug’ that evening... fucking great is hindsight, isn’t it ?
  4. Both re-writing history if you ask me. The Walker family had long since lost interest in the club and had been looking for a buyer for ages... They were a relatively small fish in an increasingly big pond, financially speaking. Combine that with none of JWs kids having the least bit interest in football, and there’s only one way it’s heading. Allardyce’ last transfer window consisted of Benjani on a free and Mame Diouf on loan. Zero spent. They’d well and truly pulled the purse strings shut. Amazingly enough, a considerable proportion of the fan base still believe it was the right
  5. Sadly with Dyche solidifying the Dingles in the Prem and thus pocketing another £200m and us only heading one way for 7 years, his statement there is becoming more and more redundant by the season. Burnley have just spent £13m on a player - we've spent 250k in about 4 windows. What determines the size of a club?.... the history, the fanbase? For me, neither - in the modern day it's the finances, and Burnley are streets ahead of us now.
  6. Yet we've never really been battered in a game since about August. Our defeats have been the result of shocking defending and poor individual mistakes (at the risk of sounding like Coyle). We rarely get absolutely outplayed and in recent weeks have stood toe to toe with sides like Leeds and Sheff Wed and should have taken at least a point in both. Mowbray's job for the next 15 games is to win clean sheets. That's the base of any side in a relegation battle - Look at someone like Allardyce or Pulis - their first job is to win clean sheets and then take your opportunities as they come a
  7. I won't support Coyle as manager of BRFC when there is such a clear connection between him and You Know Who every which way we turn. This feels more and more like a return to the darkest days under Kean et al. The worst thing is, people that don't go on this site and read this very interesting information have absolutely no idea that this goes on. They just think people don't like Coyle because he was at Burnley... it's frightening really. Depressed isn't the word at this point EDIT: http://www.littletonchambers.com/john-mehrzad-acts-for-kean-in-allardyce-v-kean-and-blackburn-rovers-cas
  8. Strange that Gav hasn't posted in this thread recently! Him and countless others were told and better told to no avail
  9. Someone else I can think of was a coach before he was inexplicably promoted to Manager/Chairman/Finance Director/ Chief fanbase provoker/ Head of Madame Desai manipulation. Haven't you heard of mutiny Lh? First infiltrate ranks.
  10. Who would you prefer him to have a direct line to? The hapless Derek Shaw? Shebby? We don't have anyone senior at the club. We just hope and pray that GB is as honest as he seems. More chance of that than a competent board be put in place, capable of forging a good relationship with the owners and ultimately leaving GB to do what his title suggests...
  11. I agree with this. It's very difficult to work with owners who you can't get on with. Would you prefer Bowyer to sit in Blackburn cursing the owners like we do? He has to forge a relationship with them, end of. One thing I would say is that flying over to Pune is IMO absolutely bloody ridiculous and not the way any normal business would be run. But if it's his best way of getting through to the owners then what other alternative. Don't we all have to have a relationship with our seniors? We might not always agree with them, but ultimately you don't bite the hand that feeds you. As long
  12. You may note TJ that Zaha had a relatively lively first half, often beating Morris or cutting inside on the edge of the penalty area. The HT change that saw Pedersen come on meant that they doubled up and kept him quiet. Morris should donate his Peter Jackson watch to Ped as he provided excellent cover and allowed him to bomb on. Furthermore Pedersen on numerous occasions played it nice and simple, with nicely weighted passes allowing King/Morris the opportunity to cross (albeit poorly). It's very easy to dismiss Pedersen nowadays but if you watch his work and positional play off the ball,
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