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  1. Sorry to say but I personally think it will be Rotherham, Plymouth and us that go down, with it coming down to the last game - Leicester away…
  2. I fear that the teams around us have much more depth and better players than us. Bar Szmodics we are so so so poor going forward. No pace, no directness…the quality in the final third today was miles off it…I would snap your hand off for a Poveda right now. Andy Moran angers me more than ever. I’ll hold my hands up as I was probably the most vocal about bringing him in! First goal, he’s so tight to their player who’s got his back to goal…No need and as a result it beats him and there’s no effort what so ever tho get the ball back. The second is just amateurish and is something what happened under JDT ball - I imagine Eustace was fuming. In between these two errors in midfield he offered absolutely nothing, too lightweight and quite frankly this has been the story his whole season - He cannot start another match! AWFUL PLAYER.
  3. Brittain has been awful. But my word I’ve never wanted a player to leave more than Moran. He’s been nothing short of embarrassing every game bar 1 or 2 games this season. He was at fault for the first, along with pears and the second is a shocker. Swanseas front line look good. I’m worried.
  4. It’s amazing what Tuesday night has done for confidence - I can’t see us loosing this one for some strange reason. Id love a win but think a draw is on the cards here - a clean sheet would be Lovely.
  5. He was unreal yesterday, if he was a foot taller and worked on his defensive duties then he would be a big talent. His directness last night is something we've missed all season - Like others have said, he should be played more central or at least, if he's on the flanks, to come inside more. Markanday and Dolan have their difference and with the latter being better at pressing and less lightweight....this is what starts him ahead of Markanday. Otherwise if you look at ball carrying and shooting DM is much much better - I'd say he's got the neatest touches in the team and clearly has a wand of a left foot.
  6. Poor - These were there for the taking. What do people thinks going to happen you you’re bringing on Markanday, Garrett and Ayari. Looks like Gallagher is injured aswell…Great.
  7. Jesus, when was the last time we heard a quote like that from one of our players...Surely we have to tie Fadz down for another year.
  8. Only need bowler to go on one of his runs and it’s game over.
  9. No words - even if we get anything (which we won’t) this is embarrassing!
  10. One of the worst lineups this season - Truely terrifying how bad that team is.
  11. I’ll eat my socks if we get anything from this game…Even if Cardiff are as poor as they are.
  12. Take a point but another disappointing performance. We are very much in a relegation fight if we carry on like this. Need to win our home games because away we look awful.
  13. Anyone know how many sold? Just bought my ticket but forgot to ask!
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