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  1. The two sentences weren't meant to be related, although I do think some blame can in fact be pointed at Mowbray as any returning loans after last season's humiliating form were always going to be unlikely regardless of who the player was. Results are key to success, long term and short, that's why football is a results driven business... at most clubs. Bellis and Elliot were never going to happen regardless and the manager did well to sign them a year ago, unfortunately that doesn't change anything. He is completely substandard in too many areas and is incapable of getting results. W
  2. Good decision by Harwood-Bellis and a similar one will be made by Elliot. MOWBRAY OUT!
  3. If I had to guess, I would say that thousands are with you on this.
  4. Absolutely terrible decision by the club not to replace the manager immediately as the season ended. It's a decision that's going to cost the club revenue and the team support on a match day. Understandably so after the manager was on national television, crying out for the sack with the season still ongoing. There is no coming back from that in a dressing room of winners, which leads to be believe the notion that Brockhall is a holiday camp for a better than average Championship pay. Next season is going to be a total disaster regardless of what players he manages to bring in. I'll
  5. I was being facetious and saying he can no longer contribute enough to justify his salary. He should have been cut.
  6. Is Elliott Bennett still capable of Championship football? Very strange decision to keep him, unless he's taken an appropriate wage deduction.
  7. False promises to mask over an issue that WILL reoccur. I did not believe it at the time, although it was a good experiment to prove right - that anything said by the club, like any badly run business, has to be taken with a pinch of salt. Do journalists really believe that the owner's can't afford £2 million on a new pitch??? This isn't a financial issue it's a lack of interest and ownership issue. Ask the awkward questions. It's chump change to them! Our pitch doesn't need to hold up for a full season, just like the manager doesn't need to perform for a full season. In my opin
  8. Are we still 5 or 6 years behind Brentford now?
  9. We still have one of the worst managers in the league and it's going to continue into next season with a few thousand less fans.
  10. He was keeping the squad fresh to ensure we got promotion... 😂
  11. A completely reactive football club. No wonder we're 5 years behind Brentford... sorry Barnsley.
  12. Got to say I'm finding it difficult to support a club where the fans happiness is so unimportant. This week showed just how important fans are to the game but at Rovers we haven't been listened to since 2010. It's difficult to take and continue to support financially and with enthusiasm. Neville's comments about certain owners being imposters is exactly right. “You never hear from the owners of these clubs” he said - that part really resonated with me and I'm sure it does with many others. Venky's should be ashamed at how they've estranged so many fans from this great and histor
  13. Surely he is done? I mean surely this has to be it? No more of this please. I won't be watching or attending a single game with him in charge.
  14. A crap manager. Crap performances and crap results. When will the owners figure it out?
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