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  1. It isn't harsh at all and I'm sure they were good for that but they have an opportunity during their day job to get the majority fan feeling across to the management team and that isn't happening time after time. I've seen enough to know some very obvious and uncomfortable questions are avoided.
  2. These wet behind the ear local "journalists" aren't helping. So may questions that could be asked. If they did their job properly they'd be feeling extremely uncomfortable in each press conference. The last thing you need with a management team like this is a bunch of messenger boys.
  3. Hate to say I told you so. My opinions on this club are strong, pessimistic and entirely accurate. It is all too predictable. Today we've spent money for the first time all summer, on a left back. Let that sink in. How does this club put a strategy together for promotion out of this league and execute it? Is it a 15 year plan? The board and manager have to go.
  4. Are we the only club in England that photographs loan players with a pen in their hand? Is that the norm? I feel like the club is trying to imitate the feeling of a permanent signing for our benefit. 😂 Just get some players to actually sign some worthwhile contracts at the club and stop trying to trick the Facebook fanbase into thinking the ink at Ewood does get used 🤣
  5. or the owners and management start running the club properly.
  6. This is working out perfectly to say: "We tried everything we could" - Blackburn Rovers, September 1, 2021
  7. All of this would be fine if we combined it with some shrewd permanent signings in the (300k - 900k range). I doubt any Rovers fans are expecting millions to be spent but just a handful of signings to show that the club is still active and investing in it's own future would be nice... I'm presuming Mowbray didn't expect to be in a job this summer and the transfer activity does have a look of that.
  8. I can bet you he didn't have an injury in those two months.
  9. I'll go back to this. The rest of the fanbase (Facebook) need to realise the depth of damage caused by managerial and ownership shortcomings. I'm not saying Obafemi was the answer but the reality is it's going to be difficult to attract good players to the club.
  10. This summer should have started by sacking the manager and making the club a more attractive proposition. I do not see Obafemi joining, or anyone on a permanent basis that has options elsewhere. Give this 3 months and all the fans will have turned.
  11. A signed agreement between the two clubs... surely?
  12. No doubt about it, any passionate owners would have been there to show their delight. They aren't interested and do the bare minimum needed.
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