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  1. These kind of departures for me are down to bad man management and the bureaucracy of BRFC under Venky's chicken. In other words it's a sh*t show of a club.
  2. Power and pace but positioning and general defending needs improving, that's not to say it won't, definitely a great prospect that we should be tying down to a long term contract. Foolish from the club and he will probably progress more elsewhere.
  3. Poor Steve will have to wait a few more years for retirement now. The fudd.
  4. Agree he should have walked. If results and performances were the priority he would have. Unfortunately they aren't.
  5. It's unusual at this level. Typically Premier League strugglers go through patches like this but they are more often than not known to be out of their depth in that league. 15+ without a win would get you in the Premier League's all time top 10 worst runs after Ipswich. Totally unacceptable at our level though and no manager would survive it at a club with competent owners.
  6. We've suffered two relegations already because of the owner's inability to do anything. It's appalling we haven't had a senior statement addressing this issues at the club given the seemingly near 100% discontented fan base. If they have a reason to keep him, please let us know what it is.
  7. Unless a decision has been made and both or one is gone, Waggott has proved himself to be totally inept in his role.
  8. The one positive I'm going to take from Mowbray's performance this season is the exposure of Waggott. As a club we needed a CEO that the fans can trust to make the tough decisions, friendships aside, for the good of the team. He isn't the man and the sooner both are gone the better. The issue we have is that both tick all of the boxes for our inept owners and one plans to make them a significant amount of money. Unfortunately I think we'll be protesting at Ewood again soon enough... Can anyone tell me another club on the planet where the manager essentially hired his CEO? There may b
  9. It's refreshing to see managers like Allardyce still animated on the touchline, wanting to influence things or Arteta talking about their defeat, accepting responsibility specifically for not getting the best out of his players and vowing to improve. All things I wish we had in good or bad times. Ultimately it's just a bit of passion.
  10. I find it strange that articles are coming out about summer plans, relegation this season is a real possibility in current form and Mowbray is being asked about budgets for next year by the local press and answering. Bizarre. The precedent was set before today's game. This club is a total shambles from top to bottom. Waggott Out!
  11. It's clear Waggot and co have incentivised the owners with a completely different agenda. To the point that results and performances no longer matter. If there's somebody around offering to make them money, necessary footballing decisions i.e. firing Mowbray and finding a good manager will be totally neglected. There's something they like the sound of and it isn't promotion, trophies and a full Ewood Park.
  12. Kaminski Player of the Year for me. Followed by Armstrong and then Holtby. Although the season did only span across 15 games.
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