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  1. One for the older Rovers fans - Stoke City v Blackburn Rovers FA Cup 1961-2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ozjp18be1us
  2. I remember that skip SG, they dumped loads of copies, probably where it belong to be honest.
  3. I'm with TS on this ojf, those Aussie bowlers will rip through our top order in no time, in nick or not. I hope I'm wrong, I'd have put my house on India beat Pakistan yesterday, so it has been know 😃
  4. I was thinking just that whilst I was arguing the point Mike 😁 Then again why did Gael Givet end up with a brown envelope full of money on the day he signed, EU laws 😆
  5. It was when you said "Not it hasn't" to my comment about it going on before Tory austerity that threw me.... The rest of you post is spot on. Labour had almost eradicated child poverty and rough sleeping by 2010, look where we are 10yrs later, its criminal.
  6. I worked in the sector from 2001. We setup food banks amongst other things during the 2000's across the North West, long before the Tories came into power. The Trussell Trust was distributing food in UK throughout that period too and still are. No question its got far worse since 2010, but lets not pretend it never happened before that time, it did, I worked in the sector.
  7. I did say I wasn't sure on that o2g, I thought I'd read that cash incentives upfront to join a company breaks some sort of EU law, but maybe not. As Jim says above, often 'EU laws' are not laws at all...... I've been in work for many years, across public and private sector and I've never heard of a 'golden hello'. I've known of eye watering bonuses, thats a given in the private sector for some, but never a 'golden hello'. Every days a school day.
  8. Its a very real issue TS, no doubt about that, but this has been going on for much longer than Tory austerity sadly.
  9. Labour are now calling for plan B after a week of flip flopping, quite right to, but will Boris bring it in before Cop26 in Glasgow which starts this weekend? The vaccination/booster program seems to have stalled, all hands should be on that pump. The Mrs had her booster yesterday, she's not been well since and had no issues with the first 2.
  10. Excellent article 47er, it shows the real life struggles for many across our Northern towns. I read nothing new in that article, its been like that for 20yrs that I know of and people got fed up with the same priorities from Labour run councils which sadly didn't address local problems, that is why we've seen massive Tory gains across the country, oh yes and Corbyn was bloody useless, northerners saw right through him. The Tories have a real opportunity to spread a few quid across the Northern towns and cities, make a real difference to peoples lives, but we've been here before, I certainly don't think they'll do that, its not in the nature, but we'll see. I heard yesterday they're starting up the Tory version of Labours Sure Start program, which was decimated by the coalition in the name of austerity...... They've more front than Blackpool, but its desperately needed.
  11. No I’m not sure about it Dom to be honest. I seem to recall reading something about competition within EU, but I can’t find anything online about it. As you say bonuses are allowed, but can you offer bundles of cash to come and work for your company whilst In EU?
  12. I read it on here bluebruce during the transfer saga/thread, but nobody really knows.
  13. You get £1000 bonus after a month of working for Amazon, the rest comes in 2 further instalments over the next 12 months, on top of your wages, in the cases I’m aware of. That’s called a bonus o2g with the greatest of respect and wasn’t available to workers last year, the year before or the year before that. The supermarkets are also offering £500 signing on bonus to attract new staff, never happened before Brexit, I don’t think it was allowed under EU competition rules.
  14. The original point I made was Mowbray bought Armstrong for £2m and sold him for close to £20 million, which by anyone’s standards is a great bit of business regardless of the sell on fee.
  15. We aren't talking about whether or not Brexit is a good idea, nor are we discussing the morality of the Amazon incentive, those are separate topics. Amazon didn’t offer such an incentive before Brexit, they relied to some extent on foreign workers. This bonus is without doubt a Brexit benefit whether you like it or not. I know 4 pickers that have already taken up new posts at the Altrincham depot. You should also research the subject before weighing in, you talked about the truth not being popular, then told us it was one job you said, in Exeter, not true..... https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2021/oct/17/small-firms-fury-as-amazon-offers-3000-sign-up-bonus-to-attract-christmas-staff The highest Amazon sign-on bonus of £3,000 for full-time workers is being advertised at the firm’s Exeter warehouse. Temporary sorting staff at a warehouse in Weybridge, Surrey, are being offered £2,000 signing-up bonuses. Temporary recruits in Leeds are being offered £1,500. The 93,000 square-metre Amazon warehouse in Dunfermline in Fife, Scotland, is also offering signing up bonuses for £1,500. It is the company’s biggest warehouse in Britain, sorting and packing items across Scotland and the north of England.
  16. These jobs are warehouse operatives mainly TS.
  17. I didn’t write the headline cnbc did.. Did Amazon offer such an incentive before Brexit?
  18. You seem to have lost sight of the original point. Amazon would usually rely of cheap European workers to fill these kind of vacancies. Since Brexit and the new rules around visas/£26k, they can no longer do that. Amazon are now attracting local workers by offering a £3k signing on bonus, regardless of how and when it’s paid. That wouldn’t, didn't happen before Brexit, a Brexit bonus if ever I saw one, clearly.
  19. I couldn't agree more with your first paragraph islander, spot on. I don't agree he's been backed enough to make a difference, he's certainly been backed more than some in this league yes, but the money invested isn't going to knock the likes of Norwich, West Brom, Fulham, Bournemouth, Brentford and Leeds from the promotion places over recent seasons in my opinion.
  20. ‘He’s’ not behind Mowbray….and make no mistake, he despises the owners with a passion. That doesn’t stop him pointing out that not everything TM does is bad, despite what the blinkered would have us to believe.
  21. We bought Armstrong for £2m and sold for around £20m, I’m not interested in net. That’s a tremendous bit of business. Diaz and Gallagher have a long way to go, but if they keep up the current scoring rate they’ll be worth far more than we paid for them, IF. Kaminsky is a star in the making, he’ll be a £10m keeper. Dack was a £10-15m player before injury, great bit of business, you can’t blame Mowbray for his injuries. £50m is probably on the low side. Ps - He still needs sacking 👍
  22. Spot on. Now that Diaz and Gallagher are starting to fire, players wages are the new stick to beat Mowbray with....😃 Dack (when fit), Gallagher, Diaz, Armstrong and Kaminsky are looking like being good bits of business, on todays market probably worth £50m+ would you say? 1 point off the playoffs and assets like these, no wonder he's being kept around.
  23. Mowbray has just pulled in almost £20m for Adam Armstrong, I'm sure Venkys trust him alright. It looks like both Gallagher and Ben Diaz will prove to be hits, scoring for fun this season, he's probably got 2 more cash cows that will be cashed in upon for decent money at some stage. As for the contracts, its the owners that are refusing to fund new deals, Mowbray is on record stating he wants to keep the players, at any other club he'd be doing just that, but sadly its been just one of many 'blind spots' throughout Venkys time here, letting contracts run down, Lambert in part walked because of it too. Have all our former managers under Venkys 'made conscious decisions' to let contracts run down?
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