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  1. Quite right too, even the Tories can see we're in a crisis, infection rates rising back in June, but that doesn't dismiss the fact that Tories don't believe in locking down and restricting its citizens. Try reading one of your copy and paste articles from the Mail and Torygraqh, you may just learn something.
  2. I didn't think any of it was aimed at me to be honest, or the majority of this side of the site because the overwhelming majority are not Tories, we're just well versed on Covid 19, the restrictions and why they've been necessary and still are. You also mentioned the Tories loving lockdown, thats ideologically against everything they believe in, complete bunkum with respect Pedro. The rest of your post I disagree with strongly, its got nothing to do with fight, I'm not apologists either, but we are on the frontline of this pandemic, I've lived it for 18 months, the fight is still very much on and thankfully local teams are trying to keep people like you safe, the least you could do is wear a mask, social distance and be sensible, is that really to much to ask?
  3. Spoke to a Wednesday fan about Reach: “Versatile squad player. Never did anything of note for us other than score a worldie every 6 months. The kind of player where I wouldn’t be massively surprised if he ended up a starter at the bottom end of the premiership in a few years and I’d be equally unsurprised if he ended up a reserve in the bottom end of League one in a few years” Sounds like a mid table championship level player for a mid table championship side.
  4. Absolute nonsense with respect, the second sentence I've highlighted tells me you're on the wind up.
  5. Considering all the money in football, the way transfers are brokered is amateurish at best.... How many times do we see those idiots on Sky going mad at 1 minute to midnight over last minute transfers between massive clubs worth millions of pounds? Or better still missing the deadline and blaming the fax machine! The Armstrong saga is dragging on as usual, I'd set any prospective clubs a deadline to meet the price or he stays, simple as that. We are already on the backfoot waiting for funds over this transfer, get a bleedin move Watford/Southampton or sod off would be my stance. If only Carlsberg ran football clubs....
  6. Exactly Dan. Johnson has done extremely well to lock the country down as long as he has if the truth be known, against a backdrop of Tory backbencher who hate even the thought of restrictions, never mind imposing them. I see the right wing press are trying to persuade a nation that the worst is over, infections are falling, throw away the masks, it’s simply not the case in North, the bigger picture is we are struggling and we have Autumn fast approaching.
  7. Gav

    Site adverts

    Morning Mods. Is it just me or have the adverts now taken over the bulk of the site? They're far more prominent than the threads and pages themselves. I fully understand the need to fund the site and most accepted the switch to adverts, but this has gone beyond that, its difficult to read the site now. I'm using Chrome on PC this morning. Cheers
  8. I'm certainly not against doing that on Covid grounds ojf, but the article refences being away from home and not having the family on tour with them, that doesn't seem like a reason to cancel a tour for me, this is professional sport after all, these are the sacrifices you make, harsh though that is. We have players from across the globe playing in The Hundred currently, the IPL resumes in September, the cynic in me says is more than just Covid and being away from home £$£$£$.
  9. I’ve just seen that Ally Dawson has died aged 63. RIP
  10. England players considering pulling out of The Ashes. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/cricket/57976072
  11. The longer Johnson stays in number 10 the better, for the opposition that is, but I just don't think the Labour party has the guile or the know how to out flank the Tories. Starmer needs to surround himself with experience, because the current crop, with one of two exceptions, are just simply not up to it. Its a long road back for Labour, I can't see them getting close to government for at least 10-15yrs, unless they form a progressive alliance.
  12. I’m watching a documentary on The Mamas and the Papas, it’s incredible that this band only lasted 3yrs and yet they left us such a back catalogue. Genius. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=h81Ojd3d2rY
  13. Yes I thought that when I wrote it, burnley town centre on the way back, big window 😀 young and daft.
  14. The only good police escort is in places like Leeds, where the railways station is miles away from the ground and you’ve got 500 local nutters in the way 😲 Character building.
  15. I’ve just turned it off, Flintoff on commentary, he’s bloody awful, it’s like a lads locker room…..
  16. Yes the first one was Compostela, then Rome and the final one Istanbul. A great watch and you’re right about the challenges people put themselves through, tremendous.
  17. @gumboots Slightly digressing here, I’m not religious in any way, but I love the program on Sunday mornings walking the pilgrims trails across Europe, have you seen it? Stunning scenery and what an effort by the pilgrims all those years ago. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09w7lcg
  18. That’s my experience too, ate out on Friday, not a mask in the place, aside from our table of course.
  19. With all the moaning and groaning we witness in this country around wearing masks, it’s striking to see spectators at the Olympics wearing masks outdoors. It’s a different culture, no doubt about it, but when you look at the figures around Covid in Japan and UK, they’re not even close.
  20. He doesn’t believe we have a pandemic, he doesn’t believe Covid is an infectious disease, he believes the past 18 months has been a ‘physiological operation’ by big corporations…….he’s a sandwich short of a picnic.
  21. I’d jail her to be honest, insighting hatred…. I thought long and hard about posting the story, but as we have our very own Piers Corbyn spouting bullshit, it’s right to call the idiots out: https://www.thelondoneconomic.com/news/struck-off-anti-vax-nurse-says-doctors-will-face-nuremberg-trials-282946/
  22. I’m reserving the right to hate The Hundred. I love cricket in any form, at any level, but Johnny Baitstow playing for a Welsh side at Headingley is nonsense, Livingston the same and many more, just doesn’t sit right for me.
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