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  1. Love that picture Howie. I remember going during the unbeaten run late 80's? we filled that away end and down the side upto the Rovers dugout. We also filled the away end under Kenny - Duncan Shearer scored I seem to remember. That end always seemed bigger back then than it looks in that picture, anyone know how many it held? Not the greatest quality, Barnsley v Rovers NY day 1985
  2. Hope you're well my friend 👍 We tried to sign Adam Reach, he went to West Brom We tried to sign Michael Obafemi, he went to Swansea We were priced out of numerous deals, you don't get much these days for a handful of magic beans, 2 milk tokens and £10 voucher for The Hake Boat.
  3. Did your dad get his flu jab Mike?
  4. We signed nobody of note last summer either, or in January 2020 Islander? Who did we sign that would challenge the likes of Norwich, Watford or Brentford? That’s the level we need to reach, regardless of who the manager is?
  5. You're original point was Mowbray has had a decent budget to spend, I said he hasn't since 2019, you don't get promoted from this league without buying decent players. What you actually mean is he's been able to pay wages, well who hasn't? But those wages are poor and the reason why we signed nobody in the summer of note. We are a mid table championship side, have the budget of a mid table championship side and will end up mid table. Venkys Out.
  6. So I assume the answer is Mowbray has spent nothing? The last time we spent decent money was 2019, 2yrs ago, we've spent bugger all since. Who are these clubs you talk about Islander? How are these clubs doing better than we are? Please don't think I'm having a go at you, thats not my intention, I'm just trying to understand why you think he's been backed every summer he's been here?
  7. How much did he spend in January 21 transfer window? How much did he spend last summer 20? How much in January 2020 transfer window?
  8. In the real world fans understand Venkys have destroyed the club and will continue to do so, Mowbray is trying his best against a backdrop of incompetence, bad advice and no budget. 1600 away at Barnsley with no chance of promotion is a superb effort, I salute everyone of us. Venkys Out.
  9. My Mrs has a flu jab booked next week, no problems at her surgery with supplies and no problems across this region. Shopping arrived earlier today with only Pecans and Fanta orange missing of the shop, we certainly don't recognise these stories in the media about empty shelves, but granted we're not in the stores.
  10. The club was in the hands of an American sports group from 2008 - 2015 MP, many Derby fans blame them for the current predicament. Foreign owners are circling to try and pick the bones out of the current nightmare they find themselves in. Bin Zayed International, fronted by Dubai-based Abu Dhabi royal Sheikh Khaled bin Zayed Al Nehayan, agreed to purchase Derby but the deal was never actually completed. Likewise with Spanish businessman Erik Alonso, who looked set to become the Rams' new owner earlier this year, but again the club was not sold. Successful foreign ownership is rare, we are testament to that.
  11. Nope. I'm pointing out you cherry picking stories to suit the Putin agenda.
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58604851 As another founder member of the football league looks like having a very uncertain future due to mismanagement by foreign owners, its about time the football authorities did something to protect clubs against these shysters that pollute the game. Its only a matter of time until we suffer the same fate in my opinion and whilst this thread has died a death over the past few weeks, I hope the fans are ready to step up, or this once great football club could find itself in serious trouble, none of which is of our making.....
  13. Suicide bombers and gunmen attacked Kabul airport at the end of August killing more than 60 Afghans and 13 US troops, turning the airport from a scene of desperation into one of horror. Almost 200 casualties from that cowardly attack alone, did you miss that?
  14. I read somewhere that the Labour Party has more members that the rest of the parties put together, one of the biggest memberships in Europe, sadly that doesn't translate into votes as we've seen over the past decade or so.
  15. Something ironic in this piece from John McDonell, on the back of Mccluskey sticking the boot in. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-58591455 The former shadow chancellor John McDonnell has claimed Labour is losing members "hand over fist". Left of the party had made many others feel "unwelcome", and in some cases "intimidated" - He's more front than Blackpool..... McDonell sat at the top table during the Labour parties worst election results in living memory, losing members are one thing, losing millions of voters are another. Institutional racism, bullying and harassment was rife within the party and he's trying to do the same now through the media. The Labour Party is like Rovers, death by a thousand cuts sadly.
  16. The government subsidised the plant as part of the deal, which in turn saved the factory, before Brexit the place was a gonner. Vauxhall owner PSA is calling for the British government to offset tariffs that could arrive as a result of Brexit, and says it could only continue to export car to and produce cars in the UK should authorities agree to help out. https://uk.motor1.com/news/402133/vauxhall-brexit-offset-tariffs/
  17. Join the Unite union, not only will they steal your subs to build vanity projects and buy houses in the smoke, but they’ll ensure the Tories remain in power for the next 20yrs. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-58583100
  18. As you ignored my main point about saving the Vauxhall plant at Ellesmere Port, you have to laugh. Another Brexit benefit. The steel industry, as Dreams says, has been in crisis since 70’s, from about the time we joined…….? Yes, the EU….
  19. When we have morons listening to comedian Joe Rogan for advice on Covid19, they're gullible enough to listen to a rapper too.
  20. FAKE NEWS - I'd jail her. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/newsbeat-58571353
  21. They pay off the massive debt run up on the back of the disastrous decision making, hand the club over to fan ownership and sod off. Potting the manager and CEO encourages much of the same as we've seen over the last 10yrs, how anyone thinks thats a viable option is beyond me. As for attendances, success on the pitch brings the Blackburn public out, always has done always will do, keep the faith.
  22. Surprised to see Johnson stood at the despatch box yesterday in light of his mother dying suddenly aged 79. Fair play.
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