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  1. Answer given 3hrs ago, open that tin ear. 😉
  2. I’ll make a few: Ive had no problems shopping since Brexit. I’ve been double jabbed against Covid since Brexit The local petrol station was empty this morning too, maybe I’m just lucky, long may it continue.
  3. You have to wonder why Souness and Hughes are held in such high regard, we massively punched above our weight, yet Allardyce divided the fan base and is despised by many. Souness and Hughes are winners, they created a winning mentality, we tried to beat the big boys in their own back garden, we tried to win cups and qualify for Europe. Allardyce was all about survival, don't bother with the cups and surrender to the big boys, especially away from home, one point above the relegation zone is all that matters and thats the reason why he's never won a thing, he's a loser.
  4. Absolutely not Asia. But I'll tell you one thing, if the BBC had accused me and my son of taking bungs, when we hadn't, I'd sue the arse of them to clear my name. His ego is massive, this time consuming process is bullshit, he knew he couldn't win, they had him bang to rights and thats without Gael Givet and his brown envelope. 2 primetime TV programs exposing his dodgy dealing and an uncontested sacking from the England job after 67 days in charge, tells you all you need to know in my opinion.
  5. So I never said we didn't have a shortage of lorry drivers, glad we cleared that up..... As for the shopping, I'm just telling you our experience 47er, we've had no problems since the height of Covid with shopping, you may not like it but those are the facts. If anyone is having trouble getting items from the stores themselves might I suggest you try Sainsburys delivery, only Italian wine missing today, they're spot on.
  6. Where did I say we haven't a shortage of truck drivers?
  7. Allardyce never sued the BBC despite all his bluster after they accused of him of taking bungs, I wonder why? If I was accused of taking bungs I'd want to clear my name, as everyone would, but not the multi millionaire Sam Allardyce, strange that......
  8. Thats our experience too chaddy. On a different note, shopping delivery today, only item missing - Cono Sur Pinot Noir 75cl and we did a big shop today!
  9. Some left because of the changes to the UK tax system chaddy and we know we have posters of this side of the forum who firmly believe in the importance of paying your fair share of tax, which some foreign lorry drivers had not been doing. But actually, its down to Covid not Brexit.
  10. This isn't doing my ticker any good, 3 needed and a bleedin run out.....
  11. Tripe. Johnson pulls out all the stops on climate change Boris Johnson arrived in the US predicting that he had just a 6 in 10 chance of securing $100bn-a-year from rich countries to help poorer ones tackle climate change. Joe Biden helped out by doubling the US contribution to $11.2bn to help developing countries cut emissions. In a second boost, China announced it would halt the construction of new coal-fired power stations overseas. Climate change is the biggest issue facing the world today, time to wake up to it Jimbo.
  12. This is a great effort by Boris and the reason he went to US if the first place. Climate change is the biggest threat to the world right now and we need do more to combat it. US president Joe Biden has given a big boost to Boris Johnson’s preparations for November’s climate change summit in Glasgow, announcing he will double the US contribution to a $100bn-a-year fund to help developing countries adapt. https://www.independent.co.uk/climate-change/boris-johnson-biden-climate-fund-b1924236.html
  13. This is down to Venkys arbitro and Venkys alone. Nobody can sell training grounds without the owners approval, nobody can sack managers and CEO’s without the owners approval and nobody can sell players without owners approval. Nothing goes on at this club without owners approval despite what posters on here would have us believe. Are you the only man aside from Pasha that has a line into Pune? That’s a big statement Rev?
  14. I’ve just caught up with PMQ’s. Angela Rayner I salute you, she chewed Raab up and spat him out, some great lines. Just brilliant 👍
  15. The nut job anti-vaxers are targeting head teachers and teachers now at schools across the UK. Absolute pond life, just what you need after 18 months of being on the frontline fighting against this pandemic keeping the schools open.
  16. A Unite leader interested in union business rather than walking round the conference filling a carrier bag up with mouse mats, pens and other freebies? Or a snub to Labour and Starmer? You be the judge..... Sharon Graham: Unite leader to skip Labour conference. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-58644894
  17. Sam Allardyce was exposed in all his glory when he was forced to resign from the England job, practices that were detrimental to any football club he'd managed, I'll leave the rest to your imagination, not what we want at our club. The part I've highlighted above is an extremely valid answer to the question posed, we had billionaire owners, promising big signings, big budgets and European elite level players, a very rational answer to promises made. I'll also remind you the fans never sacked Allardyce, the owners did. The rest of your post I whole hearted agree with. Venkys out.
  18. Looks like Johnson is bringing his substitute on in 90th minute. https://news.sky.com/story/uk-considers-joining-existing-us-mexico-canada-trade-deal-as-hopes-of-standalone-post-brexit-agreement-fade-12414023 UK considers joining existing US-Mexico-Canada trade deal
  19. Venkys never will Simon (Agnew, Shaw, Singh, Waggot, Kean, Appleton, Berg, Bowyer, Lambert, Coyle and Mowbray) You've always been a staunch supporter of the Venky regime, I don't know anyone else that falls into that category, your loyalty has been unwavering. Why is that?
  20. Can anybody name one thing that has improved under Venkys tenure? They appoint these people (Shaw, Agnew, Singh and Waggot)?
  21. Neil joined Norwich in January 2015, they'd been relegated the season before having spent 3 years in the top flight, they were flush with Premiership money and had good players on big wages. They went up through the playoffs in May 15 and came straight back down again. Thats his only achievement to date, hardly spectacular really when you put it into context. The first time he had to manage with limited resources he failed at Preston, why would he flourish here? Don't get me wrong tomphil, I understand the sentiment, I agree with you in the main, but if anyone is going to push this club forward it needs to be someone with a proven track record, or someone leftfield, not a manager like Neil who has just failed miserably 10 miles down the road.
  22. Forest only had one target and they got him - Steve Cooper.
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