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  1. The only thing that fits perfectly well with my opinion and views is we need to get rid of the owners, you'll catch on one day Rev. Wilder is a manager that gets the blood going, but he's way beyond the abilities of Waggot and Venkys, I'd be surprised if they even know he's on the market we're that far dumbed down these days. As for Neill, he's just been sacked from Preston.......I'll let that settle in for a minute, Preston........Abject failure in anyone's book, is that actually the height of your ambition Rev?
  2. The governemnt offer grants for new electric cars up to £2500 off the dealership price if you're thinking of new, £350 off chargers installed at home and the resale values are very good indeed. If you're thinking of getting one through work the BIK is a no brainer compared to diesel and petrol, almost £0 a month for electric compared to £300+ for diesel and petrol, saves thousands if you qualify through work. You've called tax and diesel/petrol savings already, also free parking in many places where charging points are in use, but the main benefit is we are saving the environment, or helping towards that aim and for us thats the biggest saving of them all.
  3. The managerial bar is lower than I can ever remember it, all this talk of Neill and Hughton - Both abject failures whilst working under similar circumstances as Mowbray, why on earth would we want either of those 2 here? I get the Wilder links, but I fear he's beyond on means, but these 2? doesn't make sense, you're replacing one failure with another.
  4. Hampshire are 64-4 at lunch in the country championship at Liverpool. Now 75-6
  5. I think many posters on the board will agree with you 😃 But seriously, I agree with you on flu and shopping, not our experience at all. I didn't say you'd save £21k on fuel alone, but on buying an electric vehicle, I now believe that to be on the high side having read the small print, but its still a large saving.
  6. I should have read the small print, the saving was for business users, commuting to London, having walked through the numbers, £21k is a little high too. The fuel saving alone is thousands of pounds and if you get a tariff that specialises in electric car charging you'll save more, even though I hear what you're saying about you not changing o2g, the landscape has changed over the past few years, you could save more.
  7. Lets face it, the place needed a makeover in all departments! Hopefully the new management will be able to attract trade outside of football days to make the place profitable. I wish them well.
  8. I'm going to have one installed chaddy, you can get up to £350 off the governemnt towards the cost, but not all electric cars qualify, you can also plug into the mains via a 3 pin plug. The chargers are around £500 - £1000 and installation varies £200 I've been quoted. You also need an electricity company that specialises in charging cars - Octopus is one such company. Its not made up on diesel costs alone Mike, I'll try to dig out the details.
  9. I never said that, I simply presented you with the facts as I see them. As Jim says above, they'll be going up shortly I'm sure, but this particular utility has been coming down for 18 months. You can always offset some of the price rises, we recently bought an electric car, massive savings on diesel and petrol cars, £21,000 a year some claim.
  10. Ooooo I do like to be beside the seaside, oooooo I do like to be beside the sea...... Fantastic away support.
  11. Let me help you: https://www.ft.com/content/7c31ca15-aa4f-4a32-bb90-ebc1341ed374 Concerns about tight supplies started with a prolonged cold winter that drained natural gas storage. Russia has been sending less gas to Europe, for reasons fiercely debated in the industry. These range from Russia’s need to refill its own storage to suspicions that it is trying to pressure European governments, including Germany, to approve the start-up of the highly controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. You keep ignoring this too - One of my main utilities has gone down significantly over the past 18 months, which means in my case Boris was right.
  12. Did you read my post den? I have cheaper energy prices on one of my utilities, considerably cheaper. A particularly cold winter across Europe has had an impact on the wholesale prices, I'm not sure you can blame Brexit for that, but I'm sure you'll try.
  13. Boris showing off his Labour Party credentials. https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/uk-news/prime-minister-boris-johnson-confront-21615767 Boris Johnson has committed to telling Amazon boss Jeff Bezos the online giant must pay its fair share of taxes in the UK and address working standards for employees.
  14. One of my utilities has almost halved in price over the past 15 months. The current issues with gas have nothing to do with Brexit.
  15. With the greatest of respect, chaddy wasn’t the originator of this discussion, he’s clearly new to IPtv and was asking a perfectly valid question. You’ve jumped all over him, which is poor J*B to be frank, he was only asking a question.
  16. The writing by John Sullivan was just tremendous CB, sadly another one no longer with us.
  17. John Challis has died, he played Boycie in Only Fools and Horses, one the best British comedy’s ever. RIP
  18. Never saw him play myself, can you compare him to any of our strikers over the past 30yrs Jim?
  19. To be fair SG, I’ve been to Anfield, City and Everton under Allardyce with less than half the number that went to Oakwell yesterday. That’s a good following and I salute everyone who went.
  20. Pounds and ounces are coming back den, surley a Brexit benefit 🤔
  21. Was he as good as people say @47er Condolences to his family.
  22. Rosie Duffield set to miss The Labour Party conference due to threats over comments she made on the trans debate. Here we have a female MP scared to appear publicly at the party conference, Luciana Berger was the same, time for some leadership Keir. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/speaker-steps-in-over-online-threats-to-female-labour-mp-jnhbrcgv5
  23. We discussed this yesterday islander, Mowbray hasn't had a decent transfer budget since 2019, counting wages for fringe players shows just how far this club has fallen! Blackpool (I think), Bristol City, Coventry, Boro, Forest, PNE, QPR, Stoke and Swansea have all out spent us this summer - Mid table is clearly our level, regardless of who the manager is.
  24. Bristol Rovers v Blackburn 1981 - Yes that game when Preston ****** it up!
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