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  1. The UK's largest trade union is under growing pressure to commission an independent review into the spending of almost £100m of members' money on building a hotel and conference centre. Its one thing employers exploiting workers, but the very people you trust to protect you doing it, is abhorrent.
  2. 20th anniversary of 911 tomorrow, a date I'll never forget, I remember exactly where I was when the first plane hit, it will live with me forever. Its been a real roller-coaster ride this week watching the footage from the day in the question, harrowing at times, truly emotional. The fire department of NY shot footage in tower 1 reception during the rollcall before the rescue attempts, the backdrop was loud bangs during the briefing, people jumping to their death from the floors above, shock on the firefighters faces for a few seconds as the commander tried to organise the rescue, many of those firefighters will have perished when the tower came down, hard to comprehend really. Rudy Giuliani and George Bush have my upmost respect for the leadership shown during the attack, what has happened to Giuliani since then has been tragic, Bush won't be remembered with much fondness, but he was 1000% times better than Trump…. My thoughts will be with NY tomorrow, the withdrawal from Afghanistan couldn’t have come at a worse time. The attack killed 2977 people, I’ve not include those cowards who hijacked the planes.
  3. That’s a great montage Jack, thanks for that. Quality player that we/I took for granted back then, makes the current crop look like Sunday league.
  4. Maybe your memory is better than mine den, or you sat in the posh seats and all this took place at the Darwen End. I spoke to a Man Utd fan recently who told me Pedersen scored most of his goals from free kicks, actually he scored a few, but he was poor from set pieces in the main. But a great club servant.
  5. He used to send my blood pressure through roof with his inability to beat the first man seemingly every time he took a corner, what was he doing on the training ground? But a great club servant.
  6. I don't need a union Dom, big boy pants and all that, but plenty do, and I respect the right 👍
  7. Child lives in a household with Covid19, parents have every right to insist the child goes to school, teacher is unvaccinated. Under the rules sent out by DFE, the school cannot refuse to take the child..... What a ludicrous situation, could this be the governments secret policy to create herd immunity within the school population?
  8. Ruined my weekend that, from a purely selfish point of view...... I hope the ones with Covid make a speedy recovery.
  9. Someone once said: "I believe in socialism because it seems more humanitarian, rather than every man for himself and 'I'm alright Jack' and all those arsehole businessmen with all the loot. I made up my mind from viewing society from that angle. That's where I'm from and there's where I've made my decisions from. That's why I believe in socialism." The message has been lost in my opinion, we have far to many pretenders who play at being socialist these days.....
  10. You leave Revidge and Mercer alone, have some respect please Sparks 😉
  11. If only football was a simple as that J*B? Kenny had the biggest budget ever for a 2nd division club and just about sneaked into the playoffs in 6th place, nobody complained (Actually my dad did) and the rest is history. Derby and Wolves both had massive financial backing back then too and never reached the heights we did, which just goes to show money guarantees nothing in football, but in todays game its certainly more of a factor than back then. Some good debate on here but only 2 pages so far, that tells its own story sadly.....
  12. Labour did the same in 2002, you voted for them, did you agree with the taxation policy then? Plenty of Labour supporters didn’t agree with it, I was fine with it, NHS needed funding.
  13. The Tories are much more inline with your politics than you actually let on Jim.
  14. Surely it depends on whats being exported o2g? The UK is one of the biggest markets for German cars, nobody was out buying German cars last year, we were all locked down, in fact it was illegal to do so for periods of time. People didn't stop eating German food products during lockdown, we import very little compared to other countries.
  15. Its not all about Brexit den as you well know, but its certainly had an impact and will continue to do so. The coronavirus pandemic has played a role in reducing trade flows. German imports worldwide were down nearly 10% year-on-year in January, and exports down 8%, blaming Brexit alone is wide of the mark.
  16. @K-Hod Great gig last night at The Piece Hall, sets things up nicely for Heaton Park. Bernard Sumner, after 40yrs, has actually managed to find his singing voice, the band were on top form, which over the years hasn't always been the case.
  17. This is a great bit of legislation, nurses/doctors/hospital staff should be next. https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/vaccination-of-people-working-or-deployed-in-care-homes-operational-guidance People working in care homes will need to be fully vaccinated against COVID19 by 11 November. This means the last date for care home workers to get their first dose is 16 September.
  18. Where do you think the extra taxes are going to go den? Straight into the treasury coffers forever more, never to be seen again?
  19. I get the point around targeting the poorest in society, its also targets the youngest too, Blair did it in 2002 as you allude to, but this has to be paid for and taxation for me is the way to go. For someone on £10k a year, they'll pay £5 a month, from take home pay of around £900. They could have targeted the top earners, but these are politicians, Blair and Johnson, no chance o2g. After 18 months living with the death and destruction from a broken social care system, I'm personally relieved its on the agenda, I don't think its anywhere near enough, but someone had to do something and this is the outcome, I'm happy with it. The next questions is, has Johnson got any sort of plan? I doubt it....
  20. I'm going tonight, Halifax Piece hall, or is it somewhere in Rome?
  21. I had family that lived at Higher Croft and spent many hours in those fields dreaming of playing at Ewood one day. I used to watch the games from the hill when I was to young to attend and remember the scrap yard Asia. Jumpers for goalposts 😉
  22. I think he has a point Dreams. Putting up income tax - "Manifesto breakers, why should xxxx pay for it" Putting up NI - "Manifesto breakers, why should xxxx pay for it" Some people don't want to pay for it at all, whilst some don't want to pay whilst the Tories are in government, can't say I blame them on the second point, but lets be honest about it. Boris could well be playing a blinder here, especially with all those red wall voters in this pocket. If you're a true socialist you should have no problem paying more tax, like we all did in 2002 to fund NHS under Blair/Brown.
  23. I have to take exception with this Herbie with the greatest of respect. Gordon Lee in 1975, Howard Kendal in 1980, fantastic seasons for the club and its supporters. The promotion from league one under Mowbray seems to be frowned upon on here rather than celebrated, thats not right, we are hardly blessed with promotions over the past 50yrs, lets not chalk them off as somehow below us. The Oxford game with 28,000 fans on Ewood was just brilliant, I never thought I'd see those numbers again, just superb for me.
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