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  1. It was not debunked at all, you just chose to ignore it. They UK government wouldn't have been allowed to buy vaccines off drug companies the EU were procuring from, which means Astra Zeneca and Pfizer would have been off the table, had we stayed in EU That is a fact, a quick google search would prove it, as I did at the time, a very clear Brexit benefit.
  2. If Gareth Ainsworth ever get the managers job at Ewood he needs to get his hair cut. Its 2021 not 1971.
  3. I thought it was den looking for benefits and ignoring them when found, not you as well 47er 😃
  4. They can't take away our memories ladies and gents, beyond our wildest dreams that era, not stopped smiling since the episode finished.
  5. Somerset all out for 90 - Blatherwick and Bailey unplayable at times. Somerset following on, could be over today at this rate.
  6. @47er Not seen this posted anywhere, but for us posters with Green agendas, a sign of things to come: https://www.independent.co.uk/climate-change/tottenham-chelsea-net-zero-climate-b1915261.html Forest Green have been pioneers in this space for years, the big boys are just starting to catch-up.
  7. Hughton finished behind Mowbray last season and is 14 places below him this season, with a much better budget, which seems to matter to many. Could it be bonkers owners at play here JH?
  8. No and probably no. We bought Diaz and Gallagher 2/3 seasons ago, how long are we going to go on about those 2 players? We sold Armstrong, that more than pays for those 2, we sold Raya too for £3m and a fit Dack is worth £10m+ Why is the squad depleted? Why can’t we sign players to contracts? Im happy to sack Mowbray, then at least it will stop this reliance on bringing up Diaz and Gallagher as some sort of stick to beat Mowbray with, that’s a general observation not aimed at you Jack.
  9. Thats because the owners have refused to back him in recent windows and are refusing to the sign current players to contracts, its ludicrous. The same happened under Lambert when he first arrived, the same happened under Bowyer. This isn't a Mowbray thing alone Jack, even though he is past his sell by date.
  10. Every season is a write-off until Venkys leave Riverside. Mowbray is well past his sell by date and still we trundle on like nothings wrong. Nothing improves until the owners crawl back under the rock, it’s been this way for 11yrs and counting. Neil Warnock called it - I spoke to one club, but they don’t know what they’re doing, I agree Neil.
  11. Very good day for Lancs after losing both openers early doors, the tail has wagged. 364/8
  12. The Labour supporters that have defected to the Tories are the problem, not the rank and file Darren.
  13. After a week in which Johnson broke his manifesto pledge to the country and the Tories raised NI for the first time since Blair did 2002, Labour are only on the same approval rating? Goodness me, its worse than I thought.....
  14. How many times in 4yrs has Mowbray admitted to getting things wrong? Its the sign of a good leader when you can admit your mistakes, I'm struggling to think off the top of my head, a time when Mowbray has held his hands up and said I got this wrong.
  15. Lancs v Somerset live on Sky over the next 4 days, weather permitting.
  16. Biden making himself unpopular with American voters, but its about time they started to take Covid19 seriously after 660k deaths and the current rate running at 6 month high. Your rights written in the constitution won't stop Covid killing y'all https://edition.cnn.com/2021/09/09/politics/joe-biden-covid-speech/index.html
  17. Just realised she came through qualifying too, which makes that win even more impressive Jim.
  18. Its on my list Mike, not been to NY for years but I have been up the twin towers, I want to see the memorial, I understand its been done really well.
  19. I'll remind you of that next time Mowbray mentions the West Brom and Fulham budgets 😉
  20. Maybe just Unite then..... We were sold down the river by MSF union years ago, I'll write them off too, the options are decreasing by the keystroke.
  21. "Rovers were described by Luton Town boss Nathan Jones as ‘a good side’, with ‘a big budget’ ahead of tomorrow afternoon’s meeting" Getting his excuses in early the arrogant swine. Rovers 6 Luton 0
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