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  1. Despite your doomsday predictions, it’s clear that football clubs of our stature don’t go bust, although it’s not beyond the realms of possibility, but I’d take my chances at this stage. The owners need changing 1864, that’s the only way this club starts to heal, everything else is just a side show.
  2. How many football league clubs have folded never to return 1864? What makes you think the owners will take the debt with them?
  3. I’m not sure what’s happened to you recently 1864, you seem to have had a major epiphany in recent months… If Venkys crawled back under the rock in January we’d have a queue of suitors ready to take over, I know of 4 myself and we’d probably have more. This nonsense about Venkys keeping us afloat is just that, nonsense, they’re potentially lumping debt on to the club with every passing year and the longer this goes on the worse it becomes. Give me points deductions and non league football right now to get rid of them, we have a decent fan base, we’d come back. In a strange sort of way I believe it would galvanise the support and the town, much in the same way as the owners have destroyed businesses, families and divided the fan base. This football club will never move forward until Venkys sod off, it’s as simple as that.
  4. I've never seen that before, great find perth. Bit upset its about bloody United, Rovers would have sold more crackers!
  5. You've not got the greatest record when it comes to spotting a striker, 83 goals in 150 games Jordan Rhodes springs to mind. Gallagher has started the season well, 3 goals in the league so far I believe, he's doing ok in my book.
  6. Spot on Exiled, I watched the fight again last night, some of the advice from his corner was bizarre too, but not relying on his size was criminal, he was never going to out box Usyk. I think AJ needs a complete rethink, get rid of Rob Mccracken and the team and start again from scratch. He's gunning for a rematch, I can only see one winner and its not the current version of AJ.
  7. You talk about £144k a year being some extravagant amount of money, the position of PM and leader of the opposition should earn much more in my opinion. I bet you local council and housing association heads are on similar amounts of money if not more and its nothing compared to wages in the private sector. As Dom says above, expenses are costs associated with doing your job, nothing out of the ordinary here.
  8. The move away from racism and bigotry continues. Welcome back Louise Ellman, you’re now in a safer space.
  9. They will form a coalition, no doubt about that, it’s a tremendous achievement 😀
  10. The Greens about to govern in Germany, superb news, Germany leading the way once again. https://www.ft.com/content/5b7b9604-0f79-4ce8-8116-7b13e03b8741
  11. Andy McDonald quits over the £15 minimum wage, or more likely team Corbyn wanted maximum exposure when poking Starmer in the eye. Who needs enemies when you’ve friends like these dinosaurs.
  12. I don’t think I’m winding anybody up, just to be clear, did you vote Tory or not Sparks?
  13. Why are you on this thread if you don’t ‘Give a shit’?
  14. You voted Tory, don't complain about the outcome you get, you deserve it.
  15. Yet you still voted Tory, what were you thinking……
  16. It’s a genuine question den, I’m surprised at you to be honest. Jim’s a door knocker for the Labour Party, he’s told us many times, so why wouldn’t he be at conference?
  17. The massive financial crash was across the globe, how did Gordon Brown crash the economy in Denmark for example?
  18. Jeremy Corbyn said in 2017: By 2020 [the government 2010-2020] will have borrowed more and increased the national debt by the total borrowing of all Labour governments in history. You support a party that borrows money hand over fist chaddy, but you're against Labour borrowing to nationalise the big 6? https://fullfact.org/economy/government-borrowing/
  19. @matt83 I received that on whatsapp last night, I was contemplating posting it, you never gave it a 2nd thought 😆
  20. The Labour party are interested in it making financial sense to the consumer chaddy mainly, so yes I'd borrow the money if nationalisation is required.
  21. Keir actually said if it makes sense from a financial perspective and brings with it better service he's open to nationalising, but he's not doing it for ideological reasons, distancing himself from Corbyn in the process. I've just watched Angela Rayner on the Trevor Philips show and despite some very poor questioning from Philips, she was very good and tied him in knots with her Northern charm. She refused to apologies for calling the Tories scum and backed up her comments with facts, bravo Angela.
  22. I was unsure where to put this, but some of my faith in the club has been restored reading through Yasirs twitter feed. Yasir is the Integration and Business Development Manager at Ewood and is doing some brilliant work locally by the looks of things. https://twitter.com/yasirsufi?lang=en
  23. You can’t beat a Saturday night of live championship boxing, especially a Saturday night of live Heavyweight championship boxing, the atmosphere is electric, 60,000 watching AJ tonight. Tough fight this for Joshua, Hatton junior has just won on points after being out boxed for 6 rounds, Usyk better hope it doesn’t go to points.
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